monday 28/09/2009

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I use a 1,250+ Elo deck with Junkz/Skeelz

Detetion v3

There's 2 other versions there as well.

Please Rate Green and Comment.
Its almost at 1000...Help me get it to 1000.
Pure 8 power.

I use my cards based on bonus and ratio of power and damage. also Nightmare and GHEIST go well together.


^rate please. thanks.

In the last tournament I finsished ith a score of 1225. Even though that tournament is over, my score is still 1225 and when i do a fight it doesnt change. Can anyone help with this?

Why not just take a screen shot?

Well, Kevin's kinda like Jenny but with an ability.

Yup click on XXX friends then the thing chrizzie said

sunday 27/09/2009

Wicked-looking deck!

Maybe Sasha to Redra though?

Play fast, play well, and beat high starred cards with low starred cards.

Try to keep your deck hovering around 26/27/28*s

At this moment in time, there is no official way to trade.

But in order to swap one card for another you must:

Pm the player who wishes to trade with you.
Get him/her to send the card(s) to you via private sales for 50 clintz (or more if needed)
You then sell the card(s) to him via private sales.

Alough this procedure requires lack of trust with the person you are trading with,
If you do not trust the playe rentirely, i would reccommend a Mod trade, where instead of sending the cards to the player your trading with, you both send the card(s) to a moderator, and he will then sell them on.
Make sure you infrom the moderator of whats happening first smiley

Hope this helped! smiley

Wow, 400 presets is something to be proud of. smiley

This is more a request than anything else, But i absolutely hate it when i find my friends have bombarded the events i joined. At times i search high and low for good events, i check all message boards, transalate them, and join any good events. I join, then when i check the event 10 minutes later, i find half my friends list in it.

I would highly reccommend a new option in the news feed -

-I want those people who have added me to their list of friends to be informed when i join an Event

Post your opinion here, thanks smiley

Nice man

And remember, Miss Chloe > Chloe.

ibtd posts = win.

Can i ask more about the preset i have?

Comparing diff levels dosent work... But if you really gave to then Graksmxxt is the best than marina than mona.

Then maybe a no exp room would be an idea ;p

And no exp elo sounds nice too.

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