monday 05/10/2009

I could do that too.

Loma Noju's ability is quite nice though. Good idea Chaos smiley

If you think a bout it the 7/7 ot hit 8/5 there about the same if your down to 5 or 6 pills an other has like 6 or 7 pill eklore has higher chance of maken the kill an havey damigesmiley

smiley so far the highest % of players un ur is no random so if you wont a large veriaty in players play no random

Ya well i just got Leviatonn (R) in a booster pack smiley

Generally to prove a claim like this you would post a copy of your battle history which can be found by clicking on your profile, then 'battle history' and copying and pasting here...

Missing one thing guys the +2 HP and the min 1, thats what makes Sylth better than Greem, or any other poison for me. I have always played poison and i still believe its worst than 1HKO, since when you get 1HKO = next game, you'll get over it, but with poison you see your HP go low and you open up a whole new range of KO combinations, couple with DR your opponent would just wish you'd end his misery but with sylth its more devastating you get this minimum one,these huge chunks of HP drifting away from you each round and to top it all the life gap that Jungo provides. i seldom end my round with a KO while using my Jungo deck. i just watch people pilling for their after i have inflicted poison thinking that i would KO them. with a poisoned opponent even pegh is a threat! now redra can't compete with that!

Man, I drool at the amount of cards you have :F
Damage Reducer, Stop Ability/Stop Bonus/Confidence/Revenge, Don't you have any of these cards?
If your losing even with the good cards, then maybe take a break for a bit, relax your brain so you can think better when it counts.

Elo in the mornings, and afternoon, and a little evening. Once it hits 9-10 pm for me, most of the good survivor elo players go to sleep, and I go in for the pickings. My only problem is that my mind stops thinking correctly past 11 smiley

I wish I had the money for Jay or Chiara smiley

Shann i always win with her but it wouldn't kill if her damage was higher

Ulu Watu/Bangers
piranas/ nightmares

are the same bounes but diffrent clans
may be the rest will have new clans with same bounes kind gives players more way to be diffrent

sunday 04/10/2009

What does that mean?

Please coment end vote green face plz dt´s a matar xDsmiley
we recruting players lvl 45 our + to the guild guild:664964 thanks

I'd either swap betty - wanda 1* and noemi - charlie max or swap ella - wanda 1* and noemi - charlie 4*. Pussycats are made to be used unleveled

I don't use eklore because morphun works better for me. As has been stated previously, he has higher power and eklore has a min. For me though, morphun is also more flexible, eklore takes 1 pill away till opp hits 5, morphun has other options. For example morphun can be used to play an extra pill each round on cards (kinda works like a hugo), he can be used to stack pills and play on a specific card or he can be used to play extra pills 1st or 2nd round and gain them back. Not to mention using him with cards that have +/- pill abilities. These are just a few reasons why morphun is my favourite leader.





Remain the same


I need ratings and suggestions, this is for an event I'm entering tomorrow, and I'll probably use it when I play ELO also[which isn't very often, I'm more a survivor.]

I don't think so the no ability gives cards there own unique well i was going to say ability but meh

cards with no ability are good for SOA , Event ideas , and great themselfs

Some cards would be overpowered with abilitys and i think that having no ability cards are great because it makes it funnier since your not always going to use an ability.

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