thursday 01/12/2016

SOB definitly is strong but I hate those power creeps the most.
Oshitsune prolly top of my list that needs a penality in nightmare, I dont know him and their DR's really piss me off.

saturday 22/10/2016

Your T2 deck should be 26* since your points per win is calculated 25 - (total number of stars in hand).

wednesday 19/10/2016

I dont recommend 3 x 4*! I like XU52 - Toro - Draheera - Llace 01 - Leviatonn - Mok - Arkn - Z3r0 D34d

It's really solid, pillz, revenge, power (The Big Cat and Toro) and damage on XU52 (that has an amazing combo with Llace 01) so yeah.

wednesday 12/10/2016

Is there anything? Hive can be good because of there bonus. I mean, there a mission like "Gather all your op 5* star and play dt and try to win one (as if possible smiley ). You can also use ambre or hugo to boost your chances of winning". Like shit almost every opponent I faced last DT T2 are using a gang of 5* + ambre/hugo.

friday 07/10/2016

Top 150 shows who gets tokenz.

thursday 08/09/2016

This tourney I won 500+ Clintz so it is random...

thursday 25/08/2016

Now i got Dr Elisa smiley
Thank you Mr Misko, DucDarkDemon, HipHoppa, NayrSlayer, StMichealD, SharkFun1664, LoD_Thunder, and Katinka Hoszu.
Thank you all for all the information and for all the help smiley smiley
This is my Deck !!! Finaly !!!!
Angelo, Carmine, Waller, Moses, Dr Elisa, Fairbanks, Desmond, Vermaire.
I am going to close this topic smiley smiley smiley smiley
Thank you very much every one and bye smiley smiley

monday 22/08/2016


Ayah, Brok, Friskah, Rad, Thorpah, Ymriah, Kalindra Cr, Suqi

wednesday 17/08/2016

La Junta = Boooom !!!

tuesday 16/08/2016

Wow considering this novice level i expect to face deadly Aldo along with no bonus and the beast globumm i aint go risk my clintz for that oh sorry (my time) lol

saturday 06/08/2016

Hello,I am looking for a deck/decks to pass Season 3 HQ 2 Arcade. Thanks to everyone.

^ If you're a noob what am I? smiley

monday 11/07/2016

Sahil i am laughing hard lmao smiley

friday 01/07/2016

9 messages

@HipHoppa for more solutions

tuesday 21/06/2016

Draheera , Toro, Methane, Rolph, Leviatonn, djengo , Arkn, , Z3r0 D34d

monday 20/06/2016

My Mystery Box seems to be stuck at 9/10 no matter which mode I win in. I tried this on the same acct. on the phone app but result is the same. Pls help

sunday 12/06/2016

@DanTe I disagree with the idea that Agustino is an exceptional card. Sure, it's easy to win a round with him, but with 2 damage it won't really matter.

saturday 04/06/2016

@masidu that means you are using cards that are penalized in DT , see this - in that group A -25 , group B and group C cards are the cards that are penalized , so if u use any one of them you will get negative points smiley , for more information pm me smiley

tuesday 24/05/2016

That's kind of bad and kind of good

thursday 19/05/2016

Haha I know, but something's weird. I love the fact I get so much clintz from two or three matches smiley

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