tuesday 29/09/2009

I would say teh 50 cause you got a realy high chance of geting a realy good rare cards or you get a great u card

the 20 i say new blood

Then it wouldn't be ELO viable though smiley

Montana + Hugo
You should find a decent deck for less than 10k
I also suggest you to play no random to train the "real game"

Gheist - Nightmare (OHBOY)

I find this deck pretty solid.

T2 Deck suggestion
Miss Chloe

The link is not working..

Yeah, the new Combat Screen threw me off for a few rounds. Personally I like the old one better, and there should be an option to switch between the two, but the new one has bigger + - pillz button, which I dig smiley

monday 28/09/2009

Get Don (U) and Fabio (U) for the montana if you want a type 2 deck

Poor for DTs imo, because aside from Uranus I can't see you winning with any other low-star card in that deck smiley

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I use a 1,250+ Elo deck with Junkz/Skeelz

Detetion v3

There's 2 other versions there as well.

Please Rate Green and Comment.
Its almost at 1000...Help me get it to 1000.
Pure 8 power.

I use my cards based on bonus and ratio of power and damage. also Nightmare and GHEIST go well together.


^rate please. thanks.

In the last tournament I finsished ith a score of 1225. Even though that tournament is over, my score is still 1225 and when i do a fight it doesnt change. Can anyone help with this?

Why not just take a screen shot?

Well, Kevin's kinda like Jenny but with an ability.

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