wednesday 05/04/2017

Fang pi clan: ultamit mastering dose not come from the body but the mind.

I will close mine so the other new post can keep going. thanks please go to the new post on message boards on this.

tuesday 04/04/2017

As many guesses as you want IDC

monday 03/04/2017

About the BOTs stuff... are you giving new players fully evolved cards now? Because a few weeks ago I faced many level 1-5 players with fully evolved cards (Loocio, Boyle, etc.) in EFC

Nope no weelee cr
and as far as i know no card has ever been un Crd

there have been Cr leaks in the past though -- not hints or accidental release of artwork that showd a card Crd or about to Cr -- just outright leaks through a boostr backdoor

sunday 02/04/2017

Yeah, the roulette wheel was removed from the game a while back and was replaced with token boxes that can be opened with 100 of their respective tokens for Collector cards. The token boxes can be found under the token section of the shop.

saturday 01/04/2017

This is sooooo cute smileysmiley

thursday 30/03/2017

Each video will not exceed 10 minutes long due to the software I use.

Thank you for your support and co-operation smiley

wednesday 29/03/2017

Can a kind soul care to share each one of the skins, probably create a imgur album to showcase them to all the people, thx smiley

tuesday 28/03/2017

Welcome back : )


I could use as many suggestions and tips as possible. I already returned the cards I used to build the decks above to my guildmates. I still can't get past round 8. smiley

monday 27/03/2017

But Bryan is not Cr smiley

saturday 25/03/2017

@ d3ath the kid I'm truly sorry to inform you this, but ace haven't been online for over two years

If you want I can shitpost libertarian memes until the staff show up and teach us how to use the link

friday 24/03/2017

STOP STRAYING AWAY FROM THE TOPIC! You can shitpost about the Libertarians all you like elsewhere, but ChaosDragon has answered the question, thank you! I hope we will see a replacement for this pack as removing it only causes less options for players.


For a second, I thought this was going to be about guessing what the histories of the clans would be. But I did enjoy the teaser they had with the Vortex by starting out with a graphic of a small, whirling vortex that gradually got bigger. And when it got to a certain size, you clicked on it and got a promo video.

Rekt Ld is in the new season

thursday 23/03/2017

It sure the hell more fun thought playing against all those different decks. so much fun smiley

wednesday 22/03/2017

In UR's tough times, the last thing a player really wants to do is pay for their services, I agree with comics and packs, however: Paying to play a mode in whatever currency e.g. Cash or Clintz, Credits or Tokens is not player friendly. Players forfeit the game if they don't agree with paying. Having something forced upon you to pay to become Eternal is not nice. You either work your freaking socks off or you pay. It should never be forced in a game mode. That's why leader wars was unsuccessful and coliseum at times when having to pay credits to enter. Was not player friendly.

However, the times when having to pay for coliseum had roughly 500 players participate and prizes for players up to 1500th place. When it was free, the amount was way dearer at a good 3500 at decent.

There has always been a few rules to this game.

- Very good players become Eternal.
- Rich cash players become Eternal.
- Casual players play for fun and strive for missions etc.

Only 2 outcomes but truth is not everyone can be Eternal.

tuesday 21/03/2017

Thats true but the other game moseds need better 2* an what not since i think i read some were they are putting more steep is it penalty or bann's on dt's

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