sunday 22/11/2009

Game over? smiley comment and rate green plz!

Past 1300 elo points smiley just to let everyone know smiley
(with this deck obviously)


I agree ELO is tougher than T2 DT.
If you want to be good at ELO you've got to play ELO.

I may be projecting but it sounds like your taking it too seriously. If you can, forget about the scoring. Take it slow. Improve. Keep at it.

I'm mainly bringing this up because the difference in play style is huge. To be successful in T2 DT you HAVE to be ultra aggressive. You have to win a lot and do it fast. Really, really fast. ELO, I find, is on the other extreme. It's very defensive. People play very conservative. On round 3 or 4 I've often seen both sides with 9+ pills remaining.

To repeat: if you want to be good at ELO keep at it.
Break through the head games. The score resets ever week. Aim for a careless caring. Care enough to play but don't care about the result too much for now.

Care without caring.

It's all very zen like.

I'll leave the deck building for others.

(now, to follow my own advice...)

saturday 21/11/2009

Http:// smiley i made this deck just to destroy the opp.
its massive power an eklore makes a player freak out. lose of pill an you have to worry about the over powering cards you have to fight.

this is a survivor deck

smiley plz close this they - it to be gone all ready

So the idea sounds good then

Better Budget Piranas (5.5k):

I haven't gotten a Dante yet, it's a toss up between him and Spycee.

Piranas *could* use a better budget 3* in the future. Greesh, Aktara and Goldie should be next in line after Tyd and Andsom. THOU SHALL NOT RECOMMEND RHED OVER TYD!!!

Soa doesnt kill her

7/5 isnt bad + the montana bonus, its viable

For DTs you want to avoid 5* cards, they dont get you many points even if you win, so i would turn ghumbo into azgroth, leaving room for sargh to glorg which gives a much needed SoA/full stop. The sakrohm side looks decent, giving nice damage reduction to nightmare.


This is my junta-sentinels elo deck i dont think tis that great please help me with it a bit

friday 20/11/2009

Hello, with the newcomer, I decided to try a new mono Sakrohm ELO deck.

I'm in extreme need of suggestions, as I'm still a noob. So far I'm at about 1250 ELO.

Suggestions, ideas, tips, insults, all welcome!

Should I replace Miss Lulabee with regular Lulabee and get her SoB? i have had troubles decideing on that.

Samantha to Wendel

Ghumbo | Pan | Eadh | Phyllis

Dorian | Nellie | Oxen | Jody or Wendel 1*


The Freaks deal out poison and your Freaks set is fairly nice, but your other half should have some decent damage to finish the opponent off. That's your flaw.
Don't rely entirely on the poison. Your other half is where you should "bring the hurt down" (I love that saying smiley).

Veenyle and Peeler fit great with their damage reduce, but there should be more damage on your Junkz side. I'd say either disperse Splata Cr into other cards. Maybe Akendram and then up either Gil or Dreen with Onik or Rowdy, or whatever you think.

I know your urge to use Splata Cr. I have the urge to use my Marlysa Cr in every on of my Fang Pi Clang decks, but some times they just don't fit so you'll have to put them away.

I'm not going to tell you exactly what to do, just show you a flaw and let you fix it up for yourself. I know you'll do a good job.
Good luck.

Torontonian- Wednesday 28/10, 14:27
I dont really care for that guys reviews. His rating system is wack. Force and Osaka are better
OH! I am so flattered! smiley

On the topic,
I don't really read the reviews much anymore, but if I do see a comment that needs a response I usually PM it to them.


If the response is important and everyone should know about, I'll write my own review and make a counter point against his/her response without using any names. Why ruin the review with the name of someone whose post will dissipate within a few months. smiley

A dropdown menu would be cute, but most of the responses would be just "I totally agree" or "Your review sucks. Slify's is much better."
As nice as it would be to be able to directly respond to someone else's review, it will probably end up being a useless response without any meaning. Best to just PM a response to the person, or write a review rebutting what that person stated.

Depends on what the banned cards are on a given week.

Look montana is indeed hard to beat(and even more with hugo 18 atk diference), but they lack damage, so you might want to win all rounds in order to win.(Example: montana + hugo kicked my butt the first 3 rounds, but I just sent a striker furious and thats all for the montana)

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