saturday 31/10/2009

If you don't have Vickie/Lamar/Kerozinn/Guru/Lyse/General:

I'd suggest mono-Uppers.

Burt/Frankie Hi

If you want your Sakrohm/Uppers:



No leader with skeelz

Jessie is in cos she probably gonna be unbanned next week

anyways plz give advice
and plz rate up and comment

*Activates 'Horn of Help' and an admin is Special Summoned to the debate.*

*Now waits for the admin to play their part.*

any suggestions ??

DJ Korr Cr and Kiki Cr
nuff said. Also General Cr.

Shakra and I guess Hawk come in around 2nd place.

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Good advice

Yes it is the same but not everyone has been playing since the begining of time and not everyone has 12 hours a day to burn on elo, alot of people in the top 100 get there by 'over play' and yes you could argu that if you got 1300 elo points u should be beating players at 1150 but then again what if your oppent puts halve of his wage slip into credits and has almost every card in the game? im not saying everyone does but only cuz u got low elo points dont make you rubbish at the game (no argument just saying) What im trying to say is it should be = you win you get so so points you Lose and u lose so so points
Not once u get past 1300 u win u get jack all and u lose and back to square one for u
i swear past 1300 elo points is like surviver u lose game over

friday 30/10/2009

It needs suggestions, comments, and ratings.
Thankssmiley smiley

V7+!rn@+3 $+0P

I've spent over at least £50.00 in the whole month I have been here - you can work that out in dollars if you wish, and I got to admit, I have had some rotten lucks with the full decks aswell, but I still buy them.
The best suggestion I can give is that, if you are after a particular clan then stick to their respective packs but if you are after just a whole bunch of random cards which you don't care what you get, then purchase the deck. And remember, do NOT expect to pull anything 'pwnsome' everytime or you will be disappointed. It's easier being surprised and happy than being severely disappointed.

Good luck.

smiley i only buy 2 types now i tryed them all realy. i use ghiest so i use to get danger packs but once i got them all i stoped i find full deck greak for easy money. cause the rare is a good 2k or more. an the new blood you might just get lucky an get a realy high priced card.

Excellent. Thank you both very much, got a firm grasp of it now. smiley

All I need is a couple thousand clintz and I'm away....

Sorry for digging this up. But I should mention Collection Pro lacks the features to list cards matching certain criterias such as 'Maxed levels' or 'in development' cards etc.

Ulu Watu the clan is fun to play with for a while, and most of the staples are dirt cheap. Lv 24 and I have the whole clan including SANDY (the worst character ever) and up to lulabee and buck. I just need Shayna and upwards plus bree and Jono.

So swap Striker with Alexie until you get him?

KON ARTIST has the best deck option though. I wouldn't downgrade Jane Ramba to 2* for Naginta...but that's just me.

Just know that you get Hugo free at level 15.

Then work on a budget Montana deck.

It was the verifying of the email that was the problem. Got it now thanks!

thursday 29/10/2009

Well i would go with Oyoh out of the both of them
But in this case id go with Gringo

At kon

Have you ever used Lehane? She eats five* cards for braskfast.
Ive done a little research. With her bonus active I fond only six cards thet can beat hem in a same pillz batlle:
Chan Fei Ongh Azgorth and they need to put 3 pillz Jackie Lyse teria who are elo banned . That makes her the best defender i nthe ur.
and 2 damage for a 2 card is good . You aregoing to attack with Bob koy or arno cause of theur damage?

Sasha - MUST
redra - SHOULD
liam - COULD
milton - MIGHT

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