saturday 26/09/2009


I recommend Rescue..their pretty cheap and strong n watch out for montanas,uppers,sakohrm,nightmare,Piranas,SOB

Strategy in UR :
Follow the flow of the game

I honestly don't know why it is stated that you get more battle points for defeating higher level opponents. It's just not true from my experience. There is an exact winnings table in the FAQ right here:

That table is used to determine your battle points after a match and it is completely independent from player levels.

@ Dawgone: erm, maybe because two of those three cards are banned in ELO... smiley

I never play random anymore, I've lost a lot of rounds I was supposed to win in, and vice versa. Usually tho, lower star wins an equal dual, and the player that played the card first wins if the stars and attack are the same.

Lol this is a classic post

There are ways to hold off on spending 3k on zero dead


are all affordable lower star gheists

even darth and luba will do in a pinch

piranha half decks are workable enough to be whatever size u need it to be. tula and tyd are your affordable staple cards... after that it gets expensive. smokey is better value for the money than zerodead is. so get him first.

rolph and toro are also better value for the clintz

zerodead is basically an expensive filler who i would get last once the rest of my deck was set

friday 25/09/2009

Legandary studentssmiley

O I C. smiley The design team is really good at this!

I thought some new storyline about other "Disciples", like DerMagus was saying, would cause some interesting new characters to come out in the future.

Maybe they will...

Anyway, I guess this can be closed, thanks for the responses!

I'm unable to see the cards in a prreset (Or vote on presets) and I can't see cards in their bio (I can see the Bio but not any of the pictures, this includes cards I own, I also can't see the comments People have written on them)

I can see cards fine in fight mode, this has been like this since yesterday, does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? and more importantly how I can fix it?

^ don't even joke like that. smiley

Best way to balance them would be to screw them over every two weeks until they are where freaks are now.

BTw ur deck preset there i made it smileypp

guys check it out !!!

i got 1300 + elo with it !

Mono Uppers are very hard to beat if you have/can afford good cards like Jackie. If you dont have much clintz...then forget it

Attack manipulation totally kills him because of his low power so he need lots of pillz...that said, I have one... smiley

Ella for me.

She can be used against high-damage cards to reduce by 4. I don't really see the point in Feelyns power reduction ability because she simply isn't used to attack smiley

Not really its just that u guys cant click proprely ... smiley

Actually, I change decks if 1) key cards get banned, and they often do, b) if the deck starts to bore me, or III) if a deck isn't working out for me. I don't worry about losing money, I collect and currently have all non-CR cards plus several of the CRs. I see your point on getting used to the deck, though.

thursday 24/09/2009


these perest i think rocks out load but i would like your opion

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