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saturday 19/12/2009

Montana's abilities are WAY better than Uppers!

Does Uppers have any Support: +1 Power like Oscar? -3 opp. damage min 1 like Spiaghi (who is WAY better than Burt 2*)? Support: +1 Damage like Avola? Not to mention all the lovely power reduction, damage reduction and big SOB that Montana gets! Also, when you take away ELO banned cards Montana on average have quite a bit more power than Uppers and even with ELO banned cards Lyse Teria Cr and Vickie Cr are only one power less total than Jackie and Zatman. Montana's bonus is perfect where it is. High enough min to get ruined by lower mins, but good enough manipulation, power, and abilities to force everyone to pill.

Grim - It's a little laggy.
I get the no card images sometimes.
It'll be fixed though. They'll find another way to reduce the lag that it causes.

friday 18/12/2009

Close mods please i figured it out

Contact costumer support

Noemi for dt and betty for elo

Just use the same deck. I've won one with the classic upper/montana even with the new DT rules. -6 points don't matter if you win constantly.

I was wondering which would be better for survivor.
I have all the Montanas apart from Lyse Teria CR and I have all the good Uppers apart from Jim CR.
I thought Sakrohm would be best for Survivor because of all the damage reduction.



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Probably level up and you will get it

i have drawn Wardom

I am not sure what to do with the card, if I should sell it now or wait.. bah
I want to play a full deck Nightmare

Any advice/suggestions are welcome smiley

I just want know if the matches were random or non random I'm a level 77 and get beat by level 13's in random...

go to characters
search char db
search for ability: -x opponent damage min y

it'll give you a better list than any one of us.

in my personal opinion, spiaghi is better, sometimes you simply cant let the card go through and 7 power with -12 min 8 bonus is harder to get through, so he can win battles if you need to. the point of dmg reduction is so your opponent wastes pills to get less damage through, if arno doesnt make your opponent pill (and at 4 power, he wont make your opponent pill much, whats the point, put 1 pill on spiaghi and your opponent will have to get past 26 attack to do -3 min 1, if they use an soa, thats still pill advantage. not to mention that spiaghi has a lower minimum.

That card's price goes down because so many people are trying to offload it (it is very good for pfulling) and most of these cards are unusable so no one buys their maxed versions.

Dont buy full decks, trust me its not worth it. mojojojorulz may have gotten bad luck, but in the longrun, you're more likely to get what you need if you buy packs geared toward the decks you want (in your case you would be going for danger). Also, buying new blood on character/clan release days then selling them immediately is a good way to make money. full decks is unfocused, you'll end up getting a little bit of each and not enough to make a decent deck for any clan.


you can feel your opponents tears (except if he's playing with SOA bonus, then you will be the one crying-not much though)

I recoment platinum, his ability will help you in most cases( if you go for full or half gheist that is) and he's not very expensive too


BEST DUE 2009 smiley


Oh well i guess thats a good thing only keeps the best i guess

thursday 17/12/2009

I'm sure buying 7 decent Junta cards (Myke, Leo etc.) even Niki (6/4 is good for 2*)

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