saturday 19/09/2009

I think you all forget the most overly (ab)used 9-10* deck out there with pussycats

yayoi (3-4*)
charlie (4*)
then any 2 of they're useable 1 stars

Also sakrohm -

freaks are decent -

even skeelz -
danae or cley

Well for the game thats a bad marketing idea imo
having clan loyalty means people will stick with their cards and not buy others imo which means no money for UR
well okay they will get money but not as much without it.

anyway i like to mix and match but my favourite clan is sakrohm.

Well, they improved almost everything else, including the message board

When first signing up for UR, there's a small description about the style of the clans:
Cool - Keep control and protect your life points
Action - Fight mean and strong, don't show your opponent any mercy
Danger - Unnerve your opponent with your dirty tricks
I guess some of the clans fight their respective descriptions

friday 18/09/2009

It's called cornering. Basically taking control of an entire market and making profit from the monopoly.

I tried cornering the Crystal market once, but it went down just as these did. I have to ask who did Skiner and William how he was able to pull it off.


Hmm I love FPC, but I would suggest using them half deck for the following cons in Mono FPC:

i. Lack of a good SOA (sorry Kati doesn't cut it)
ii. Lack of a good damage reducer (Xia Leming doesn't cut it either)
iii. Lack of atk manipulation

I would suggest pairing with atk manipulation clan half-deck. But suggested 12* is Chan, Nakata, the two Crs. Fei/1* unagi are all decent alternatives.

I saw an all girls deck preset. it used females that werent in the Pussy cat clan like olga (ew) and Perle (yes)

Ca[taon wild, and Syked, you jst gave me an idea...

Use Edd, and that one is a great deck. smiley

thursday 17/09/2009

Kwaaah! smiley
Oh! I'm sorry. I forgot that we were talking about Cr cards. smiley

Forget everything I've said in this thread, yea? smiley

If you're running those attack clans, when you get SOB'd, that'll just suck!!

I liek the idea, but like someone mentioned it might not have alot of people playing it. Look at Survivor I have never seen the room at over 100 people.

Then there is the factor of when the cards are tied for power and tied for stars the 1st one played wins so it is possible that whoever went 1st in the battle will win period regardless of what is done. Kolos Vs Oyoh 2 pillz each and they are tied so whoever played 1st wins.

Would this be a format with doubles allowed and will random play a factor in this mode of play at all.

Pretty Good people! Though now I need a deck kinda cheap (30k or less) that can still be effective. Can anybody beat my deck with only around 10k and still effective?
Remember I look for decks with Montana, Skeelz, Uppers (no jackie or zatman), and Sakrohm!

7-1 is not a bad idea
but remember, when you use mono, you might use support card
you might want to recondiser to use full mono
if not, gcttirth already said it
wall (like lehane and chiara), leader (like hugo or ambre), +/- opp pillz (like smokey and gil), damage reducer (spiaghi and uranus) or a card that can turn he tide even if he is alone (like kolos) is used in 7-1 deck

No promoting other decks smiley

V1 & v3 are best IMO.

But v1 & v3 are more different from eachother rather than v2 & v3.

For any suggestions about new features or new ideas about cards. Please contact the Customers' Support Services directly.



Currently there are 2 kinds of Survivor (As most of us know): Survivor ELO and Survivor Type 2. The deck formats for these rooms follow the "ELO" and "Type 2" format. These serve as your guide in building Survivor decks when using "My collection pro".

For any further suggestions or comments about features in the game please contact the Customers' Support Services or contact an available moderator.


Hello all.

If you check under "contact us" you will see a public notice on the very bottom of the page. It states:

- Important note as to possible fraud while exchanging cards -

Please note that we will not get involved should a fraud occur during card exchanges between players. However, we can both block all means of communication and shut off the swindler's accounts. Do not hesitate to report players with whom you've had an unfortunate encounter. A feature for safe exchange will be added in the future. In the meantime, it's up to you.

Main idea is to read the 2nd to the last sentence in the paragraph. The technical staff are working in providing this feature for safer trades. Please be patient.

For any further comments, suggestions or reactions regarding issues in the game. Please don't hesitate to contact the CSS directly or contact the next available moderator.


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