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monday 02/11/2009

Caelus is VERY good, it's true. However, I feel that his unbanning, along with Copper's, was a nice shakeup. Honestly, I'd rather see smokey banned more, because I despise pill manipulation (just my thing). Caelus tends to lose whenever I've seen him, due to the fact that I tend to use all-stars, and their bonus puts him on equal terms anyways, not counting kang or (if you're really weird) frank. I agree that DR's don't really counter 8 damage nukes that well, but use your imagination instead of screaming at the computer when he shows up. Plan to counter him with attack manipulation, or use a power reducer (trish, kang, platinum and I think tula eat him, among others, plus good complete stoppers). If you've got a nuke waiting, you could even straight up let him through (yes, that's workable, if you keep your head screwed on straight).

Perhaps I'm biased, because my preferred clan counters caelus pretty directly, but I think it's fun to screw with people's 'omg easy ELO' decks sometimes. That being said, I still think him and copper are headed straight for perma-ban land, but I definitely wouldn't complain if they were still around smiley

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btw i dont have a rolph rate smiley

wee lee

Damage is the most important fact of the game, lets say your hand is packed with full foward power! Yes, Ottavia/Spiahgi/B Ball/Graff for the Win! Then your opponent hits you with something like Caelus/Tomas/Griezzo, with a single card you have been pushed to the very edge

Higher Damage card are risky, yet is much the most precise way to win, even though power shouldn't be overlooked indeed

@Yami Prem, This is the deck I used. Marky Mark!
I find eklore works best with atk clans and piranas. The atk clans add to pill reduction and piranas hve their own reduction and pill gain. Especially with hawkins for example, eklore has a min. reducton of 5, but after you get to 5, hawkins can take opp to 3. Then theres also dalhia and smokey. With the atk clan, It makes the opp have to pill to get over the atk, and they lose a pill to eklore. junkz also have some pill cards, so they're worth a try.

Ok, I don't have to reply but I want to. Firstly, so now your not talking about T1? Maybe you need to be more specific if you want ppl to actually understand what your talking about. Secondly jackie is staff banned so the comparison is irrelevant, by not being specific in what type your talking about is misleading as you now say your not talking about ELO or T1. And finally no I don't prefer offence over defence, I just notice that more ppl use mindy in most of the battles I've had. Some of them may prefer offence over defence, but theres too many reasons it would only be guessing as to why they use them. Maybe it's because mindy has been cheap for quite a while and been around longer than pegh, maybe they use a 1/2 deck with better DR, at the end of the days who knows. I'm just speaking from my battles.

sunday 01/11/2009

In case copper gets banned change sentinel for junkz : gibson , rowdy , gil , veenyle

Azel to azgroth the poison from azel forces it to be played early and is predictable but azgroth can take down more cards and is more consistent even against SoA

To sell Dorian, Nellie, and Tyler from Uppers to have enough money to get Bloodh from Piranas.
Uppers was my 2nd deck after Montana and I don't really use it anymore. Now I'm more Gheist and Piranas.

I didn't think this should go in sales and auctions since I'm not selling anything yet, just wondering if I should. But do you guys think this is a good idea? Also, I'll buy any value card for the minimum 50 clints in a private sale if you guys are feeling helpful smiley

Ultimate Attack Elo [PS]

Its a Hugo/Montana deck and it's only 12k. smiley

My Top 5 Are

Lyse Teria Cr
Jackie 3*
Vickie Cr 3*
Yayoi 3*

But thats just me. smiley

Your topic isn't about "Strategy and Tactics" either..

It's just a bit hypocritical in my opinion..


Switch Dayton for the 3*DR.

Hope this is good enough

I agree with Denials and all the noobish posts that Caelus and Copper ought to be perma-banned. Reasons being that people, and a LOT of people, go to the extent of creating specific Skeelz/Sentinel decks just to fit those two cards into it when they're unbanned. They're practically the only two cards everyone saw!

Thinking about the last set of perma-bans, people did not make specific decks to fit in the likes of Hawk or Ratanah. Yes they were undoubtedly great cards, but no more than great, not overpowered. They couldn't win games on their own. I have 1300 ELO this week so I didn't suffer from the CC combination too badly, but in one game when I was around 1100 or so I actually won 3/4 rounds against a guy using Skeelz, inflicted a total of 9 damage in those rounds, only for my opponent to use 0 pillz in all three of those rounds and fury Caelus in round 4 for an easy win. I mean wtf, the game's just broken when you can do that in ELO tbh. It takes literally no skill. And Hawk and Ratanah could never do that.

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Pussycats if you can afford a famously unbalanced deck - something like this would be good:

Wanda 1*
(Charlie if unbanned)

and maybe something like

idk, you get the jist anyway.

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