friday 06/11/2009


any suggestions and comments would be appriciated thanks

Oh oh. the cop is pretty much battered here.

caelus- 5

weird how copper owns him yet people think his better. anymore inquiries?smiley

well thats in ELO anyway

in DT i just use guerilla tactics and 2hit ko everything lolz

Either copy the ling or put

preset: (insert the digits in the link)

or easier copy the link, identify the preset= (then the numbers that follow), delete the rest and then change = to :

1 or 2HKs will also kill your pointssmiley....don't do eet!!

When you play against Pussycats, there are less abilities you have to worry about. So I wouldn't say that the SoA would be wasted against Muze.


But yeah, I would include her too. She is a good enough 3*. She will imho lose out against most staple clans and SoA, but she is still better than any other 3* Pussycat. At least she has the potential to draw pillz from the opponent. Which isn't a bad thing.

Thanks for the replies, but my problems were solved once I bought a deck that contained Tanaereva. I sold that and got everything I needed lol.

Yeah the clan bonus i just that little extra flavour most cards need smiley

Chan has the best power!!! Lehane has 8 power and Sob right, for 2 damage, but Chan has 10 power and 3 damage smiley

O.o I played Freaks mono and it ended up very well, even poisoning only 1 round got me a win, you just need to know how to play them. Fang Pi have high base power cards, nasty damage, got me pretty far in Elo. La Junta has some cheap, dirty low down cards that nabs you nasty wins, aka Dacote/Chiro for less then 1k each xD.Skeelz have high power too, with abilities on all cards to boot. No clan "sucks", but its the style of play that decides whether you use the clan to their fullest potential.

Against soa/sob and high low pow high atk cards, they are both pretty even. randy's flaw is that of almost every pow=pow card, low pow with high + pow ability. copper for example or amelia and definately a warren 1* filler. But its not often you come across these cards so the extra dmg does make up for it.

Jerromy, I think you've got your answer. The players change style according to the situation smiley

Montana/Sakrohm/Uppers would destroy you. You should consider DR or something else for a second clan

Dont diss the rolph. rolph is an unbeatable monster that can kill almost any card that has as little flaws as possible...

thursday 05/11/2009

Fast is fun is right some cards do sell lower than kates price
because either there are too many in circulation or there is such a low demand for that card that people will happily get rid of their card to spare the time it takes to level it up

Uppers cards are generally underpowered, save Dorian and Oxen.
But a lot of Uppers cards deal high damage

You can close if you'd like, Mods...Thank you

Woops cards to clan
dyslexic error lolz

So are you recommending that I build a DT deck instead of an ELO? I'm not sure what would be better for someone that is starting out. Also, here is my current La Junta/Uppers deck:
Archibald, Bruce, Dacote, Mitch, Winston
Frankie Hi, Mickey T, Samantha
I also have the Dorian that I'm training who will replace one of my less useful LJ's or Mickey

Any suggestions? If I sell my other cards around the minimum price, I should have over 40k clintz

Depends on how much money you got and what type you play, elo, T1, T2 etc.

Mono montana's can get a pretty good deck cheap as. Also lets you use veccio and oscar at pull ability.

Montana's and upper's is prime offense. Vickie, zatman and jackie and the like will crush just about anyone. No good for elo cause over half your decks perma banned from elo. Also pretty expensive.

Montana's and sakrohm can bring a ton of damage reduction in uranus and the two low star life gains. Add in montana damage reducers and you only have to hit a few times and you'll win just cause they can't kill you. Also lets you bring two great sobs in petra and edd. Can work in elo, but the best versions use vickie and graksmxxt which are banned. And the really rich can run with lyse teria Cr and guru Cr. Also banned but almost unstoppable.

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