saturday 17/10/2009

What? I'm sorry but i didn't understand...

smiley do you got any stronger cards for it cause for a type 2 i exspected a some 8/7 an an 6/8 in ther only high poer card you got in there is your cr

You need 1420 minimum for top 100 elo once you make 1300 elo you play the big boys ( dont let this dwell on you) you basically play everyone who's aiming for top 100 or some low maybe, your wins are lower and your losses lower.

I wouldnt use Damian, try to get rid of him..
And 2 times Confidence? Might be messy, if you draw both..
Considering your money problem : Damian and Manfred on sale (even though i like Manfred a lot) - Aylen (or Thomas, just 500 price diff..) and Zeke in..
Or just Damian out for Zeke, Jay in for Cley (way more costy..)
Def not put out the 2 2Stars, they have to be in any Skeelz Deck imo..

Any deck that brings you to 1200 should also bring you to 1300 with some more time needed...

or not?

So I've made up some half decks.
I don't have a lot of clintz so I've gone for some of the cheaper but still good options.
In most of them I've picked low stars so that I can manage to squeeze in larger stars from other clans.
If you have any suggestions for swap outs feel free to say.
I'm creating them for type 1, ELO and ELO Survivor.

All Stars



Miken Moose



The Stronger Halfs





How are these?
I think the stars add up fine.

Flipstah Stretchy Idea

It's kinda work! Ok, you can;t get 1300+ with it but 1200+ is possible! It's hard to play but it is much fun with it! Weird hands are often but it often confuse opponent enough to win!

Sako's go good with all stars buddy ...

Srry for the other topic, an extra enter got that wrong.
This is my current ELO deck and I would be happy if you take the time to comment and rate my deck, to see what to improve/change

mods thanks for accepting this topic

Thats very cheap like free or just a few 100 clintz

friday 16/10/2009

Probably what flame_evo said and necro, i believe that when the opponent furys in the last round the pills don't show 0 they still just show 3 but dont quote me on that.

I've been having a blast for the past couple of weeks playing Greem based decks, pilling a silly amount turn 1 and winning.
Sure I lose too

Do what Tyrell said and you'll have a great deck.smiley
Askai is great, he/she/it really is but i still prefer Ongh. You sholud try both and see which do you find better.

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thursday 15/10/2009

I remade this subject, but i cant remove this smiley?? help smiley
Plz admin remove this one..
And PLZ reply on my other topic smiley

Hi, smiley
I made this bangers/fang pi clan deck :
Its not very good atm thats why i need some help smiley

I was thinking to change the following characters:
Hattori>Kuei (cost about 5800)
Plaatona>Shogunn or Blaaster (cost about 1600/8000)
and maybe:
Benie> BBall (cost about 850)
Loocio>Juicy Lord (cost about 3800)

I dont have much Clints so dont comment with high prised cards(100k+).


don't forget to commentsmileysmiley

I send you a PM read it and answer.

Pah, tell that to guys that win 30-ish points for every 11 I win at the tournaments! O.o'

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