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thursday 31/10/2013

thursday 10/10/2013

Deck deleted; thread closed.

wednesday 09/10/2013



thursday 03/10/2013

I don't like it.

monday 23/09/2013

wednesday 18/09/2013

Stickos Mutant members use General Cr all the time. To be honest, that's their only saving grace to average 500-600 DM a week, when I was able to achieve the same scores with decks that cost 50,000 clintz to 300,000 clintz in the past.

saturday 07/09/2013

smiley too bad flavio wasnt appreciated and got deleted smiley

monday 26/08/2013

345 in Coliseum this weekend with the above deck smiley

22:29 Coliseum you narrowly escaped from Rufustafurus (1-0): 345 points
22:21 Coliseum you beat -LA-greg7802, Les Larmes des Anges (7-0): 330 points
22:14 Coliseum you crushed Afonso_962, heavy metal and rock (10-0): 315 points
21:58 Coliseum you crushed cwestru (12-0): 0 points
21:54 Coliseum you beat OTOMO (7-0): 285 points
12:02 Coliseum you were annihilated by 0 Zaida-252, Desobediencia civil (0-15): 270 points
11:50 Coliseum you beat mamaxl (7-0): 270 points
11:43 Coliseum you crushed Flaviomds, The Infinite Shoeblack (11-0): 255 points
11:35 Coliseum you crushed MISTERLUKA, Lords Of Darkeness (15-0): 240 points
11:30 Coliseum you beat Sheiky00, the legend of elo (9-0): 225 points
11:25 Coliseum you were annihilated by Ranmayasha, Raven's Crew (0-15): 210 points
10:50 Coliseum you crushed Dante (, [•Clintz City•] (15-0): 210 points
10:44 Coliseum you beat PA Goku, Piratas do Atlântico (8-0): 195 points
10:38 Coliseum you lost against LH_Emperor, Last_Heroes (2-9): 0 points
10:35 Coliseum you crushed supremoDC, Silenoz ICS (15-0): 0 points
10:31 Coliseum you lost against mr stres, UNION OF THE SUPREMES (0-9): 165 points
10:23 Coliseum you crushed fastdeath001, Chidori Nagashi Guild (15-0): 165 points
10:17 Coliseum you crushed hblockx (10-0): 150 points
10:08 Coliseum you crushed zeukeke (12-0): 135 points
10:05 Coliseum you crushed FBPlayer-244467 (15-0): 0 points
09:59 Coliseum you won by forfeit against Dreghn, [[DragunsTime]] (12-7): 105 points
09:50 Coliseum you beat SrBurger, °°Instituto Imperial Excalibur°° (6-0): 90 points
23:46 Coliseum you crushed riBBoNpk (15-0): 75 points
23:41 Coliseum you were annihilated by 0 Albert RM, Raven's Crew (0-11): 60 points
23:38 Coliseum you were annihilated by 3vO_Enigma, NΞoN Ξvolution (0-15): 60 points
23:35 Coliseum you crushed UW_Lion_Heat, Oº°‘¨ Unnatural Warriors ¨‘°ºO (15-0): 60 points
23:33 Coliseum you were annihilated by UW_Lion_Heat, Oº°‘¨ Unnatural Warriors ¨‘°ºO (0-12): 45 points
23:28 Coliseum you crushed dbrnjhUltra (15-0): 45 points
23:26 Coliseum you beat PERDRAGON_es (7-0): 30 points
23:16 Coliseum you crushed --Cyber--, Wise Men Distracted (15-0): 15 points

friday 16/08/2013

This is just my opinion, but if you make the newer clans (Vortex onwards) viabe in extended, they're automatically stronger in comparison than say Roots in standard. I admit Roots is a bad example but still. Easiest fix would be the latest 16-20 cards plus leaders and starter cards instead of the 3 year limit. Maybe give the newest clan 6 months before they lose any cards, maybe not if the releases weren't so fast.

Sorry, I was browsing through forum, and I see the last post was made 2 weeks ago?

UR needs to desperately change format of DM, or rather just take it out. Better clintz award? that is my suggestion.

PS, is fantasy rivals that popular? everyone going over just to put early investments into op cards? lame

tuesday 23/07/2013

monday 22/07/2013

You should add Dacote for those pesky SoA clans.
of course his power is only 6, but if they have SoA you don't need to use Fury.

wednesday 17/07/2013

friday 05/07/2013

I prefered Gurus lol

sunday 23/06/2013

smiley deleted

edited by Sir B00BY sunday 23/06/2013, 21:40

saturday 22/06/2013

Nice deck. i personally don't really like Elya Cr so i would change her to Shifou.

monday 17/06/2013

Guru Cr to HoA_Sheamus
Leave Caelus Cr to Jess
And i will Give you Caelus Cr to put him in place of Guru Cr

tuesday 11/06/2013

Hi, Espectroscuro has answered it but i would like to add. If you ever think a player is breaking the rules please contact support . or a moderator. Please don't post on the public forums as it can lead to "witch hunts".


sunday 09/06/2013

Nice deck. smiley

wednesday 05/06/2013

Caelus can protect them. lol

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