monday 21/01

Sure, it's true. xd But still it was funny for me to see coment with the same argumentation like mine above but from 2011/12.

saturday 19/01

That deck gonna get whooped eitherways , leader or no

Thank you fellas smiley

friday 18/01

Judge Lynch and Butcher Braxton both get wrecked by SOA.
Marshal Cr has Hawk level stats like Rowdy said. Good 5* but not OP
The only one left is Sentenza

tuesday 15/01

Both lyse Teria, guru and general were uncommons back in the day and korr and kiki were rare.

Fun fact guru and general became cr the same day as manon and Scarlett got released for a month.

Another fun fact. The big 5 became cr quickly after they all 5 was released to balance up the meta of the game.

sunday 13/01

I will say hold on to it. If General does become mt at some point soon. Then he will be almost impossible to buy from the market, since his price will mostly likely become double the price or even triple the price.

A good advice to get quick money is to either play survivor or dt.

friday 11/01

I can live without secure trade because of protection provided by staff and coverage of messages about trade details but the auctions was cool interactive thing that make me checking the website offers for every 1 hour to catch a good offer.
It would be very nice improvement if they would bring it back.

tuesday 08/01

1. No
2. No
3. Yes I've seen 1-2 rivals that used it. I've been quite active in the recent weeks.
5. My opinion: The pack is overpriced considering it was a "free" feature back in the day. 2 rares out of 10 didn't cut it for me either

monday 07/01

I have encountered this bug before. Can be a bit annoying at times but regardless it is what it is. At least for me, I haven't lost 1 or 2 credits due to this bug

Pericles: He has some aspects of Bioshock antagonist, Andrew Ryan, in him as well.

Dr Web LD: Her name comes from the Russian anti-virus service, Dr. Web.

sunday 06/01

Yeah, i got Nega D all wrong.

Well, Lydia could be both of those, they are very similar.
Thanks! smiley

Matilda is reference to Leon? I think Magnolia is a reference to that movie actually

saturday 05/01

As a GHEIST main, ">Mudster. People usually doesnt see his ability -1 Opp Life Point min 0 coming, especially after I dropped their health to 1 and see they hopelessly accept their faith when I pulled my Mudster.

friday 04/01

You can see in your history page if your cards got sold and to whom you sold it
you can go to your history page via market
maybe you forgot you sold them

thursday 03/01

Or if anyone perfers i can agree to sell my Nemo Mt for 3.675M clintz. smiley

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wednesday 02/01


He has a family izy smiley

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