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tuesday 17/11/2009

I think that chiara gibson and hawkins are overrated

because with the first 2 they have a pretty bad ability and both cost around 2.5k
hakins just isn't worth the clintz for the cost of hawkins you could have done a full ELO piranas deck without hawkkins

There is not a whole lot of cards out there that can beat Jackie. And introducing a single card that beats Jackie isn't gonna work. Why ? Well, because you simply can't match a single card against another single card on purpose if the opponent doesn't want that.

You would need at least 3 cards that have something like 8 power and a stop: +12 attack ability. And you can't introduce cards like that because of ELO. GHEIST and Roots simply wouldn't see play there anymore. Or you would have to give those cards to these clans. And we all know what happened to Ratanah with only -5 opp att.

Redra and Bristone are good enough damage reducers against Jackie, but their clan's aren't exactly DT clans, especially not in that combination and then it would still be 3 free damage for Jackie for 0 pillz or pill advantage.

Tyd, Zatman and LT are practically the only cards that can beat Jackie on a regular basis, and like I mentioned, Jackie can easily avoid those single cards. On top of that, not many people have LT and Piranas have the same problem as GHEIST and Skeelz. They are simply not a DT clan. And using Uppers for Zatman implies using Jackie, which isn't solving, but adding to the problem all over again.

Cards like Nanook or Tana can defeat Jackie as well... but only in high pill battles (4 pillz+ in this case).

With ELO in mind, the real DT problems (LT and Jackie) won't be fixed anytime soon because you would have to create a whole ELO banned clan to counter Jackie and LT. IMHO


monday 16/11/2009

Ok i made this thread to help people like myself who love to gamble and bluff or try to counter bluff every game but while this maybe fun and can win battles not usually posible to win, it has certain disadvantages like the opponent caught ure bluff or when you think they were bluffing but actually weren't. I have what i think is a decent way to get around this.

Ok first off, lets start with the first round: the most effective round to use a bluff/counter bluff. 3 reasons why:
-the opponent usually doesn't start off big, throws small to medium cards*

-if ure bluff doesn't work, it doesn't screw you up as the later rounds, and also the same if you fail at counter bluffing the opponent**
-if you fail at a bluff, it's not always a bad thing because it can lead to a better bluff next round***

Go rescue DT, pick any 8 rescue cards that has 25 stars total, i suggest kerry, elvira, anita, lea, slyde, larry, to name a few. Now you have an awesome DT deck, its just that easy.

Still using his deck works pretty well only fault is robb against roots this week smiley

if you have plenty of money to use to get cards
type s-gheist: bristone,toro,xu52,rolph,/junkz: Malmoth,fuzz,taham,Rowdy


Fang Pi's Elya.

Yes thank you all so much, I got both general as specific help (I think Ill go with Emeth, but I'm still browsing).
Placing it in a newbie guide would be a good idea indeed.

I am getting the hang of this, I think!

Rusko, it is not that I cannot win using the same cards. The problem - if one does not insist there is none - stays even if both players have the "one card to win it all" or two different ones. As I said months ago it still very, very often boils down to guessing: pill all in, pill 2 in or pill not at all, i.e.: bluff or no bluff. Guess wrong and you have a 99% loss. Feel free to disagree there, but this is not the game I started playing where one actually strategically and tactically needs to consider 3-4 rounds. What changed? Mainly I blame higher power and damages overall AND +/-Pill. The latter can be especially devastating. (There are also some minor contributors) But I seem to be pretty alone there. Which I, naturally, find sad. I liked UR 1.5 years ago way better than now.

No one clan is stronger all round, it's all about preference.

Which clan bonus do you prefer: SoB or +2 power?

Ulu Water are the more hard hitting brute force clan of the two (lots of power and dmg abilities).
Nightmare are the more utility based of the two (lots of life manipulation abilities)

Depends what if you prefer an aggressive or defensive tactic.

Second best I can think of is Kolos, Kolos, Kolos, Azel, all maxed (assuming you already leveled all your cards) which is 51 damage with fury 12*3= 36 + 15= 51. BOT the most ive done was 41 or something.

Close please.

sunday 15/11/2009

Could you please close this thread.

I need to repost with edits to work around the post count limit.


Well I guess that means that I can close this since everyone is saying Yayoi. Close please

If you were creating a clan what would it be this is my clan

Description:In clint city for thousands of years many intruders attacked clint city after the battle the place was like rubbish it was very quiet everyone got up back on their feet and began to make clint city good.But little did they know that their and underworlds.One fine day things rose up in the sky from the ground.Led by a good and loyal king named Srackx Strankz look forward to save clint city.

Hi, i just sold all my cards and bought ALL jungo cards, i'm searching for the best possible deck now
I like this one a lot, i made it not to ko the opp, but make a giant life gap
plz comment and rate

any other jungo deck ideas, pllz tell me smiley


Not everyone who is over level 50 is a "Great player".
Level determines nothing as to do with skill as a player.

Sure, (s)he may have more experience, but a level 10 could beat a level 73 if the level 10 has a really good grasp of the game and the level 73 player isn't as good.

The player you faced wasn't a bad player, (s)he had just made a mistake. smiley

Still need more people plz rate green

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