sunday 30/06/2013

Players seem to underestimate Edwin"s 5 damage and try to out pill you if played first round. This was a useful strategy for me when I was playing with the Nightmare.

Pan is a great card and he is a staple in my Nightmare but when I think on it a bit I may choose Edwin over Pan next time around if I needed to make a choice.

I would use both anyhow.

I have tried using Cutey but she does not cut it for me. Most people will easily out pill you with high damage card which makes her hard to use as a bluff or mid to late round card. I have not tried Timmy much but I am sure with a good stall deck he can be useful.

Please unban Muze smileysmileysmiley

friday 28/06/2013

Well, i don't really use la junta cuz i think it's just too easy to reach 1300 with them. However, when i used them (when i came back to this game 2 or 3 months ago) i used arnie instead of gatline and wyre instead of trish. why? well, wyre obviously because of the SOA and he still does 5 dmg, which is quite good considering you have pilzken and isatis in your deck. arnie because if you win the 1st round (by putting like 1 or 2 pillz) with isatis or pilzken, you have the match automatically won if arnie is also in your hand. he might only have 6 damage, however, his power is usually well worth it (the way i play him at least). brianna i don't really like because she is a card that you're usually forced to overpill, which isn't exactly the way i like to play.
about isatis and her soa problem, well, she may (or may not) be a burden to you. when people with soa find isatis, they usually only use 1 or 2 pillz, because they don't want to overpill a card with 5 pot, but you can take that to your advantage, and even though it doesn't always works, if you play her in the right time, even against soa, you'll packing a punch in your adv with her 8 damage. it's really all about trying to figure out what the other guy will do and just do some simple maths in order to put that situation into your advantage. hope that has helped and good luck with your elo =)

wednesday 26/06/2013

R&C plz

Nice deck. smiley

tuesday 25/06/2013

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Thank you Aaa

Nice deck. I would personally change Onik to Tremorh, Lois Ld to Clover and Brittany to Jayzel.

Nice deck. smiley

My uranus and Graxxmxt disappeared after failing to sell to someone in a private salesmiley Moderators helpsmiley

monday 24/06/2013

It is worse the other way when people know they have lost and just let the game time out. zzzz

sunday 23/06/2013

T Gaank - Cyb Lhia
AyzKub - Mikaal

Annuga - Tiwi Ld if u have it

I got 1300+ with this deck, good luck

Nice deck. smiley

I haven't really played hurracan yet so all i can really say is watch out for someone inflicting a lot of damage to you in the first turn lol.

Im the other way round lol I prefer the anime.

Nice deck. smiley

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