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thursday 12/11/2009

It seems that everything has been said smiley

I would think the best bangers mono deck would be
verman n 3*
b ball
juicy lord lvl 1
boden power

but thats just me

5 Animals Circus
and this one plz rate and comment

Dude your post's title is misleading, be carefull wiith that.
I'll rate your deck.smiley

wednesday 11/11/2009

Sasha and sandra are not that hard to beat with attack manip clans,.. as there bonus makes up for the power/attack abilitys of them,..

In elo i love to play pirana's most of time combined with some other clan,..
there sob makes there atk manips useluss most of the time smiley except if they have sob,..
+ pill manipulation can let me use a few extra pills if needed uppers/montana arnt that big of a deal for 'm

Any other thoughts?


I need help making this deck god enough to sue in elo i have been playing it and losing horribly i don't have a small price cap so please suggest any cards you can as long as their not a CR

You got the good cards already.lol this is my type 2 pirana deck maybe itll help u out.


i sometimes swap kristin for rhed or even greesh. since greesh is underrated many people wouldnt pill against him and with fury he has gotten me lots of wins.

for your deck i would take out trey and tula and leave that for elo or t1 format. you have dahlia(which im jealous cuz i still havent gotten one lol) so you dont really need andsom. get sliman to replae andsom. and thats pretty much it really. you have the essenials so its just really mix and match till you find wat u like to play.

Been stated before but mainly because roots have no 4 star to replace ratanah, still waiting UR staff, and while none of GHEIST are OP as like zatman, they are the main soa clan now and people hate facing soa in UR

Dacha macha???

The only way for the good ol' days to come back is a roll back. Lmao! smiley

When a card doesn't have a release date at urdb.kirlad.net doesn't mean necessarily that it was there from the beggining, just that I couldn't track it back to it's release date.

The same goes with characters that have Cr date as 1111-11-11. I'm going to make some tweaks to the site so you can see clan release dates and a few more things.

... make awesome Pussycats deck without semi-evo! I made this one: Boobster and it works. Tested already.

Stanly will definitely be the #1 5*. He has 8 damage to ko with nanook and gaia. He has great attack manipulation = to montana, easily shaming don. He also makes an amazing bluff. He is one scary card. He has brought Ulu watu back to elo in my eyes.
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smiley plz comment on the deck


Rate + Suggest please.
My first attempt at using any La Junta card in a deck.

tuesday 10/11/2009

The standard is to either use a dual deck or a mono deck. But you can always have new ideas and create something totally new and I´d like to share one idea with you.
I created a deck which has 6 cards of 1 clan and two filler cards of two other clans.
Normally cards without a clan bonus are considered to be weak. But there are exceptions:

Dirty TRiCkS II

The idea is that Spiaghi and Chiara do not necessarily need their clan bonus. Spiaghi is simply an amazing damage reducer who is supposed to die anyway. Chiara´s clan bonus is often useless and therefore the missing protection bonus isn´t such a big deal. In this deck Chiara is deadly because she offers many 2-hit-ko possibilities in combination with the 5 * cards.
My current Elo with this deck is 1264 which isn´t that bad on Tuesday.

SWEET makes it so much better

A very playable deck with pussycats without semi-evo! With classis combination of Freaks/Pussycats. Boobster Comment and rate please!

For got to put azgroth down on the list

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