thursday 22/10/2009

Jay, Manfred, Greem, Corvus, Damian.

I think that should be the order. Corvus would be before Greem if his damage wasn't so low but Greem is very underrated.

Yea if it's the same attack and same #stars, the person who went first gets the win.
If it's the same attack and different #stars, the person with the lowest star card wins the round.

Simple terms with no examples.

wednesday 21/10/2009

That's 'Stop Opponent Ability.'

Every rescue deck *needs* Lea. Make sure she's in there.

Delete / Lock please

Well it sems that gheist are power ful but exspensive

Votes so far.
3 for Don
2 for Fabio
1 for Enzo

If i missed anything then post it here.

They could me making one RIGHT NOWsmiley

although if they are could they please focus on whats important... and get my guild banner into circulation smiley

Wow Varenza, I haven't been called "Miss Osaka" in a while. smiley

tuesday 20/10/2009

To avoid any further misunderstandings or arguments, I am closing this thread.


I just gave u one but u can have another (high fives everyone that asks for one)

I would say with this 7k clintz just buy a super nice card.....

Rave on Mars!

There isn't too much skill involved in using this deck. Graks and Vermyn N are just there for annoying cards like Kolos or Kenny.

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It's a great idea. Playing with cards you never use will educate yourself on their strengths and weaknesses. If you like them, great. If you don't and switch, when facing them, you'll have a better idea of how they are played.

K just wasn't sure about wendel as I'll have 2 Courage

deleted made with the advice of TnT_Wazzupz

I want to run a deck with those two clans. Mainly to test my newly bought Nahi Cr. I've got all Freaks (crs too) and Amanie, Arno, Jeena, Jerry, Lou, Nahi Cr, Noodile, Rico, Shakra and Yookie from Roots. I've made this one deck: Fairy Tale but i'm not sure about it. Is there any improvments? Olga, Nahi cr are must_be there for me!

Thanks for the search and find Memento.
Narrows it down a little...

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