sunday 25/10/2009

Yep. Ambre, them Morphun and then Eyrik. Just look at this deck: Flipstah Stretchy Idea,. i get 1213 with it last week. Just because of Ambre and pumping up Arno, Jeena and Twyh!

Air Forces of Laugh

I just wanted to try Adler and Nyema. smiley I managed to get 41st in DT and at the same time, whitin 65 minutes, get 1206 in ELO! Just try it! People use their soa in 1st round to make sure i wont use it with Adler! Adler: the SOA Out-Wiper! smiley I defetad almost everyone!

@ Loki: Yeah I came to that conclusion yesterday smileysmiley

@ LOA: Hadn't thought of that...


Nim/ Nah boh / Wakai

Dreen /Veenyle/Gil
Onik/ Archie /Lolly etc

A combination of those 3 clans easily gets you to 1200 and more

Not concidered strong because people dont think they are but when u think about it they have a fair few 8 powers, tonns of 7 powers and lots of strong abilities

That would be cool, change up the noob strategies a bit, (just don't give them any of the newer clans or rescue) though, i'm sure the admins got bigger issues to deal with.

@Mafiasoul- the noob decks are the 4 sh*ttyest cards from their clans, how would this encourage cheaters more than now?

All cards:
Freaks: Oren (U)
GHEIST: Bristone (U), Luba (C)
La Junta: Archibald (C), Dacote (U), Dean (U), Naginata (R), Trish (R)
Leader: Hugo (R), Vansaar (R), Timber (R)
Nightmare: Azgroth (U), Estalt (U), Ghumbo (U), Phyllis (U), Sargh (C), Sheitane (U)
I have 5k money.
Any deck i could make would help, ill sell some cards for more clintz if needed.

saturday 24/10/2009

There's only one thing to be said about lost warehouse: DON'T PILL.
About the no pills room, the idea is great but why did the staff create another type? Type training, come on... That means that i can play in that room until i'm left with only one unevolved card and then i'm forced to change rooms because my deck is no longer compatible with the training type. That doesn't make much sense and it's anoying. Sorry for posting this here Tanto but if there's already a post about LW i should use it. About your question i have no idea, sorry...

Ive got a ton of Gwens 2 star... any suggestions?

He seems overpowered because he's the strongest card in the Bangers clan, bar none.

a Bangers deck without Blaaster may be different and good in its own right but it will never be better.

lol.. how can we give you guru cr as we are dreaming to get guru cr too

I'm not your bro, buddy.

Thanks smiley Well would like to substitute Sting and Trey with Katan and Hawkins but they are way too expensive for now. I will not buy Andsom because he has almost the same function as Trey and unlike Cley he can't be used for two hit KO's. It's just that Cley has a pretty good damage unlike many three star cards (also 8 power if used correctly) and he's only 280 clintz. Oh yeah, I would gladly substitute Andsom with Trey but that way I'd go over 25 stars. Plus Smokey is better than Andsom.
Also Morphun is good but Hugo is way better when you use cards like Tula and Deadeye. Plus he is way cheaper because you get him earlier in the game.
Well I guess I will substitute Trey with Dante since he would be great for bluffing.
Once again thanks for the comments and remember - winning is not about which cards you have, It's about how you use them. Hope this deck helps beginners who don't have many clintz.

My advice is to get a few packs to start you off, sell what you don't need and buy cards to form a deck for DT's and ELO. also play ELO survivor, and soon you will be getting a decent income.

Thanks. Id seen it but still wasnt quite sure.

friday 23/10/2009

All you gotta do is rate up. Unbeatable Mono Bangers is truly unbeatable. All you gotta do its just hit the green button. If you believe that this is the best mono Bangers for elo than rate it green and get your friends to rate a green. For all those Bangers players rate it up because you know that its true. XD RATE UP!


its my newest deck and i'd like some help at making it better... i've got basically every circulating card in both clans to do so... but i kinda wanna keep it close to how it is now

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