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sunday 13/12/2009

I don't think you'll ever see a Skeelz with a straight Power buff ability - especially not one that high. Mostly because the clan bonus means it may as well be printed power, so why do the redundancy of an ability? I think you'll see the Skeelz getting Power buffs as Confidence/Revenge for the forseeable future.

Further, Skeelz already have three 8-Power 4 stars - yes, one is not that great for ELO(Damien), but Manfred is quite usable, as is Corvus. Greem isn't bad if you don't mind delayed damage - but much like Sylth, she's a coinflip card. And if you want another 8 Power, you might consider dropping Chwing for Cley - it gives you the chance for a "Confidence or Revenge" headgames moment, plus another serious damage source.


pls tell me some mistakes and what i can do to improve . also rate up pl0x smiley

Im sure gonna make this deck it is even so cheap smiley


Need help to make it perfect
(only have 11k clintz)
(so be reasonable)

S(apegod, smiley I don't care? smiley

Lol Flavi0o Crf...wish i have him smiley

Aww, for a second there i thought you achieved a minus ELO. that would have been something worth posting about smiley

The UR staff has been very busy. The Ipod app and the ????? tab.

My Favorie 9* Pussycats

Gwen 1*
wanda 1*

then that leaves you 16 stars to play with

Good Luck

saturday 12/12/2009

I just reached 1400, my personal record, with Rescue Me At Elo (New)

Got to 1,300 rating easily with this deck.


You could maybe switch Dacote in there due to all the SoA this week.

All cards should be up for ban, not just some

smiley plz post on this an rate. the first link dose not work. plz use the second link

It suddenly dissapeared, i had it bookmarked but after a few weeks of it being up it stopped loasding

The only cards I can think of that would go from 6 to 7 when versing Sliman is Shayna (6 power Courage+bonus= 11 power-4=7power) but everyone else cleared everything up

Omg wrong forum close plz =P
my bad i will repost at the trade forum

Okay...i got one more question..replacing Gary...should i buy Rosa and upgrade one of other cards or buy Don or Fabio i dont know who to choose..

The only questionable aspects about the deck is there is no defense.
freaks have 2 solid damage reducers, and an ok damage reducer...
and jane ramba is also a pretty strong card and easily could replace Trish...
jane ramba has constant power, and has some damage reduction.

looks like something you would have to play past 1200 elo with before you could determine what you need.

That is pretty good for the price.
of course there are a few changes to be made to make it as strong as those two clans could be...
props on the nice budget ELO deck.

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