tuesday 10/11/2009

Having a bit of trouble deciding between decks for this week.

I have my All Stars / Junkz deck:

Alexei (Striker banned this week)


but I also built my Piranha half as well,


which deck do you think I should go with? I really enjoy having Katan and Smokey, especially with All Stars.
Also, I think Tyd might be a better choice to replace Andsom, any thoughts?

Archie will be okay against Piranas and Nightmare, but most of the SOB in ability cards that are used are going to still have an advantage (Lea, Lehane, Edd off the top of my head). Maybe it comes down to if Smokey is banned.

I've only really used Archie in half decks until now and I stopped. His protect really didn't come into play that much and he looks so embarrassed without any clan-mates.

This is my current sentinel deck mono how can i improve thanks . i know i need to replace carlos. http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=886315&list

That hand itself is beastly -_-
2 5*s and 2 4*s? It's almost even to balance that... he had to use 3 2*s and 1* if he managed to fit that, if you are not exaggerating/making this up... and Nightmares have poor 2*s besides Phyllis... and no 1* filler at all. It's very unlikely that he actually had that deck... Even when I play my Nightmare/Bangers deck or Nightmare/GHEIST I never get Ghumbo and Glorg in the same hand... and in your case, with a decent draw that's beatable... Ghumbo's very powerful, I'll give him that as he's a staple in all my decks; but there's a way to take him down easily, if you look hard enough for one...

Um thanx everyone i just checked today and i have a green face nowsmiley

@Tanto: Yah, it is a win win situation. I picked a bad example, but I was tired when I posted it and didn't realize. There are way better examples out there where this tactic is not so obvious.

Let's say opp is on 5 hp, has 4 pillz and has Nakata with bonus and Smokey without bonus, you got Donnie with bonus and you got something funny like Frank with bonus. You have 3 pillz and 6 hp.

It's your turn to play. You win for sure by playing Donnie with all your pillz bringing him to 28 attack. Now, you either lose the round against Nakata with 4 pillz and 28 attack, depleting your opponents pillz and taking the win against Smokey with Frank because of the star difference, or you simply win with Donnies 5 damage because the opponent didn't pill enough/at all.

If you do something stupid like playing Frank first, the opponent takes him out with Smokey and 2-3 pillz and then winning with Nakata over Donnie because of the won pillz from Smokey.

This is a constructed situation now, but I had those situations often enough where attack manipulation wins after a forced pill depletion.

monday 09/11/2009

Ye i wanna get ongh 2 but rite now its not in my budget ill but credits soon tho thanks smiley

smiley well they could make it you cant talk to your opponit buring a game. unless you in a guild room or a room with no tournament. or that chat can be locked during a dt only. they can also can lagthen the time to make up for the timer. or put in a messige thang were you open it in a new window to chat with them. many many ways to do this.

ELO will NOT give you more points if low level card wins against the big one
what you gain on doing win against big card is DT points, not ELO (ELO points will be determined by your ELO points and your opp ELO points. see ELO calculator: http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=elo )

in ELO what you need is to maximize your chance to win
in DT 16 stars will be simply all level 2, and it will be destroyed easily by classic montana uppers
or even any other clan simply because lack of damage (one hit from askai at round 4 will end your struggle to win the game)

Close now please smiley

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Go 1 ambre 3 kolos and 4 dacote. Your opponent will be screwed even if they get SOAs

"and i move on to my next battle"
While you can always bring up previous messages, I hate it when they don't send it until I'm already in another game. So I finish a match, finish the next match, and THEN get the message from the guy two games ago and I'm left wondering "Who?".
I don't ususally give a GG unless a REAL low level player manages to outwit me or puts up a good fight.
I DO use it to send a " smiley " whenever I 1hko someone with my type 2 Junta.

sunday 08/11/2009

- manfred
+ corvus *duh?

Seriously at the last round its almost always 50/50 unless you have more pillz or higher power than opponent

if you haven't figured out your opponent in the first two rounds then you will have to take a guess

that is why people love attack manip so much-helps out so much in the last rounds

ps reducers also help so that you can focus all you can on destroying the 1 card you can and protecting yourself from the card you can't beat

The line between popular cards and unpopular cards are actually very slim

ex striker vs. alexei

striker is that popular for his 1 damage

law of supply and demand people will gravitate toward cards that are better

the most expensive cards may be overpriced but it is for a good reason

ps: jerromy, you have been making lots of posts saying that eklore is good-well duh everyone knows what eklore can do, but people don't use her as much is because of high min and 7 power-that's also without a bonus

i actually like eklore because of high damage but morphun has the magic number 8 and that makes all the difference in the world also his ablility works all the time no minsmiley

it not whether a card is good or not, its whether it will be good all the time for many people its solidity that matters

since attk manip/pow manip is so popular people will want morphun more because he has the better chance to win

thats why little differences such as 1power or damage matter

thats also the reason why zero dead is so expensive 7/1 against soa is better than 4/3 because you can still win

No, Trin is important (and if you wanna swap a Sakrohm, take out Uranus since He is weaker in T2S). Getting the Sakrohm bonus every now and then in combination with Morphun is really important in later stages.

Imho the only card that could be replaced by Stanly is Wee Lee. Has to be tested if the missing DR hurts the deck. Stanlys ability should be good enough to keep his lower power in comparison to Wee Lee.

@Nobunaga_Oda have you tryed maken your deck an puting in public present so we can see the deck you have to make a better helpfull tips.

to do that you set as deck then go to my deck then look for make this deck publick click that an rest is easy then post the link hear .

Here it goes, my newest Dt experiment. Can you say 2HKO???? DT deck
Now let me hear the masses!!!smiley
Comment and rate it please.

You should mail support, we're not going to be able to do anything here but speculate/rant along/sympathise.

Thread's a little pointless.

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