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sunday 18/10/2009

Phyllis is basically Marlysa Cr without the KO ability... which isn't bad to say the least. I really like Eadh though.

Just a deck for T1
Upp/Sak t1!!


a good 12* half deck

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Lol??? Leviatonn is just about the best card you got, and you're thinking of getting rid of him? Get rid of Eklore, Strynge, and Dolly instead -.-

Lol I've been doing 25 everytime and im even unlucky ont he lucky nevers, the highet i got was 3 but it usually 1 or 2 -.-

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I just made this deck and I love it, I'm averaging about18.5 per battle and it's doing really well, unfortunatly I never have time to stay the full hour so I don't rank high lol.


Tell me what ya think and give some suggestions on improvements in the comments.

saturday 17/10/2009

For any suggestions that you think may help improve a particular area in the game, please contact the customers' support services about them or in this case, contact me, seeing I have particular interest in the preset area.


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How to get clintz:
1. Play (Any mode and any room will give you clintz)
2. As mentioned above -- DT, ELO and Survivor winnings will give you more clintz
3. Selling cards in the Market place is one way too
4. Joining events and winning them may give you a boost in clintz as well


I have noticed you have a lot of questions and suggestions about the game in general Jerromy. It will be better if you contact the customers' support services directly about them. Or you can always contact a moderator (myself included).

In regards to the DT time -- It's been reduced many times already in the past. As the others already mentioned, you need to give the other players time to consider their moves and so forth. Not to mention, not everybody have fast connections. If the timer goes a bit more faster then it may actually prove to be a disadvantage for people who have slow connections.


Rolph owns most of da time coz 7 power 6 damage lool

You must buy it again when it leveled up

if you can keep card unleveled, every will use pussycats

wanda level 1
gwen level 1
yayoi level 3
charlie level 4

that would be a scary 9 stars or with yayoi full, 10 stars that can hit really hard, along with monster in another half deck

What? I'm sorry but i didn't understand...

smiley do you got any stronger cards for it cause for a type 2 i exspected a some 8/7 an an 6/8 in ther only high poer card you got in there is your cr

You need 1420 minimum for top 100 elo once you make 1300 elo you play the big boys ( dont let this dwell on you) you basically play everyone who's aiming for top 100 or some low maybe, your wins are lower and your losses lower.

I wouldnt use Damian, try to get rid of him..
And 2 times Confidence? Might be messy, if you draw both..
Considering your money problem : Damian and Manfred on sale (even though i like Manfred a lot) - Aylen (or Thomas, just 500 price diff..) and Zeke in..
Or just Damian out for Zeke, Jay in for Cley (way more costy..)
Def not put out the 2 2Stars, they have to be in any Skeelz Deck imo..

Any deck that brings you to 1200 should also bring you to 1300 with some more time needed...

or not?

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