wednesday 30/09/2009

My dream deck is all of those but there a lennox and shogunn is replaced by fifty

Well a gheist and montana is a good deck combo
but gheist alone is awsome

You're only level 10, FREAKING USE HAWK!!!! Indeed his elo banned because his so damn powerful but you will have so much more fun playing with him in type 1 in the mean time as you're not even eligible to play elo.

tuesday 29/09/2009

I think it's good but i don't know much.

Lolly and Peeler.

None of them are bad choices though, it comes down to personal preference.

Yeah but Gibson stops all those cards completely plus his 8 extra attack.

Like I said, there's nothing really replacable. If you can't fit Rowdy and Gibson together than I don't suggest using Junkz because they have the best 12* deck or even 13* but I always recommend them both together.

Or I mean unless your using a 5*.



Gheist kill Junkz. That's what I have learned in Elo. Junkz are good with their abilities, and Gheist stop them all and deal great damages.
In other hand, Gheist lose to Roots and Skeelz but Junkz have more chances to win against them.
So, this two clans are powerful in their own cases. In mono, Junkz are good, but in duo I'll prefer Gheist. If you want to try duodeck with this clans, try this: Raging goblin. )

I would say teh 50 cause you got a realy high chance of geting a realy good rare cards or you get a great u card

the 20 i say new blood

Then it wouldn't be ELO viable though smiley

Montana + Hugo
You should find a decent deck for less than 10k
I also suggest you to play no random to train the "real game"

Gheist - Nightmare (OHBOY)

I find this deck pretty solid.

T2 Deck suggestion
Miss Chloe

The link is not working..

Yeah, the new Combat Screen threw me off for a few rounds. Personally I like the old one better, and there should be an option to switch between the two, but the new one has bigger + - pillz button, which I dig smiley

monday 28/09/2009

Get Don (U) and Fabio (U) for the montana if you want a type 2 deck

Poor for DTs imo, because aside from Uranus I can't see you winning with any other low-star card in that deck smiley

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I use a 1,250+ Elo deck with Junkz/Skeelz

Detetion v3

There's 2 other versions there as well.

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