friday 03/03/2017

If you folks insist... smiley

I only saw it once when someone reacted after they overfilled against Jautya in my deck and had only 5 Pillz (6 if you count free) while I still had all 12 Pillz (13 if you count free). I was tempted to, but then it might just be there to annoy them or make bluffing pointless with Pillz.

Would be nice if we could get the bloody thing smiley

thursday 02/03/2017

Same problem with my IPad. Luckily, I didn't update my phone, so I can still play.

Do you have many decks saved?
Or do you have decks with many cards, 100+?
You could try deleting them.

wednesday 01/03/2017

To play arcade you need aspirin a vomit bucket an a lot of free time to kill.

Thank you everyone smiley

I have to agree but its a market trick to increase new blood packs purchases by flooding the packs with the rare 2 stars that are sometimes not worth the rare status. I belive slide cr was common while donnald is a rare. Hoffman is slightly better than Balrog and not as usefull as zero dead. And the uppers doctor who is not that bad in stats but only couse uppers card suck is one point better than the weakest ld in the game. In fact gail ld was only used since there arent as many good cards. And i kind of complained about that fron Christelle's release when she was just more versatile gerald. So its not something done for the first time and you could have had useless cards in packs like endora cell morhla instead of undeserving rares. And i know we all want a maana cercei in every pack since one extra is enough to fill big parts of your collection and cards like her are made super rare.

tuesday 28/02/2017

Its survivor hive took over type 2 any way type 1 is safe from hive thank god.

Type(T1 or T2)+clan1+clan2

I only play survivors

sunday 26/02/2017

Bans + Penalizations.
Mama Sensei and her friends banned, Rex Swag and his beasts with penalties.

I have cleared your cache in case this helps. if not you will have to contact support:

saturday 25/02/2017

They will come back soon in arcade eason Bonus 2 smiley

friday 24/02/2017

Not relevant to my interests. You can have 1 people (or even 0) doing stuff - or you can have team of 100.

Its irrelevant how many since the end result that matters.

All this push aside: Is UR good game? Really? Does it stand against competition?

If its not good game then all effort of that team is mostly wasted. Its honest fact. Is UR the game it should be? If not then the team has failed. In that case it does menial duties to upkeep system that is not delivering relevant content. It might be "as designed" but if the design sucks then the effort is wasted.

As we have names up here, Silvano and Regis are people who have the real keys to this game as they are game designers. If game is not appealing they have failed. Or - if they are not given enough power to steer the game to what it could/should be - then its the management problem.

wednesday 22/02/2017

I feel if a player plays the hole game an wins should at least get in the double digest.
an singe the loser was a good sport an played the hols game should get 4 clintz. what you have now is good for time out games

I use mechakolos cr in my deck most see him an bail lol. but hes beatable kill me before i have reprasial or dr on your turn easy enough really. efc feels mor balanced then elo ever was. i think your aloud so many cards from a serten rank.

this is the efc deck im usen

i can not add another card with the same mark as bristone or mechakolo's your limited on the marks they have didn't know that much.

Well I am an idiot! Thanks!

I don't have the time-out problems that I used to have in the old one.

tuesday 21/02/2017

If you already have that specific legendary (Ashikaze Ld) then you are instead rewarded one silver token.

Piranas - Rekved

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