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sunday 15/11/2009

All stars


What WarPig said for ELO...

for Survivor T2 I would recommend getting cards like

Lin Xia- her "9" damage brings people with 13-14 life down to 4-5 life, allowing easy KO with a card like Toro.

XU52- he's not that good, but when you can afford all the stars you want... anyway, he has a big psychological impact with -8 opp. attack coupled with VERY solid 8 damage.

Rolph- almost a staple in any deck, ELO, T1 or T2. Brings (almost) anything to 5-6 power and cripples it with SOA. Easy 6 damage.

Toro- same as Rolph

Methane- 7/7 solidness, Miss Twice is better but she's a tad expensive

For Junkz you should get

Peeler- very versatile

Taham- good pill manipulator, with +8 attack with a nice 8 power

Fuzz- same as XU52
Ummm... if you can afford him DJ Korr Cr is near godly =/

Looool, why not both Piranas and Jungo???
Anyway i would keep Ongh, but that's just me, i like jungo quite a lot and Ongh is my default 5* for Jungo. He's a beast.smiley

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=894015&listsmiley hears my dt elo deck

I would consider some attack manipulation clans too. Skeelz in half deck are quite relying on power/pillz to overcome the opp and thus need some clans which are ready for low pill fights.
I am not a fan of pillz manipulations+revenge/confidence tbh.

saturday 14/11/2009

When ppl are talking about uppers being dead without dorian, they are talking about ELO where both jackie and zatman are staff banned. This is largely true, the other cards in uppers high stars are not great. The only decent 1 would be the new addition glenn. nellie and beetenka both are weakened by soa and jeeves has such low power and no ability that SOB destroys him and even regular cards are good against him.

@kdgns montana monus doesn't completely cancel rescue, on 0 pillz, they usually win as montana have a min of 8. Also rescue have SOB, courage SOB, a decent SOA, +life cards and Stop ability cards. Montana only has an SOB that is ELO Banned, courage SOB and a barely used SOA, the other SOA is one of the most expensive crs in the game and isn't ELO legal. The only advantage montana have in ELO is the fact that they can combine with hugo and maintain their full bonus.

I see, thanks.

Go to your profile page, select SET at "change your picture". A window will open, select BROWSE.
Get a picture from your pc or download one from the internet. Then click on Send my picture. Finaly Validate it in your profile page. Let me know if you have a problem smiley

smiley i thin up cause hes a 8 damige an his ability realy makes him realy strong.

I guess it sorta depends where u are...elo...surviver..ect... but i'd say Ulu watu

Yet An Another New Clan Bonus thread here.

Special stance: +15 attack if opponent has SoB else just +5
(killer against nightmare/piranha)

Drainer: -2 opponent health (min 4).
(immune against damage reduction but cant KO with this bonus and pointless if oppinent is low health....)

Dual GHEIST/Montana rocks faces off! That's what I play.smiley

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M_h_D12 -> win.

For 13* switch Randy to Alexei/Striker depending on current elo satus smiley
For 11* switch Randy to Cesare or Ashley depending on the need of SoA or damage reduct...

Marina, Robb and Jessia are pretty much the core of All Stars.

I'm lost in my cards, cant find the deck i need so cn someone help me make a good deck? my cards are:




La Junta:



Proper spelling and in your invitations might help

smiley ok i get it now trol bad

Thanks Jerromy

Hey mate i know ill lose against most of u but its worth a shot smiley
watch out lol

Here is the requirements of the event im doing that each deck is made for.

Must have one leader- Timber, Vansaar, Hugo, OR Bridget only
No semi-evo; all characters used must be at max level.
No CRs
No perma-ELO banned characters- no Zatman, Ratanah, Wee Lee, Jackie, Lyse Teria Cr, Vickie Cr, Kiki Cr, General Cr, DJ Korr Cr, Tanaereva, Guru Cr, GraksmxxT, Lamar Cr, Alec Cr, Marco, Kolos, Hawk
No 3 stars and 5 stars (aside from the 1 leader)
In short, the decks should be one 5*, three 4*, and four 2*.


the first deck is a mono skeels deck and I already replaced Anton with Sasha,
the second is a montana/junks
and the third and pirahnas/la junta.

any feed back on this thread or on the preset is welcomed with open arms and ears.
comment on the presets if possible, easier to keep track of.

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