monday 07/08/2017


saturday 05/08/2017

" Could it be abused, though? Like buying a fully levelled card, unlevelling it and then re-selling it for more $$$?"
It would either be abused, or it would crash the market for 0xp cards. But that's easily fixed by capping the downgrading to the last full starcount.

wednesday 02/08/2017

Oh okay. Thank you.

thursday 27/07/2017

5/6 Sob montana is very nice. People love to use christelle, she's a christelle clone.

Personally I dislike Deborah and Mercury, not my flavour of cards.

I assume tou don't have the ridiculously op lois?

sunday 23/07/2017

@19 jimboultra is like the only remaining, active player from there smiley
Also it's pretty hard to argue with advice from Tiny Glitch smiley

friday 21/07/2017

This is the deck I'm currently using. Should I swap out any of the cards?

friday 14/07/2017

Weak opponents with op decks

friday 07/07/2017

Couldnt have said it better Jouki Boy.smiley And you didnt even use a litte bit of sarcasm smiley

wednesday 28/06/2017

That would work better I think, but I still prefer the current system.
Except that they should permaban the 5* Big 5s, and stupidly annoying cards who are already restricted to Danger Zone (because it makes the first weeks so darn hard to play in). Cards like Uranus, Graks, etc...

wednesday 14/06/2017

I switched Mona and Vickie for Iris Morana and Edd ... there not allowed in the next stage of efc...

oh angelo? yeah thanks

wednesday 31/05/2017


Oops, thanks for correcting me. But the whole point of this thread is so that if anyone realizes that a card everybody uses is soon leaving Z palace, they can warn the rest of us here.

thursday 25/05/2017

It's a leftover artefact from the times of old elo that hasn't been sorted out, most likely due to how rarely the narrowest screen size is used.

wednesday 24/05/2017

Thanks for the update Izy7!
I noticed HD_BossKilla7 just posted on the Staff Updates called EFC: Second Season
He talks about a couple of the issues of the first season I would recommend checking that out to anyone who hasnt.

monday 22/05/2017

Hey Rowdy, thanks!

Dylan for Nolan? Unless you don't want to have two Reprisal: cards.

saturday 20/05/2017

I have a theory of EFC matchmaking system:
You ask for an opponent (quick fight or play again buttons).
Your encounter will be found from top to down of the available players list which are in search of an opponent
Then, on the next fight will occur from down to top of list, followed by top-down, and so on.
The image below explain that. Z palace, C. ring, Z palace, C. ring, Z palace, EFC tower, C. ring, Z palace, EFC ring, Z palace, Polit arena.

Someone please let me know if this stupid system change someday because it doesnt seem attractive to me waste hours and hours of my week jsut to stay at the very same position or fall insanely down to make newcomers happy (just for the moment because when they reach some significant score they will suffer this).


wednesday 17/05/2017

Here lies another thread with Death complaining smiley
C'mon dude, give it a rest. It's starting to get boring and irritatingly repetitive.

tuesday 16/05/2017

Kid... I closed that thread...


no you don't owe me anything famalam. I do this out of the goodness of my heart darling. I could leave if you want, but deep down we all know I am the shitposter we need but don't deserve.


Funny just as I was about to send them I got BLed for 2 weeks. Im legit, but I told you my PMs were empty when I got back amigo. The reason I bring it up tho is cuz that's how members were when I was there. Tbqhwy fam I doubt any admins tried to drain the swamp since then, so I just assume it's the same.


Numbers are so high because they killed so many other game modes so people are forced in. If staff were to break down the numbers honestly you'd see a different story than what you think is happening. I've said it before: EFC is a cash grab with no competitive substance so it'll bite the dust in time. I also play, but very rarely because imho (Gunner don't ban) the game from long ago > game now.

wednesday 10/05/2017

What's also nice about that deck is that it will probably do well in daily tournaments (if you replace Mim with someone like Hector) and is a great starting point for Raptors as a whole. Also, whenever she pops up again, try to get Chopper Ld to replace Ratchek as she is almost strictly better.

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