wednesday 04/11/2009

Rate and Comment Please And Give Me Some Advice On How To Improve






smiley healers drs are your most needed realy in any survivor deck you got them you more likely yo win

smiley well i enter them an ppl who win have played in the room i just wonted to make sure.

I don't like flo, because it only blocks you the bonus, and thats what help the other card to win.. however how are you gonna win because of her 5 power. Pu Cesare instead(for blocking dangeroues abilities), and asporov, he would end being a 7/7. I mean sure he is week at SOA, but so copper.

Changed the deck a little, since Greem and Zeke don't work well together. This let me upgrade Rico to Lou. For less than 1000 clintz, you could upgrade Lou to Kiki instead, even better.

Then from here, you can start upgrading Zeke or Cley to Chiara, Kiki to Shakra, Liam to Arno, etc...

As for making clintz, get your level up to 10 so you can play in ELO. Playing in ELO tournaments and you get 1 credit each, buy packs with the credits.

tuesday 03/11/2009

Lookin good i would try & get taham 2 switch with keanew / dreen is also good

Clan release dates are not shown, but you can check most cards release dates at

Somebody didnt read the rules.. smiley

Montana Ghiest would be a very good mix. Here is my budget deck for you for under 6k.


Sweet. like the characters.

Eath realy long as you wn right

smiley well would be up to the admin wont it but i think this is a step in the right derection


monday 02/11/2009

One of the keys to playing a mono Jungo deck is to realize that you're not always playing to win. Rather, you're playing not to lose. Your opponent may directly do more damage to you than you do to him....but that doesn't mean anything as long as you've got the higher Life total at the end of the match. And ending the match with more Life than you started with is something Jungo's good at.

Jungo has some heavy hitters and is perfectly capable of pulling off 2HKOs with several combos. But don't always go looking for the 2HKO, because some of them are so obvious your opponent's probably seen them repeatedly before.
Poison with Sylth, or hit them hard (Askai, Bragh, Ongh, Scotty, Chill, Adler...) and then sit back and use damage reducers (Pegh or Niva) or life gainers (Kreen, Nyema, Scopica). Or use Nyema or Kreen with Fury to hit them hard and massively boost your life at the same time.

In something that's 'timed', like the Daily Tournaments, you want to get the match over quickly so you can move on to the next one. In ELO or Survivor, though? Take your time and don't always go for the obvious quick wins.

Caelus is VERY good, it's true. However, I feel that his unbanning, along with Copper's, was a nice shakeup. Honestly, I'd rather see smokey banned more, because I despise pill manipulation (just my thing). Caelus tends to lose whenever I've seen him, due to the fact that I tend to use all-stars, and their bonus puts him on equal terms anyways, not counting kang or (if you're really weird) frank. I agree that DR's don't really counter 8 damage nukes that well, but use your imagination instead of screaming at the computer when he shows up. Plan to counter him with attack manipulation, or use a power reducer (trish, kang, platinum and I think tula eat him, among others, plus good complete stoppers). If you've got a nuke waiting, you could even straight up let him through (yes, that's workable, if you keep your head screwed on straight).

Perhaps I'm biased, because my preferred clan counters caelus pretty directly, but I think it's fun to screw with people's 'omg easy ELO' decks sometimes. That being said, I still think him and copper are headed straight for perma-ban land, but I definitely wouldn't complain if they were still around smiley

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