saturday 07/11/2009

Edd and donnie they are better than edd and don and 1* less

The reason Gil is good is because he calls bluff, devastates DR, and can run 4 damage if necessary. People use Aurelia, who is Gil without the ability. If you don't only look at the ability Gil is still an amazing card.

Veenyle, however, is pretty awful. People would much rather take the 1 damage be done with it, all they have to do is waste any low star card, like Samantha or even 1 pill Gil. If you can replace Veenyle with Lolly, always do so.

Rate plz

Rescue's too expensive for a new player... go with Montana/Hugo although you'll need to switch eventually if you want to get far past 1300.

Well that's only 7 but you get the picture.

What AiR GeaR said was correct.

Griezzo is a great card tbh.

This week definitely an SOB clan, since AS is rampaging with Striker, and the uppers with Dorian......

Left a comment on your preset page.

Luba is a much more vialid 3* in a mono, imo. Her situational damage increase is much more useful than Mini Mund and his wall stopping power. I find managing opponents walls quite easy (ie, you can predict what they'll throw it up against 90& of the time), so Mini Mund for me is a waste of a slot.

Also you need Z3r0 D34d over Platinum every time.

Here it is:

I have about 10k at my disposal plus I also have some good Gheist, La Junta, and Uppers cards that I can switch in or sell and a Hawkins that I'm also looking to sell

I say marina is more of a threat because of her higher power. Not to mention against marina even if opp decides to try and battle head to head, unless they have soa, their dmg isn't gonna be too big.

I applaud this deck

friday 06/11/2009


any suggestions and comments would be appriciated thanks

Oh oh. the cop is pretty much battered here.

caelus- 5

weird how copper owns him yet people think his better. anymore inquiries?smiley

well thats in ELO anyway

in DT i just use guerilla tactics and 2hit ko everything lolz

Either copy the ling or put

preset: (insert the digits in the link)

or easier copy the link, identify the preset= (then the numbers that follow), delete the rest and then change = to :

1 or 2HKs will also kill your pointssmiley....don't do eet!!

When you play against Pussycats, there are less abilities you have to worry about. So I wouldn't say that the SoA would be wasted against Muze.


But yeah, I would include her too. She is a good enough 3*. She will imho lose out against most staple clans and SoA, but she is still better than any other 3* Pussycat. At least she has the potential to draw pillz from the opponent. Which isn't a bad thing.

Thanks for the replies, but my problems were solved once I bought a deck that contained Tanaereva. I sold that and got everything I needed lol.

Yeah the clan bonus i just that little extra flavour most cards need smiley

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