saturday 14/11/2009

Dual GHEIST/Montana rocks faces off! That's what I play.smiley

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M_h_D12 -> win.

For 13* switch Randy to Alexei/Striker depending on current elo satus smiley
For 11* switch Randy to Cesare or Ashley depending on the need of SoA or damage reduct...

Marina, Robb and Jessia are pretty much the core of All Stars.

I'm lost in my cards, cant find the deck i need so cn someone help me make a good deck? my cards are:




La Junta:



Proper spelling and in your invitations might help

smiley ok i get it now trol bad

Thanks Jerromy

Hey mate i know ill lose against most of u but its worth a shot smiley
watch out lol

Here is the requirements of the event im doing that each deck is made for.

Must have one leader- Timber, Vansaar, Hugo, OR Bridget only
No semi-evo; all characters used must be at max level.
No CRs
No perma-ELO banned characters- no Zatman, Ratanah, Wee Lee, Jackie, Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr, Kiki Cr, General Cr, DJ Korr Cr, Tanaereva, Guru Cr, GraksmxxT, Lamar Cr, Alec Cr, Marco, Kolos, Hawk
No 3 stars and 5 stars (aside from the 1 leader)
In short, the decks should be one 5*, three 4*, and four 2*.


the first deck is a mono skeels deck and I already replaced Anton with Sasha,
the second is a montana/junks
and the third and pirahnas/la junta.

any feed back on this thread or on the preset is welcomed with open arms and ears.
comment on the presets if possible, easier to keep track of.

This is sorta off topic and I don't know if i can do this but since I am not rich (obviously) Is Noon Stevens a better replacement? I know that her power isnt as high and Wanda but I think that the use of a 1* is for bonus in the case of pussycats. Since it's a noon Stevens anyone got Noon Stevens that they can sell to me for cheap cheap?

This is like what my friends did, once i introduced them to urban rival they play for like 2 weeks and stopped, and they gave me permission to use their accounts, so i sucked up all the good parts of their accounts, and let them sit, i think i still remember them actually...

BOT: I would never make a joint account i tried that in another game and they changed password and locked me out, thank god i had the credit card number so i force-opened it and changed the password to something totally new. I learned my lesson.

friday 13/11/2009

URhunter is talking about exp just so people don't get confused

Mr. Switch

Level 5 : 8/5
Ability : In the first round of the match you can switch Mr. Switch with any opponent card. After that Mr. Switch belongs to opponent team as a normal card and the card you stole is now part of your team and game proceeds. Switched leader does NOT block opponent leader.

"F*%ker stole my Kolos!"

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Omg Dhalia´s current price is 21799 smiley

silly Cr speculations!
I am quite sure that she won´t become a Cr. Before the last Cr announcement the only rescue card I invested in was Alec. Marco used to cost 30000 clintz and now he went down to 5500 or even less. The same will happen to Dhalia.

What would be a good type 1 or 2 jungo/skeelz deck pm me with your suggestions also i would like to know a great type 2 jungo deck help me out

deleted awesome smiley

Rate green if you like it smiley deleted

There is an available UR chat. It is located on the guild overview under "guild chat".


Interesting idea, please consider contacting the customers' support services about them rather than discussing it here. They will be able to look into this in details more closely.


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