friday 02/10/2009

Half deck Gheist sounds better for me.

I do agree with your point regarding Rolph and Toros weakness. Both of them are designed to fight high pill rounds or you are only counting on bluff. So against top attack manipulators there will be some troubles.

a good example:
Toro+Rolph vs nellie+Dorian: Neither Rolph nor Toro is ready to win Dorian with same pills except thats more than 10, and nellie can fight Toro well until both sides invest more than 5 pills. Even Ruby can do the same like nellie.

uppers side has also more damage than gheist, so If you start the 3rd round with 10 vs.10 Life with Pills under 7 vs. 7, its already a sure win for uppers.

Toro+Rolph is good when fighting against attack maipulators with low damage since in that case you will get more room for bluffs anyway.

Its good to build a deck with outstanding pros like "bluff or 2HKO" tactic, but if you are looking for a more stable deck you should consider limiting its cons too IMO.

Oops forgot to mention piranas-for pill manip and good low star cards

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I have a mono Piranas deck. ive been trying 2 think of a second deck 2 make. ive been playing 4 about 2 weeks now and im doing pretty good with my piranas deck. i just want 2 invest on a second deck.
i tryed the freaks and the Sakrohm but they are not working out for me. ive gotten used the prianas SOB skill.
ill appericate any tips or advice, thanks

Well bangers are not so powered, I mean yeah blaaster, vermyn and boodenpower are impressive, but they lack on bluffs and on low pillz fight.

Take mona, jackie or any attck reducer, you put 1 or 2 pillz and the other has to put more to just pair with him. Or you just simply throw a dmg reducer to stop bangers.

And I disagree with you about a new comer, you don't need to have high clintz to get on a decent position in TDs, you just need to be smart. I'm was running montana/all stars, which the cost wasn't so much(marina and mona being the highest) and I got to the 32nd once and many other a little above 50th

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Well to play in the market you almost need to be 24/7 here or being really lucky, also high speed connection and you need to react fast.

A friend of mine got jackie for 1000 clintz for example, once I saw a rubie for 200 clintz and once i sold my ratanah for 300 clintz, basically mistakes that you need to cath quickly. And it could be also buying low selling high but I have never been accurated on that

thursday 01/10/2009

@shinboo, it's called random....

If I were you I wouldn't even bother with events. From my experience they are corrupt in favour of the creator. One time the creator of an event I was playing in gained enough points to win without playing enough games to actually get that amount of points. And he got a jackpot of something like 50-100K clintz. No one else stood a chance. smiley

I thought confident worked if a card when first an revange works if a card on your team loses a round an the next card you have to play is revange to get that bounes ability.


Death upon pussy cats hahaha KON death upon pussy stikin with Wolf's sugestion thanks

"Arno (U),Rico (U),Yookie (C),Noodile (C)
11* stars."

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In the question of unagi or Sakazuki

unagi is 4/4 pow = pow
Sakazuki is 6/2 + 2 damage

I would say unagi is best as he can fight cards like kolos and Slyth with equal power and Sakazuki will have to have his ability and bonus to meet the damage of Unagi.Sakazuki does have 6 power always but ive been fighting alot more pow=pow cards now... and with unagi if he fights lets say randy w/bonus

Unagi = 4/6
randy = 4/6

but if it was Sakazuki

Sakazuki = 4/6
Randy = 6/6

and i haven't seen alot of SOA atm just their counters (Skeel,Stop ect)

but i would change Fei to Kati if u don't have anyother SOA as SOA is a good idea in any deck and Fei is a bit overthought since his min 6 isn't really as helpful since he is 6 power himself.

Hope this helped smiley

Also i say the 1st one is best smiley

This player asked for some advice from more experienced players. His question wasn't ridiculous, he received some interesting answer from helpful and mature players.
Bashing this player who just asked for help IS the pathetic thing.

I lock this post to stop this shameful attack.

Thats bad...

Here is something better:

Prince Jr

Can't afford Vern.... Blaaster ate my clintz x.x

I'm sure Nubamaru will love this card smiley

I'm trying to win survivor to get money to buy blaaster. the deck i going to get is this shann, blaaster, fifty, bondenpower, loccio, lennox, willy, vermyn and anber not shoggan because of soa. is this a good idea

wednesday 30/09/2009

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