tuesday 06/11

1 Miss Twice Cr 0exp 2.3m/u still available

I dont need Death Wing now

Hey guys it's me again looking to acquire a DJ Korr Cr
If you have one to trade PM me I currently have 4 mil clintz and my collection value is around 80 mil I would like to tall business

Hi, i want to trade my bigs for mts and other cards above 1M

I have:
General Cr 0exp
Lyse Teria Cr 0exp
Guru Cr 0exp
DJ Korr Cr 0exp
2.5M clintz

And for now I want deals envolving at least 1 of this cards at any exp:
Cannibal Jo Cr
Kerozinn Mt
Nemo Mt

I evaluate everything at the current market prices
Send me your offers smiley

monday 05/11

I put all on the market, pm if interested smiley

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Sry, I have already done the trade smiley


Lamar Cr 0xp: 5m

Thanks smiley

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Just lock this and grave it.

I trade:
Manon Mt full exp 15m
Tessa Cr 0exp 3m

Looking for:
DJ Korr Cr 0exp/full 20m
General Cr 0exp/full 15m

Im selling my Berserkgirl Cr by 3.2M
Send me PM to negociate.

Looking to sell or trade my 0xp Lyse Teria Cr (18M)

Looking for
Kiki Cr (17M)
General Cr (15M)
Kerozinn Mt (8M)

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Sold, lock this and grave please.

Hi, I am currently looking for some Cr's and Mt's.
I have:

General Cr - 0 exp x1
No Love - 0 exp x1
Death Adder - 0 exp x1 - full exp x2
Moukrok - 0 exp x1 - full exp x3
Sylth Cr - 0 exp x1
Behemoth - 0 exp x1
Lady - 0 exp x2
These are some that I'm willing to trade right now, but if you have some other characters that you want, you can ask me and I'll see if I have them.

The characters I'm looking for are (any exp will do):

Dregn Mt - Priority
Nemo Mt
Kerozinn Mt
Kenny Mt
Alec Mt
Lamar Cr - Priority
Tanaereva Cr - Priority
Caelus Cr

For more detailed info just DM me. Thanks.

Im looking for any xp Jackie Cr, i offer for her:
1.1m cash
1 0xp Uchtul Cr


A novice wants to buy all kerrys and two days later she becomes cr. I want a moderador to look into this

sunday 04/11

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