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thursday 26/11/2009

@Dreamed ROFL Jay is a 4*!!

Well it's easy to fit them both at least since Skeelz have so many good 2* and 3* - Chiara, Sandro, Redra, Sasha, Milton, zeke - 15* on 6 cards and yet very useable.

If you are on a tight budget and wana try Piranas, why not try this? I won a few matches and i cannot believe it. I was just goofing around


Please rate and comment, my 1st preset

The last Mono Ulu Watu Type 1 deck I used had 6 unevolved cards (Gaia, Lulabee, Stanly, Tanaereva, Warren and Wee Lee). If they didn't level it wouldn't have cost me anything and the UR developers wouldn't have my money smiley

wednesday 25/11/2009

Avola in half deck dont make her a real threat as other may too have dmg reducer. Don? He is toasted against Ulu, Bangers and Allstar

Every how many months does a card turn to a cr smiley

Close mods please / delete

Ok i made it. Will prob replace Lin Xia with XU52 when i earn a few 100 more clintz.


Pan for Mojo and since this is a T2 try and get Nistarok for Sargh.
Also lose Timmy for Glorg Ghumbo or Kolos. What Shino said was right. There are MANY improvements that can be made. You can also lose Radek for Askai. And if you get Nistarok. Then lose Pegh for well if something cheap Jalil or Radek may suffice.

Gheist or Roots for their SOAs since Ulu has almost none unless you play a certain way like me smiley.

I hope your style isn't going for a two hit ko...
Cause if it were this is one hard deck to use...
Also dude forget the all stops.
Spycee is one of the worse cards I ever did see.
Spiaghi is a way better card.
Just rely on damage reducers over stops any day
Just look at my deck
It is all about doing more damage than your opponent for breathing room.
I don't bother with anything fancy such as having more pills than the opp. or having SOA or SOB and I do just fine. It is all about calculating how much damage you do to your opp and how much you take or can take once you heal yourself.

There are many other cards that deserve to win

Yup along time back 5/3 split got me 1388 (my highest elo) smiley

tuesday 24/11/2009


comment and...
green faces pleasesmiley

@shadows deck

danae - greem for T2, not manfred

@putzo yes but he is no hawk or kolos.....

@wise - kdgns was talking about the final battle at the very end of the tournament. Since you will still get you points if you have started during the DT hour you pretty much have as long as you want at that time (obviously you won't be able to play another match if the DT is over).

Again, you still get your points if you start the battle at "1 minute remaining" and finish at "Next tournament in 57 minutes".

I created a playable Gheist-Montana-Deck for bashing ELO this week.


Pls rate and comment!


Chlora is better then shoggun, more powerful and more relyable

monday 23/11/2009

I needed a deck to counter the new Piranas and All stars uprising so what do i do, use the all stars and smash the rest with Fang Pi Clang. Check it out http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=915609

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