friday 25/09/2009

Not really its just that u guys cant click proprely ... smiley

Actually, I change decks if 1) key cards get banned, and they often do, b) if the deck starts to bore me, or III) if a deck isn't working out for me. I don't worry about losing money, I collect and currently have all non-CR cards plus several of the CRs. I see your point on getting used to the deck, though.

thursday 24/09/2009


these perest i think rocks out load but i would like your opion

Thx for the advice.

Maybe it's just me, but I kinda like Taham a bit over Peeler as the 5 star. It'd still leave you with 2 solid damage reducers, and give you another big powered guy that can manipulate pills.

Http:// please comment on the preset. I know it's not great but I want some feedback.

Ewwww, no!

Just balance your deck! You have four 2*s! How are you going to win if you draw that worst hand with no attack manipulation? You need to balance it out so you don't have mostly 5* and 2* cards.

It got deleted i didnt know till now?

Well first of all you have to play in elo in order to gain votes for you to cast. is the site for you to know how many votes you get for how many points you get. Then you go to THE GAME and click on ELO Click Elo formation election. top right of page should tell you how many votes you have left to cast. Hope that helped

Well my main deck is basically the same as yours and i met the exact same paradox. As it is now montana haven't got a 5 thats really worth using in ELO considering the star cost(my opinion at least) and hugo goes very well with the montanas.

Hugo is probably as it is better in a mono montana deck in ELO than any of their 5 stars but if you want one i would go with Fabio. Personally i switch between the two of them depending on my mood or play style.

Sometimes it can be annoying afterall to use 5 stars on a card who alone is only 7/5 with half the attack manipulation of the rest of your cards. It is fun to draw a 5 star powerhouse though the difference from the montana's 5 and 4 stars isn't that big.

I say if you have Fabio try replacing Hugo to see if it suits you better, if you don't then just stick to Hugo.

Btw mono montana decks are winner decks, had mine not that long and gotten to 1300+ several times, whether using Fabio or Hugo it owns smiley

I ment he jeez i realy hate this key bordsmiley

Yea i heard that happend but i only buy 1 of each an i have notice one just one pattern with all clans is the leader usaly becomes a cr. is that normal cause all but piret one leader is a cr when i say leader i mean the card that had made the clan.

wednesday 23/09/2009

Its a nice deck. Only thing I would say is it seems to be missing a sacrificial DR - I mean if your opponent plays a card like Sledg, you wouldn't want to throw Peeler away with no pillz would you? So for that reason I might change Gil to Veenyle in this case

There are a couple of possible answers to this one. If the attack is equal in non-random, the card with fewer stars will win. If both cards have the same number of stars and the attack is the same than the attacking card (card played first in the round) will win.

Try Fei. Get him this firday when his price drops 1-1.2k. His price will go up long after he leaves new blood
Milton whiles 100 clintz. I feel he will be worth waaaaaay more than 100 clintz
Arkn. His price is slowly going up
Jay. If im not mistaken he's out of the new blood pack this week... give it time and his price may go up

This is just my opinion, though. smiley

tuesday 22/09/2009

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