wednesday 11/11/2009

When a card doesn't have a release date at doesn't mean necessarily that it was there from the beggining, just that I couldn't track it back to it's release date.

The same goes with characters that have Cr date as 1111-11-11. I'm going to make some tweaks to the site so you can see clan release dates and a few more things.

... make awesome Pussycats deck without semi-evo! I made this one: Boobster and it works. Tested already.

Stanly will definitely be the #1 5*. He has 8 damage to ko with nanook and gaia. He has great attack manipulation = to montana, easily shaming don. He also makes an amazing bluff. He is one scary card. He has brought Ulu watu back to elo in my eyes.
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smiley plz comment on the deck


Rate + Suggest please.
My first attempt at using any La Junta card in a deck.

tuesday 10/11/2009

The standard is to either use a dual deck or a mono deck. But you can always have new ideas and create something totally new and I´d like to share one idea with you.
I created a deck which has 6 cards of 1 clan and two filler cards of two other clans.
Normally cards without a clan bonus are considered to be weak. But there are exceptions:

Dirty TRiCkS II

The idea is that Spiaghi and Chiara do not necessarily need their clan bonus. Spiaghi is simply an amazing damage reducer who is supposed to die anyway. Chiara´s clan bonus is often useless and therefore the missing protection bonus isn´t such a big deal. In this deck Chiara is deadly because she offers many 2-hit-ko possibilities in combination with the 5 * cards.
My current Elo with this deck is 1264 which isn´t that bad on Tuesday.

SWEET makes it so much better

A very playable deck with pussycats without semi-evo! With classis combination of Freaks/Pussycats. Boobster Comment and rate please!

For got to put azgroth down on the list

smiley bluff with a 1 hit ko card once in a while an the other playeer will have no pillz caus he will think you used all yours to get him then you got a wide opening to win

smiley yes i assken for help build a deck in case of toro or ralph geting banned. got to be prepared for that. plz rate green or red i put totor in it just to make it 25 stars once i get selsya cr it be alittle easyer to make a elo deck with her thought if i ge her.

Lmao i was looking at this message and i was laughing for ages :L
in my price range (hawking not being in it) thats funny lmao I dont know if it was ment to be funny but sure made me laugh lols
no offence by the way im not laughing at u not being able to afford it just laughin at the joke :L
anyway best 2 star? tula,spycee,trey (joking but i do like him) danta
if u can fit spycee and tule in...then both i really dont like danta what a let down lmao

Having a bit of trouble deciding between decks for this week.

I have my All Stars / Junkz deck:

Alexei (Striker banned this week)


but I also built my Piranha half as well,


which deck do you think I should go with? I really enjoy having Katan and Smokey, especially with All Stars.
Also, I think Tyd might be a better choice to replace Andsom, any thoughts?

Archie will be okay against Piranas and Nightmare, but most of the SOB in ability cards that are used are going to still have an advantage (Lea, Lehane, Edd off the top of my head). Maybe it comes down to if Smokey is banned.

I've only really used Archie in half decks until now and I stopped. His protect really didn't come into play that much and he looks so embarrassed without any clan-mates.

This is my current sentinel deck mono how can i improve thanks . i know i need to replace carlos.

That hand itself is beastly -_-
2 5*s and 2 4*s? It's almost even to balance that... he had to use 3 2*s and 1* if he managed to fit that, if you are not exaggerating/making this up... and Nightmares have poor 2*s besides Phyllis... and no 1* filler at all. It's very unlikely that he actually had that deck... Even when I play my Nightmare/Bangers deck or Nightmare/GHEIST I never get Ghumbo and Glorg in the same hand... and in your case, with a decent draw that's beatable... Ghumbo's very powerful, I'll give him that as he's a staple in all my decks; but there's a way to take him down easily, if you look hard enough for one...

Um thanx everyone i just checked today and i have a green face nowsmiley

@Tanto: Yah, it is a win win situation. I picked a bad example, but I was tired when I posted it and didn't realize. There are way better examples out there where this tactic is not so obvious.

Let's say opp is on 5 hp, has 4 pillz and has Nakata with bonus and Smokey without bonus, you got Donnie with bonus and you got something funny like Frank with bonus. You have 3 pillz and 6 hp.

It's your turn to play. You win for sure by playing Donnie with all your pillz bringing him to 28 attack. Now, you either lose the round against Nakata with 4 pillz and 28 attack, depleting your opponents pillz and taking the win against Smokey with Frank because of the star difference, or you simply win with Donnies 5 damage because the opponent didn't pill enough/at all.

If you do something stupid like playing Frank first, the opponent takes him out with Smokey and 2-3 pillz and then winning with Nakata over Donnie because of the won pillz from Smokey.

This is a constructed situation now, but I had those situations often enough where attack manipulation wins after a forced pill depletion.

monday 09/11/2009

Ye i wanna get ongh 2 but rite now its not in my budget ill but credits soon tho thanks smiley

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