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friday 20/11/2009

Depends on what the banned cards are on a given week.

Look montana is indeed hard to beat(and even more with hugo 18 atk diference), but they lack damage, so you might want to win all rounds in order to win.(Example: montana + hugo kicked my butt the first 3 rounds, but I just sent a striker furious and thats all for the montana)

smiley I sold a card or 2, and can buy either Coby or Zatman. Coby to complete Rusko's deck, Zatman for DorianZatmanJackie mono Uppers (still need Jackie).

So which should I buy? Leaning toward Coby...

thursday 19/11/2009

Noodile Rico Yookie and arno/Miken Moore are good enough
and leaves room for a 5star 4star 3star and a good 2star from another clan

Actually no....I makes us publish our current deck as a preset

I guess i'm not so great with controlling battles yet.....

I lack strategy as well as guidance in how to develop a better head game....

I don't want to jump from clan to clan trying to find something I mesh with due to lack of funding at the moment.... meh.... I need a sensei! >:O Where the hell is the Yoda of UR? xD!!

@thereisnogod (there is...jk)

i mean there isnt need for them if you dont have them

@Matti_Naesae: OK, thank you so much, I now get the idea of the 5-3 deck. I have Leviatonn of course, he´s a beast...But I actually reached recently 1313 ELO thanks to this deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=905230&list

Maybe 2/6 with skeelz is a good idea, you can splash Caelus and Chiara and then put an Anti-Meta Clan (smiley XD) on there... But you´ve got to be careful with Caelus, without his ability he´s dead...

Ella is better then feelyn - 4 opponent damage min to or if lower then 4 then - 2 min 1 thats scary man

Well, I changed up my Montana deck with the clintz I had, so now it looks like:

Don (Could change for Hugo, but it lessens the stats/potential of Oscar, which is an awesome card IMO.)
Prince Jr.
Ottavia (I don't really like her, I might drop her for Veccio....)

heres my deck i was wondering if you had any recomendations

wednesday 18/11/2009

Heh, link to deck didn't work. Here it is

smiley to new players plz post if this helped you out.

Chapperz so let me see a deck you think has the WOW please. im intrested to know smiley

Montana with hugo sad but its the new trend
I hate it I can beat it because montana has low damage but yea try it

Oh i like your style


Also Caelus. I've come across a couple of matches in which the hand included 2 or more Caelus -es.

I guess I'll add:

With Vansaar: Three level 1 cards leveling up to level 2 gives you 31 EXP in total. (10 EXP each + 1)
Three level 2 cards leveling up to level 3 gives you 61 EXP in total. (20 EXP each + 1)
Three level 3 cards leveling up to level 4 gives you 91 EXP in total. (30 EXP each + 1)
Three level 4 cards leveling up to level 5 gives you 121 EXP in total. (40 EXP each + 1)

Haven't tried, but I assume it will be the same without Vansaar. So that'll be 41, 81, 121 and 161 EXP respectively from level 1-5.

Have fun training.

Fang Pi used to be one the worst clans in Elo. Because of their new reinforcements they are a power to be reckoned with!

GanGsta´s PaRaDiSe

Haha, Chapperz made me laugh.

What they all say is true! You are probably and most definetely a Sentinel user hence the crying love of your Copper. I bet you get whooped every so often by the Ability of Sylth heh? Hence the picking of ONE card which can also be arguably unuseable against a SoA....

Tut tut tut, clan fanboys these days.

Learn to be versatile my friend.

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