tuesday 27/10/2009

okay so here s my ELO deck for this week

it is a skeelz/sentinels deck (keeping with the metagame trends) and the deck mainly revolves around the two nuking monsters copper and caelus.

one noticable feature to this deck is copper is at 4* instead of the usual caelus at 4*
this is just preferable choice
its mainly because i would prefer to have two 8 damage nukes instead of one nuke and one card with 6damage because then the links with the other cards will fade (unless i use fury or something but its risky).

manfred also makes an appearence because he is a nice backup card in case you don't draw copper or caelus because of the obvious game turning confidence ability.

so anyway i hope you like the deck smiley

I'd take Fabio out of the Montana/Skeelz deck and replace him and Prince Jr with Mona and Ottavia. then you'd still even have another star to improve something else. you need to balance it so you won't wind up with a handful of defensive and not so impressive 2 stars. overall there doesn't look like there's anything wrong with the decks. you just have keep trying to anticipate your opponent. do the math and see where the best opportunities are. good luck!

I want 2 know which is best, so comment and rate the presets

Cesare is pointless, he is only good against +damage/life cards
use mario

Sorry shoulda mentioned i wuz lookin at type 2. Well thanks for all the ideas

Do you have enough for mono ulu watu + hugo? always a strong choice

monday 26/10/2009

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Yes, just click on the new card release text , for example this week.

click the red text " in response"smiley

Im going 2 take tantos preset into consideration just for the fact that i love using hugo lol. also good advice tripple i have noticed that. in fact i was about to do just that lol. thanks anymore advice would be apperciated.

Nice one mate smiley

I started off with GHEIST/All-stars, which worked amazingly well against Skeelz but pretty much got dumped on by Sentinels smiley

Freaks/Jungo is awsome

Blah blah blah im done with this deck making hobby im kinda bored

I would choose Toro because type 2 decks tend to have a lot of high powered cards.

Gheist -Montana.......Premium
Mafiosos Hipersecretos! x
"Dark" Mafia

Just look on public presets under the community tab for more decks. It's really easy.smiley

I hope this helps.


That deck is pretty good. andsom is good. i still have him every now and then i switch him in jus cuz i like him so much. to me though sliman and scubb are my strong cards. i always manage to use them in a ko. ill put 8 pills on scubb win most of the time go from 4 pill back to 8 pills then use silman next round and boom ko.lol

back to the point ur deck is good. ill like to know how u do in elo.

When I talk about noob card I mean card that are cheap but are still good.

For ex. Mine is Simon to this day I use him if I build a that is half or mon montana deck

sunday 25/10/2009

Sort of on topic (time stuff) What is Server Time? Is it UTC or UTC -X? An when does ELO change over Server Time?


Copper and Caelus are both unbanned this week smiley

And as such I'm gonna make just one suggestion: keep Leviatonn, Dieter, Glorg and Bristone!

&naginta maybe?archibald

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