wednesday 15/02/2017

Thanks for all the help, i made this topic to discuss with clan use against hive, personally i use all stars because with their bonus they bring hive down to a level where their bonus dosen't really effect them

Do what feels right to you. I remember I got Raam back when she was in an exclusive pack and she was the most expensive card I ever had at the time. However, I was able to ride the crazy inflation at her market release and sold her for about 250k when she is now worth maybe 100k. However, I knew that Raam was not going to be a huge card kind of like Quetzal is. In all honesty, I would at least wait to do anything until Feb 20, when XRobb is supposed to go Cr or even when he goes out of New Bloods, just in case the staff decides to do something with Quetzal in that time frame

There is something to say with what minti043 said in terms of Quetzal acting like Ymirah Cr, which is entirely possible. That being said, you would have to stick with Quetzal for a while since it took about a month or so after she left New Bloods for Ymirah Cr to go Cr. Whether you want to sell him off now or you want to wait until he potentially goes Cr is up to you and how much risk you want to take. Best of luck!

There are third party website where you can download apk files, google apk download, they're easy to find.

Though I would try to make place for Tormentah take out T-We-1 and Elmer and find a better 3* berzerk.. Elmer sucks smiley

@Rowdy MOB Cr - In her bio, it's mentioned that Charlie used to have a husband until their marriage fell apart. Which means she's divorced.

The BIG 5 are powerful cards with CR status, but they became CR long time ago, even before Urban Rivals became a "well knowed game". So, they are powerful and only few people have copies, making their price became very very high.

A lot of cards are powerful, but they are born then the game have a lot more players. So a lot of people grab one before they became CR, and even years after, they price still "low" for BIG 5 standarts. They will became rarer and rarer? Yes. But the BIG 5 too... So, tecnically, we will not get a BIG 6 without some strange events (like a big 5 large distribution or a extintion of a lot of BIG 5 candidates...)

tuesday 14/02/2017

Happy B-Day toxin boy!

8 )- Suprisingly, some people say that they only want collectors every six months. Once again, a huge variation in responses!

9)- 56% of players are POSITIVE for the future of Urban Rivals. 44% are indifferent. NO-ONE has a NEGATIVE view on the future of Urban Rivals, great!

10)- 25% of players think that Globumm is the most underrated card in the game. Mahimatah, Liona, Neloe, Ivy, Selina, Ward Hg, Krusty (?), Ninja Nyne, Ksendra, Alexandra, Nistarok and Robb Cr were also mentioned!

Thanks to all participants!

monday 13/02/2017

Yes... I'm saving for her too. And I never save :3

She's my sister :O

sunday 12/02/2017

Hmmm... MAGIC?

They are, but there still isn't a convenient way of filtering them out. WD11's presets come close, but they don't account for all the off-nb releases.

Huracan, when you can't use them, use Montana or Junta.

I have imgur. I did not think it would take so long. Not sure if I am setting a great standard for others to make an Avatar for MOB.

Oh and my imagur name is not Rowdy MOB Cr, different medium, different name.

Here is my attempt:


Leone, Edd Cr, Desmond, Mona Cr, Moses, Angelo, Icaro, Prince Jr

saturday 11/02/2017

I laugh at the players that blacklist me... Even though that gets the weight out of your back, you're amusing them quite a lot...

It does @Aviceemy
Only way for the Silver Surfer to math Yhmirah is if they play her without her bonus for some reason. Ymirah cancels both the Silver Surfer's Ability and Bonus.

I alwaysforget my namesake Carlos

friday 10/02/2017

Hi everyone im currently running junkz and would appreciate if a junkz player could guide me as to how i would approach different clans and also various decks i could use for elo and tourney plz.

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