thursday 20/06

It's true you can't really avoid it now, but what makes the difference if it's full of stuff you don't want to see and don't look at it or empty and you don't look at it.

But to be clear I would like the difference between friends and following, I just don't get why you would empty it

tuesday 18/06

Perfect answers once again, thank you very much. The fact it is hidden in the tutorials makes some sense I still think a post/ page should exist to consult these type of details

saturday 15/06

And also... why would a lv 113 user would ask such a question smiley

You should have known by far how the game actually works.

Just like any other game that would allow you to skip with in-game cash to shorten the time to wait for

monday 10/06

3. Collector characters that have earned their mythic status

Nemo left Clint City and became cr 25 December 2017. Nemo was a special tribute card to a scriptwriter named Nemo that worked with staff and was a friend to staff. Nemo was first released as a special card in a pack were the credits spend on the pack was donated to the Centre Oscar Lambret. As community we ended up donating 6000 eruo.
( He was released in new blood but quickly became cr. )

Nemo Mt became mt the 31 January 2018 because of this. Nemo is bowing out. This tribute character will now move over to Mythic card status.

Dragan left Clint City the 23 Marts 2007 and became cr 31 Marts 2007 because of fowling thing. After 6 months of relentless struggle, Dragan (sentinel), Reine (Sakrohm), A Award (sakrohm) and skullface (sentinel) leave Clint City to join new adventures.

Dragan Mt become mt 12 November 2018 because of fowling reason. Dragan is a very special card, both in terms of the game's history and its distribution. This card, released straight from the SOLEIL editions, was supposed to be distributed as a limited edition, and because of this, our veteran from the Earth Alliance’s elite army corps should soon obtain his Mythical status!

saturday 08/06

Bought 148 credits(By watching ads)
Had 25.6M
Spent 56.2M
Collection Value 347M

thursday 06/06

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monday 03/06

If all the other information regarding volkan was misinformation, what are the chances of her not actually going cr on wednesday?

They are part of the game. But that doesn’t mean they should be used in lw. Lw is a card level mode, not a bp and clintz boosting mode

sunday 02/06

What a job, @dXm_Chemist ! It's a beautiful poem and I love how it's inspired or relates to a character from the game, this is a really cool concept for a fanart. People usually make draws or videos, but poems? That's cool smiley

wednesday 29/05

That is exactly why. Whenever you save a deck it saves the exact cards used for it and selling enough of them to get the preset under the minimum of 8 cards makes it invalid to be loaded in normal collection. As far as the game is concerned, you can't remake that specific deck anymore and deletes the saved preset.

You can still load the half-built decks into collection pro, however.

Is it also possible, that when we see the image of the card (when we flash over it) that we can see the amount / number of that card in our collection? smiley

tuesday 28/05

saturday 25/05

6 through 10 are all the best of all time
also, i wasnt joking, lots lots more chaosmemes plz

friday 24/05

Thanks again for all the positive feedback, got more request than i thought i would and it's really fun for me and cool to see people actually using their new avatar.
I made a (pretty messy) update with a few more examples, so people can maybe get a better idea of what to expect.
Some were requests and some i made just for fun. So if you like any of it or want anything else, just pm me. The quality and size varies, but there should be a button in the middle of this link to at least improve the quality.
Again, it's just for fun and i don't want/need any cards or clints.

thursday 23/05


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@ Izy7 - Been gone for years, I was really reliant on the home page feed when I started playing. Maybe i need to explore the site more.. smileysmiley

wednesday 15/05

The calimity Jane reference I mentioned, is purely based on two facts. One that chaos said in discord that Calamity is a reference to red dead. The second fact is that her new blood mission was called dead red

tuesday 14/05

I wonder, why is Dolores Boss semi-evo removed?
Can Staff return its semi-evo ability? I made a huge investment on this card for its semi-evo ability.
With all the new cards, it's semi-evo ability is not that strong for a 2*. Ty! smileysmileysmiley

Gj Rowdy! smiley
Where do you put the new clan? smiley

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