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wednesday 25/11/2009

There are many other cards that deserve to win

Yup along time back 5/3 split got me 1388 (my highest elo) smiley

tuesday 24/11/2009


comment and...
green faces pleasesmiley

@shadows deck

danae - greem for T2, not manfred

@putzo yes but he is no hawk or kolos.....

@wise - kdgns was talking about the final battle at the very end of the tournament. Since you will still get you points if you have started during the DT hour you pretty much have as long as you want at that time (obviously you won't be able to play another match if the DT is over).

Again, you still get your points if you start the battle at "1 minute remaining" and finish at "Next tournament in 57 minutes".

I created a playable Gheist-Montana-Deck for bashing ELO this week.


Pls rate and comment!


Chlora is better then shoggun, more powerful and more relyable

monday 23/11/2009

I needed a deck to counter the new Piranas and All stars uprising so what do i do, use the all stars and smash the rest with Fang Pi Clang. Check it out http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=915609

Close please.

"Danae (C) to Chiara (U) would be the best next step"

You really should include both cards in the deck, imo, they don't replace each other.

See my post in this thread for my thoughts on skeelz mono: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=&id_subject=1207494&subject_page=0

I liked Dacote's, Shann's and Slopsh's art. Too bad they don't show full body pics.

Pretty lopsided deck clanwise. Perhaps you could change out Lulabee for Thomas. (More stable in power, damage and getting that that SOB firing). Then you will have to probably throw Sasha out for Taigo. Or maybe change Cley out for another big hitter 3 star like George.

Pandaz rule!!!!!!smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley.

sunday 22/11/2009

Rating on this preset:

suggest changes to get it rated high!

There is a thread already called The Ultimate 1HKO Guide, Its stickied but heres the link anyways http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=310755&subject_page=0


I like how you set up the Montana side cause of the possible 2 hitting tatics capible of being used. Prince jr is good for making sure your foe doesnt hit hard but he could be replaced with spagetti if you dont need the extra power of prince on your team. Nightmare is weak in the damage area for it's 3 and 2 power cards so i dont like the idea of even using it unless supported from some high damaging cards. Nis I myself would replace because I find it's ability unreliable and isnt worth 5 stars. Phyllis is a good 2 star nightmare card in my opinion and should be included because of her possible 4 damage. Perhaps you should invest in a poison char if you plan on using nightmare or a card that is able to do more damage. However this is just what I was thinking at the moment.

@kTizzle-D12 She doesn't necessarily beat every banger exept willy in an all pill battle, she is even with blaaster so it would depend on who played first. Also against loocio it's even but he beats her due to star count.

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