thursday 11/07/2013

Qorah to Deea and maybe you would prefer Cyb Lhia to C Wing

wednesday 10/07/2013

tuesday 09/07/2013

Hey guys, i want to get myself a deck that is able to top 1300+.
I havent played UR in a while so pls help me out. I have about 80k clintz and clans i like are piranhas, nightmares and vortex. I also kinda like the mexicans. In the end, i think i would play anything!

The Game > Game Modes > ELO > Format Election.
You gain votes based on your previous week's ELO standing.

monday 08/07/2013

Huracane New clan is great for elo.

Yo need to buy Sasha:

A deck: Sasha, Milton [Redra], Sandro, Plunk, Deebler (you need at least a reductor) [Chiara Cr], Snowflake, Manfred [Dr. Falkenstein], Minerva [Michael].

Card you can play [Card recommended].

Just for informations. I stopped playing with my last fight being played on thursday with 1314 elo.
You finished 845th out of 8496 players with ELO 1302.

And the -points I had Thursday: nothing Friday: -2 points 1312 elo Saturday -4 points 1308 elo Sunday -6 points 1302 elo.

So if you want to end your elo week on thursday 1312 elo is enough to have 1300 still on sunday without playing.

It is also achievable to get 1400 in ELO with mono La Junta. I know several players who have done it. Personally, I had reached high 1300s with it. Of course with the arrival of some of the newer cards like Raven.

sunday 07/07/2013

Ludmilla are you kidding me lol

Stacey! She's a real beast especially if you need to take down your opponent's five star beasts.

thursday 04/07/2013

Actually the first candidate for replacement here would probably be Eggman, for something like Nyema for more assured healing, but I can't quite pinpoint why exactly Eggman has been very effective in this deck.

I'd actually hate to see a support card for junkz. The entire clan is built around amazing abilities, and their ability to be played in mono and half decks with virtually no change in strategy. Adding a support card (in my opinion) would ruin that vibe.

tuesday 02/07/2013

I understand your feelings, there are days when I want to rage-quit and forget about UR.

I'd suggest changing your mentality a little bit from "I want to win" to "I want to learn." Take the losses as a way to learn about your deck, and move on. If you feel your deck is not good, then maybe you should take a look at your play-style; perhaps it's a matter of you using a deck that doesn't match up with you.

What kind of deck are you using now?

Nice deck. smiley

And then El Gascaro was banned lol.

I suspect the red faces are from the people who read face everything smiley

I think the decks good. smiley

monday 01/07/2013

Rad is easily the best 5 Star
SOB is more important to me than some pill manip in a clan weak to it
Thorpah vs Ayah is once again a matter of utility.
People can usually accurately gauge how many pillz you will put down on say Thorpah but Ayah
Ayah is a whole nother story as to when she comes out and how to stop her. Her synergy is incredible and she opens up more pathways than Thorpah ever could.

sunday 30/06/2013

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