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monday 19/10/2009

Probably change fabio-hugo. it is surprisingly effective. simon/giovanni to ottavia

1. uppers - Lords of DT's
2. montana - My first clan and my favourite themed
3. bangers - I'm all about the them of this clan and I gotta give it up for blaaster and bodenpower, the dynamic duo.
4. roots - All round good cards
5. ulu watu - Lords of T2 Survivor
6. sakrohm - My secondary T2 Survivor clan
7. junkz - Good in ELO and Type 1
8. all stars - good power base for ELO
9. freaks - I like to play strategy with them
10. sentinel - I share the same beliefs as NWA when it comes to cops but with stats like that, how can you not use em?
11. rescue - I really really hate rescue but their stats and bonus are good so from time to time I use em.
12. gheist - I like using gheist but they do have some flaws
13. jungo - I love sylth and their 3 *s, not to mentiion askai is good but soa messes with them, unlees you use stoppers.
14. fang pi clang - I like using FPC, I have for a while and with the new releases they have received this year, they're good.
15. pussycats - I like a clan with hot girls but they seem to struggle against atk clans, specific pilling is a must.
16.piranas - Over rated IMO, sure they gain back pillz but its so repeatitive and often predictable.
17. nightmare - They have some good card but in general their power is just too low and against soa most of their dmg too.
18. skeelz - They have some good cards but I just haven't gotten that into them yet...maybe later
19. la junta - They have some good cards but alot of average ones so I'm divided

Um.. is it just me or bad link?


I'm a reasonably new player, and i would like to know the best deck for me at the moment. I would like to know any changes needed in my decks as well.

Mono Montana:
Prince Jr

or this deck:
Prince Jr
Frankie Hi

Any help would be appreciated.

Owwww.... my rolph is banned?... bummer.

Nightmare and estalt = thumbs down

You'll get 2 + 2 more often than 3 + 1, that's why it's not 25/25/50

sunday 18/10/2009

I personally like DJ more smiley

George to Buck sounds good too, ty.

pretty nice for lv 7

plz remember i am only lv 7

Lol andyman you still remember that

I know the last US DST setback screwed up thing just for a day. We then had all the tourneys on even hours. Such as 6:00, 8:00,10:00, etc. But, Idk if that will happen with you in the UK, as the UR hq is located somewhere in Europe. They might also set they're clocks back. (WARNING:wacky pun...now!) Only TIME will tell.

Daily tournaments occur every other hour. As you are level one right now, you may want to take your time learning the game in the Welcome to Town and Safe Neighborhood sections.

While there learn the difference between attack, power and damage.
Learn the tie breakers when two cards end up with the same attack.

When you're done, the tournaments are in three rooms. T1, T2 and ELO.

T2 is for decks that contain more than 25 stars and can contain any cards.
T1 is for decks that contain less than or equal to 25 and contains any cards.
ELO is a specific tournament that lasts all week (mon-sun). Daily tourney can be done in the room. 25 or less stars and there are specific cards you can't use.

Hope this helps.


First, Freaks are still missing a quality 2* for your concept to work, and second, Jungo, while it has a lot of quality, is not very compatible with Freaks, and third, if you did run Freaks/ Jungo you want to play Greow to protect your abilities.

If you ran Freaks/ Jungo, I would recommend this:
Bogdan 4- SOA *was* a weak point for both clans, this card is a great bridge, and a bargain
Wolfgang 4- Practically the same as Neva- -1 power in exchange for flexibility. Alternatively you can throw Grudj here instead
Olga 3
Hula 1
Neva 4
Greow 4
Scopica 3
Pegh 2

Sure, I like Askai, but is he really the best beater for your money, if you've gotten the Freak poison in? Not the right combination. Jungo don't have a 5* to go with Freaks yet.

Pussycats still remain one of the best partners for Freaks, and they have quality high stars- Charlie/ Yayoi/ Louise/ Noemi, etc...

Or Bangers, who are completely loaded at 5* and 4*, or Skeelz who have a ton of good 5* to choose from, and a good reducer.

Bangers (15*):
Vermyn N

Skeelz (15*)
Caelus and/or Aylen and/or Thomas

Roots (15*)
Lou or Armand

If you want a low star half for Jungo, I can recommend Nightmare.


I say ulu watu cos i reckon theyre betta ... but thats just my opinion

Sakhrom- good cards: uranus, graksmxxt,

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