saturday 17/10/2009

Thats very cheap like free or just a few 100 clintz

friday 16/10/2009

Probably what flame_evo said and necro, i believe that when the opponent furys in the last round the pills don't show 0 they still just show 3 but dont quote me on that.

I've been having a blast for the past couple of weeks playing Greem based decks, pilling a silly amount turn 1 and winning.
Sure I lose too

Do what Tyrell said and you'll have a great deck.smiley
Askai is great, he/she/it really is but i still prefer Ongh. You sholud try both and see which do you find better.

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thursday 15/10/2009

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Hi, smiley
I made this bangers/fang pi clan deck :
Its not very good atm thats why i need some help smiley

I was thinking to change the following characters:
Hattori>Kuei (cost about 5800)
Plaatona>Shogunn or Blaaster (cost about 1600/8000)
and maybe:
Benie> BBall (cost about 850)
Loocio>Juicy Lord (cost about 3800)

I dont have much Clints so dont comment with high prised cards(100k+).


don't forget to commentsmileysmiley

I send you a PM read it and answer.

Pah, tell that to guys that win 30-ish points for every 11 I win at the tournaments! O.o'

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Shqwa thats a nice deck. i like the piranas esp.

You get:
Level 5: Timber
Level 10: Vansaar
Level 15: Hugo
Level 20: Bridget
Level 25: Ashigaru
Level 30: Eyrik
Level 35: Ambre
Level 40: Eklore
Level 45: Morphun
Level 50: Vholt

Alright thanx. I actually spent about 8k on Ghumbo and Naginata for now so i can do type 2 tourneys but ill definately try out that team.

Could anyone give anything a little better than that?

Well something totally amazingly awesome cant be brought for 600c but you can get a few nice things, ofc it depends on what clan your going to play.

Anyway with no information about what clan your picking im gonna give 2 suggestions and tell why.

first of all i guess you want something at your level that is.

1: high stared and with the stats to match the high stars
2: worth using also at later levels - preferably a stable card(a card that has no obvious replacement in its clan).
3: in a clan that have some popularity in ELO, DT or survivor

First suggestion would be:

Lou - she is a 5 star and got the stats to match it and is the 2nd best 5 star of the roots, she do cost 680c but you should be able to get the last 80 im sure. She is replaced later in the game by shakra but he is banned often so even when your level 30+ she is handy to own. Roots aren't that popular anymore but the SOA bonus is still awesome. Also the other cards of the roots are cheap as well

Kristin and Sliman - okay sliman isn't usable later in the game but he is still a freaking tank at level 12 and that at the price of 400c. Kristin on the other hand is by many considered the best 4 star for the piranas! and that at the price of only 300c!!!! perhaps the most underpriced card on the market atm. Also piranas have been a popular clan for a long time. Piranas are pricy though.

last word: if you wanna go ELO fast then roots is the clan. Just get Noodile, Rico, Yookie and Miken Moose.

They both have their strengths and weaknesses, edd has SOB which means he can take down rescue and power clans with ease, but his ability is courage meaning opp will see it coming so often I use him no ability. donnie is similar but is more centered on dmg rather than taking down opp, like edd his ability is also predictable so ppl will see it coming. The thing which makes the choice for me is the fact that edds ability can be used in 1 of the last 2 rounds, but donnies ability is useless if opp life is too low. Thats why I prefer edd, edd can also be a greater bluff with 1 or 2 pillz played and is great with hugo. If I where using hugo, I'd try both but I prefer edd.

wednesday 14/10/2009

Freaks are tricky because their bonus doesn't tweak attack or power. The basic strategy is to get a bonus hit through, defend and final round kill if you have to. Grudj is heavily used because if the Pillz return and the 8 power. Bogdan will probably see a ton of freaks decks once the price goes down. Life gain and damage prevention are also in a LOT of freaks decks.


About 45k, so it's not cheap, but it can get 10+ wins.

Agreed - The term "friends" should be mutual. Then the term "followers" for all other.

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