sunday 13/09/2009

But george has the power!

Wait what are u asking for? Are you asking for us to help you or are you telling us to get help from you?

Exactly people buy lots of packs to get the new well going to become Cr Terry and Alec so they get some other cards. Like Lobo and they don't want it so they start to sell those cards. And the more you get the lower the price they sell so that people would buy there card. That is how Lobo's price has been decreasing.

I have to agree with what onlyChaos has to say but you could change Dacote with Burger.

I am pretty sure that you would make it to the 1300+ with that deck. smiley

saturday 12/09/2009

I prefer to use Fabio but thats only because I like cards that create a power advantage for themselves.

Also it depends what game mode you're playing in, because Don is arguably more useful in DTs where quick KOs are the aim of the game.

So basically it depends on: the rest of your deck (lacking damage), your playstyle, and your game-type smiley

How about using the new card Nyema? she can make a gap of 12 with fury and with all the reducers is lethal.

Use this formula
4+ DRS
3+ nukes
1 leader

that will get you far
for clans
stick with sakrohm, ulu watu uppers because they are all good

I say nightmare or pirana ecspecialy nightmare with there new card ghumbo


friday 11/09/2009

That is true but just like the stop cards this type of card is needed for the sole purpose of keeping all game modes more interesting and varied. Clans like Freaks, Junta, Fpc would benefit from these cards.

I have played alot with Skeelz and here are some thoughts: I didn't like Manfred at first because I had all the confidence/revenge but as a 8/4 alone with his ability he is hard to pass on. I have made it a point to include him and chiara in my decks. Zeke isn't the best choice in some decks, as many have mentioned he can only be used early for full benefits. But Zeke is the BEST choice in ELO, he can walk right through many damage reducing cards like Charlie and Hawk! Sandro is a given in mono-skeelz in any format. Redra is good for DR. In ELO I like the under-rated Greem alot, another Sylth card but better. If you hit with greem on first turn (4damage) then turn 2,3,4 = +3,+3,+0 a total of 10 points of damage! and you cannot stop this ability unless you have soa/sob combo! So essentially you can play greem turn 1 or 2 and do major damage with a bluff card. I have played with Jay alot but people do everything to reduce Jay . I have only played with aylen in survivor decks. +5 life seems to be another red flag for opponents.
Have fun with the Skeelz...

I am not denying it. It does look intimidating but shiver me timbers, I've been beat by many funny decks out there using this deck. Ha ha. smiley

I enjoy the pill power of piranas with high power Ulu Watu. Once Ulu watu have a big pill advantage it is pretty over. Here is a deck I have been having quite a bit of luck with deleted .

Haha i was like wtf when it happened to me like 5 times in a row too and then i found this smiley ty guys!

There's already a parody of Chun Li. Kati.

thursday 10/09/2009

34 cards in a deck isn't good. GHEIST doesn't have a good un-evolved card, so get those stars up. Guy above gave a very good line to follow.

I just bought myself some freaks and threw a deck together and its really fun to play with it so rate it and comment pleasesmiley.

Here is the link:

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