tuesday 20/10/2009

K just wasn't sure about wendel as I'll have 2 Courage

deleted made with the advice of TnT_Wazzupz

I want to run a deck with those two clans. Mainly to test my newly bought Nahi Cr. I've got all Freaks (crs too) and Amanie, Arno, Jeena, Jerry, Lou, Nahi Cr, Noodile, Rico, Shakra and Yookie from Roots. I've made this one deck: Fairy Tale but i'm not sure about it. Is there any improvments? Olga, Nahi cr are must_be there for me!

Thanks for the search and find Memento.
Narrows it down a little...

When the lottery came up all common cards where wiped from the market, that's why their price have been a bit crazy.

For Montana, yes, it would be best to invest in more 4 stars. However, some other clans have absolutely amazing 2 stars, which lets you build some imba decks (I won against a hand of 3 4*s and 1 3* with a hand of 3 2*s and 1 3* once. It was totally awesome and netted me something like 30 BP in one battle XD

How is it not?

I have Caelus, but I'm against another Caelus with an cards that work against him. But having Caelus in the deck doesn't mean it's not anti.

If you already have Emeth why would you have another 5*? obviously Bryan

That is true Gambit. From what I see the new cards that are released in the same clan the price rises. And then every other clans price drop

I agree with wildfire slyde would be better than bobby

What is a good clan to go half deck with Montana? High dmg?

monday 19/10/2009


I'm working with that right now for DTs type 1, been getting in the top 100 but not as high as i would like. It seems that SoA decks kills me a bit too much but i'm not sure how to fit in cards like glosh into the mix. I dont particularly like beverly because even with ability she's still only 6 power whereas i can use anita as a 7 power wall even without ability

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Thanks. i always wondered why dj korr never got in the lists

Shann is more often used in monodecks, she is kinda predictable in a 2/2 or 1/3 hand.

Ye UM Buchha he is but i thought on someone that would have the trick when u cut through a box and in it is a human that comes out unharmed in his art because ironfield has just birds and nothing else on his art. And also All stars could use a swimmer.

I prefer randy, my friend prefer robb
which one do you ilke, more power or more damage?

randy can be used for two hit KO with striker (withiout fury)
and, randy can safe you many times with his 6 damage
6 damage at level 3 and can be really scary at the same time is rarely seen
the problem is, randy cannot handle low power, with +/- attack card or low power with + power in ability
I can say for sure he will have a big problem against copper

robb, on the other hand, offer you a very good chance to win a round
7 power become 2 is quiet impressive, use 2 pillz and most likely you win
but that he will be a randy with less damage when being hitted by SOA

Don is good
Enzo is greater
Fabio is best

That's just my playstyle as I prefer power manipulation over poison/high power

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