sunday 01/11/2009

Azel to azgroth the poison from azel forces it to be played early and is predictable but azgroth can take down more cards and is more consistent even against SoA

To sell Dorian, Nellie, and Tyler from Uppers to have enough money to get Bloodh from Piranas.
Uppers was my 2nd deck after Montana and I don't really use it anymore. Now I'm more Gheist and Piranas.

I didn't think this should go in sales and auctions since I'm not selling anything yet, just wondering if I should. But do you guys think this is a good idea? Also, I'll buy any value card for the minimum 50 clints in a private sale if you guys are feeling helpful smiley

Ultimate Attack Elo [PS]

Its a Hugo/Montana deck and it's only 12k. smiley

My Top 5 Are

Lyse Teria Cr
Jackie 3*
Vickie Cr 3*
Yayoi 3*

But thats just me. smiley

Your topic isn't about "Strategy and Tactics" either..

It's just a bit hypocritical in my opinion..


Switch Dayton for the 3*DR.

Hope this is good enough

I agree with Denials and all the noobish posts that Caelus and Copper ought to be perma-banned. Reasons being that people, and a LOT of people, go to the extent of creating specific Skeelz/Sentinel decks just to fit those two cards into it when they're unbanned. They're practically the only two cards everyone saw!

Thinking about the last set of perma-bans, people did not make specific decks to fit in the likes of Hawk or Ratanah. Yes they were undoubtedly great cards, but no more than great, not overpowered. They couldn't win games on their own. I have 1300 ELO this week so I didn't suffer from the CC combination too badly, but in one game when I was around 1100 or so I actually won 3/4 rounds against a guy using Skeelz, inflicted a total of 9 damage in those rounds, only for my opponent to use 0 pillz in all three of those rounds and fury Caelus in round 4 for an easy win. I mean wtf, the game's just broken when you can do that in ELO tbh. It takes literally no skill. And Hawk and Ratanah could never do that.

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Pussycats if you can afford a famously unbalanced deck - something like this would be good:

Wanda 1*
(Charlie if unbanned)

and maybe something like

idk, you get the jist anyway.

For your 4 stars...glosh, ghoub, suzie. Kerry for ghoub once you get enough money. Elvira, Anita, Slyde for your three stars.

Instead of the above you can also go the route of including a 5 star like Sledge who is relatively cheap. However, you'll probably need to end up purchasing a card like Steve to fit him in.

In other words, it's whoever went first in the round.

The key to DTs are the deck you use. Open another tab to you deck page or My Collection Pro, and make a deck before hand. Then play with your normal deck (or some preset) after a while when you see the big players coming in, then you switch to that new deck from before, you'll be bound to catch some noobs for easy points. Rinse and repeat, I recommend the TIny Cuts series as they get many points for one battle even if you lose.

saturday 31/10/2009

I'm already Level 49 and I just noticed this feature got extended.
I know it's just a minor aesthetic sidebar add-on but I really like the different details given to each character.

I especially like:
Steve (best profile)
Toro (makes my menu look bada$$)
Nina (there's something about those eyes)
and Lunatik (this one's something else).

But because it's Halloween, I pick Miss Ming (gives me the creeps).

How about you? Which ones are your favorites and which ones do you use?

It's happening again..Boo Hoo

All 2 star cards, find the one you need smiley

smiley i know theres many more commily asked questions i havent listed

It depends..if you have SOA already in the deck than Oxen is by far the best

If you don't have SOA and you already have life manipulation Rubie is a good option.

Frankie Hi isn't very good as he doesn't have 6 dmg..

The deck you're trying to build is awesome, it's near perfect. I just don't use it because Piranas are expensive as hell...
Anyway here is something close to what you want: .·´¯`·-> eLo PiRaNaS GhEisT
This would also be my choice as i prefer Z3r0 D34d over Arkn.


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