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friday 10/01/2014

thursday 09/01/2014

@ Arunarsiakul man sounds good lol should have invited me i would have loved to have been a part of those kinds of competition.

Colours if you like doing these, i can help you make some good ones smiley be warned though, it may be hard to solve smiley

tuesday 07/01/2014

monday 06/01/2014

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I mean what purpose does it serve to limit it to only 2 different guilds in a single team? Silly rule if you ask me.

Hello guys,

Coliseum is good nice event but the awards on it are too exaggerating most likely the BP, the only thing you have to do is couple matches around 35-100 less then a week depending on what the rules are.DM players would do + 100 matches a day and still not getting above 10k BP. It just feels wrong,we spend a night to do TOP 10 or rank up and suddenly everyone has 25k which sucks, I thought DM was all about ranking up, it seems to be a waste of time and effort.I personally thing that AWARDS from COLISEUM should not be exceed 7500 BP per event.

25000/3=8333 free 8k a day while Coiseum runs.


sunday 05/01/2014

We need more worshippers

friday 03/01/2014

Yeah, they got some lag lately, I got mine from yesterday delivered this afternoon

but it shall be dealt with by now, at least I'm not experiencing it any more

When should I start playing in the tournament to maximize playing time? When it says "Tournament starts in 0 minutes" or "Tournament has started! 59 minutes remaining?"

wednesday 01/01/2014

monday 30/12/2013

Started, please close the thread

sunday 29/12/2013

▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▄▀▄ Only for English players ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▄▀▄


The draw will be made ​​by a English Moderator

saturday 28/12/2013

Join up yall! We need around 30 guys!

friday 27/12/2013

tuesday 24/12/2013

I am active and around 12 hours of the day.
I wop from 5k to 20k Clintz or cards.
I normally play first to 3 matches.

And play in a format of Extended but with no leader.

Why not pm me and consider having a match!

Yours truly

Happy hannukkah to you as well sir! israeli in life or in heart only?

sunday 22/12/2013

There seems to be a tactic whereby players are letting rounds time down in Daily tournaments. When the other player goes to take his or her turn there isn't enough time to choose a pill amount for the round. This ends in a time out with the other player winning by default when she or he would've lost. This needs to be addressed immediately.

tuesday 17/12/2013

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