wednesday 16/05/2018



sunday 06/05/2018

Thanks Turgoyak!
And nice stories everyone! I think Mata5's first story is my favorite as well.

saturday 28/04/2018

2 tickets left, you can also check on the prizes, but to tease you, winner gets to choose any card as a reward.

sunday 22/04/2018

Hi guys. I organize a new event : Valor . Please, join smiley

Phase 1: The Banquet (64 players => 48 players)
Format: God Of War
0 Pillz / 3 Life
Objective: discover the authorized cards and eliminate inactive players.
Individual rewards can be offered during this phase based on your won matches :
8 - 11 victories : Rockwall
12- 14 victories : El Divino
15 - 16 victories : Ironjaw
Organisation : 4 groups of 16 players/ 1 straight battle

Phase 2: Fire and blood (48 players => 16 players)
Format: God Of War
12 Pillz / 18 Lives
4 groups of 12 players. 3 straight battle. 1 to 2 weeks of play. The top 4 in each group go for the next round.

Phase 3: In Search of the Divine Hammer (16 players => 6 players)
Format: God Of War (Alternative): the remaining players will have the possibility to exclude some cards, which will be replaced by others.
12 Pillz / 17 Lives
2 groups of 8 players. 3 winning battles.
The top 3 in each group comes to the last phase.

Phase 4: Before the beginning (Final phase)
Format: God Of War (Alternative v2): the remaining players will have the possibility to exclude some cards, which will be replaced by others.
12 Pillz / 16 Lives
5 winning battles.

On screenshot proof, inactive players will be eliminated.

Final rewards :
1er - General Cr
2e - Sum Sam Cr
3e - Ymirah Cr
4e : Behemot + Jackpot
5e - 6e : Behemot

saturday 21/04/2018

Event for those who are members of our discord. deleted

The event won't last long, maybe 1-2 weeks but will have decent prizes. smiley

saturday 14/04/2018

tuesday 20/03/2018

smiley Thanks for offering this Puma!

saturday 10/03/2018

Yeah I received 10 bronze tokenz and 2500 clintz

thursday 08/03/2018

saturday 03/03/2018

Fresh-aladin wins the Ongh Cr!!!!
UltimateTop7415 wins a Doc Ollie
Mata95 wins a Timanov
UM-FlaWleSS wins a Pegh

Hope Ya'll enjoyed the lotto!

tuesday 20/02/2018

Soon you can read it in the official topic smiley

Only 1 more player needed to start smiley first come first serve smiley

sunday 18/02/2018

Sorry, I got a replacement a bit ago.

Not looking for replacements at the moment.

thursday 15/02/2018

Good luck with your event, whatever you choose it to be smiley

wednesday 31/01/2018

tuesday 30/01/2018

This is not prize, this is ours entry fees.

monday 22/01/2018

I wanna join! huhuhu

tuesday 16/01/2018

sunday 14/01/2018

I see market bigs in your event smiley you sure all of them are (needy)? lol

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