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wednesday 08/11/2017

Thanks guys. looks like i'm gonna have fun trying to find the literal ONE missing card from 2014

As said in the post above yours, a random one you don't own outside of Kora Mail, Linkos, Excess and Forjoten. There isn't a way tell which one it is before you complete the missions.

tuesday 07/11/2017

I played 1 hour of ELO, 2 hours of tourney and 1 hour of free fight and 1 hour of survivor and nothing.

monday 06/11/2017

The game is set up arguably better than it ever was but its appeal to a new player is much lower than in the past

saturday 04/11/2017

I have cleared the cache of everyone who said their missing cards incase there still missing. This has worked for some people.

Nevermind, i just received my first one. Thank you for your time!

friday 03/11/2017

Exactly! Like for me I forget Crassus is not only a good card but a pretty good one! I mean he’s flexible with SOA because of his bonus. He’s flexible with SOB because of his ability. Not to sound like a card review but I noticed that some very usable cards do get shoved off as well smiley

I don't know if there is a way to get more credits using iPhone. Is it possible to backup UR app in iPhone?

thursday 02/11/2017

I'd hold onto tan and Jackie in case they turn. Mythic, unless you really, really need the cash.

monday 30/10/2017

Just buy 5 new blood instead smiley

sunday 29/10/2017

Beautiful, congratulationssmiley


Great! Glad to hear that.smiley

175k for average players onlysmiley= normal life
1m5+ pro players= no life
I know someone in XC back in 2015 played ur 18 hours a day for 2 weeks , elo and dt, he won Guru cr in Elo, and Another Guru Cr in DT. I forgot how many clintz he won smiley

saturday 28/10/2017


That did not sound right. I`m sure it would be better to call this thread: Ideas for a Season 3 Arcade Guide smiley.

Just leave the title as it is.

I am trying my best to create relevant and fast guides. Suggestions to help other players helpful.

I have already cleared Season 3 Arcade HQ 1 and 2 just so you know. It is to give guidance to others.

friday 27/10/2017

My guides are also available on Steam.

wednesday 25/10/2017

Say me cards to make all 5 missions at weekly ld?for all of this 5 mission what cards,example at first mission at second mission...8 card minimum example at one mission...thanks

I was on the game's FB page (https://www.facebook.com/urbanrivals/) and they have some interesting teasers for the new bloods , the new comic and an event tomorrow. I'm guessing a GhosTowner and a Nightmare. The Butcher will be a Raptor.

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Since you got almost all of the bonuses active anyway, the only difference is the bank. In a more active guild you could ask for certain cards if you needed any of them, and now you (presumably) only have what's in it to work with.

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