friday 30/10/2009

Sorry for digging this up. But I should mention Collection Pro lacks the features to list cards matching certain criterias such as 'Maxed levels' or 'in development' cards etc.

Ulu Watu the clan is fun to play with for a while, and most of the staples are dirt cheap. Lv 24 and I have the whole clan including SANDY (the worst character ever) and up to lulabee and buck. I just need Shayna and upwards plus bree and Jono.

So swap Striker with Alexie until you get him?

KON ARTIST has the best deck option though. I wouldn't downgrade Jane Ramba to 2* for Naginta...but that's just me.

Just know that you get Hugo free at level 15.

Then work on a budget Montana deck.

It was the verifying of the email that was the problem. Got it now thanks!

thursday 29/10/2009

Well i would go with Oyoh out of the both of them
But in this case id go with Gringo

At kon

Have you ever used Lehane? She eats five* cards for braskfast.
Ive done a little research. With her bonus active I fond only six cards thet can beat hem in a same pillz batlle:
Chan Fei Ongh Azgorth and they need to put 3 pillz Jackie Lyse teria who are elo banned . That makes her the best defender i nthe ur.
and 2 damage for a 2 card is good . You aregoing to attack with Bob koy or arno cause of theur damage?

Sasha - MUST
redra - SHOULD
liam - COULD
milton - MIGHT

Man I dint think this thread would last this long.

PussyCats was The first Clan I collected all of at the Time. I got charlie in my free pack and loveed The movie Kill Bill....

Kenny .....was my Favorite after Charlie man that 2 live per was The Bomb........This was before Kollo's came out

It might help folks give advice if you provided a little more info, Gimatree_ok. Without knowing your play style or prefered clans, what works for someone else might not work as well for you.

Pimplicious: I know a person who gets 1300+ every week with mono montane -_- i also can easily get 1200 with them (dont bother for 1300) they can be really good in elo because thats were all the "stratergy" is so less attack clans, they can shine against non attack bonuses, i will give u that but everyclan does, saying montana sucks? hmm i think someones having trouble beating them smiley, oh and it is actually easy to beat montana with ulu, nanook = 10 power with bonus vs montana, 6 and 7 powers, lulabee gets the dreaded bonus away adn destroys them with power, taigo and gaia beat them in unless opponent uses 1-2 pillssmiley "I have beaten guys with hands of Vickie Cr (Cr) Jackie (R) Zatman (U) and Dorian (U) with my T1 deck" want a medal? i have beaten harder decks in type one and if u actually think for a second, u just said 3 uppers and 1 montana, the montana didn't even have its bonus and ur dissing them? vs mono before u want to talk about usefulness


Here it is: O Caelus não passa
What do you have to say? Good? Bad? Doesn't stand a chance?
Any changes?

wednesday 28/10/2009

..."lose a point of Power", not of Damage, sorry.

Posted a comment, as requested.

Soo ya i tried making a credit purchase with my txt but it wont work?

Please, i rly don't understand why ppl don't like this deck, it actually is quite good and very cheap

I know that there are so called deck experts out there and I need deck advice from one of them.....smiley

For me this is kinda tuff seems there isnt many cards everyone underrates but for me it has to be decote
yeh okay a 6/6 base stat card for a 4 star is kinda low but a 1 hit ko against all Soas,ghiest and roots? come on
and its not as if u even need to fury so u can all pill it and win or bluff and laugh at ur oppent trying to stop you
good card i'd say well overlooked now bryan and the new cards came (cant remember name)

In Type2 fights I am always in the top 150 places for tournaments. Uppers & Montana screw you over & mono bangers are fairly tough too.

I think the lack of playable reducer cards in La Junta hurt them when it comes to ELO. Mitch can SoB but he's only really usefull in starting decks due to his low power.

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