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tuesday 13/10/2009

Go piranhas. they generally have higher power, and pill manipulation is amazing if done right. just be sure to get a DR from roots, like yookie.

Yes!! just got blaaster.

Sentinels are a fine choice, but I'm saying there's a reason why most people do not play mono-Sentinel. The really high up cards are really effective, and can trash your opponent super quick, but the card prices are pretty steep passing Lehane, and there are better cards out there then Melvin, Aka Zoltan for much, much cheaper and 1 damage lower. There are better ways to spend your farmed up 2k clinkz then buy a Chloe...

Loooool and you guys still don't get it... This guy is making fun of you from the start! loooool he doesn't lvl up but still keeps asking for cards and decks advices. His errors are not "normal", if he didn't understand english like he stated he would make grammar and verbal mistakes just like i do because english isn't my first language.But he just misspells words... Just to wrap it up HIS NICKNAME IS "I C U P" like in "i see you pee"!!! you guys never watched the Simpsons? Classic Bart prank on Moe.
This is just some guy that has nothing better to do with his time and came here to mock us hehehe and he give me some good laughs as well.

I know a good guild for banger player it banger delight

monday 12/10/2009

It's a deck of Fang Pi Clang's and Roots , for Elo


Dude, how often do you change your name btw ? hourly ?

I'll go ahead and say it. People don't last to long on the game when they don't buy Credits because their cards are "No Good" to them.

They get frustrated and Bored so they leave the game. Basically, if you buy more credits, your more hooked.

Skeelz have great cards and its nice to know your ability is safe smiley

- cealus
- sandro
- redra and jay combo, first loos with redra and then kick ass with jay
- sasha and mafred combo, first play sashy and then manfred is really good
- greem is nice to, just win first round using her and then poison helps out great
- tomas stop op bonus, against anoying bonusses ofcourse smiley
- zeke with power: 7 damage:2 abb. -4 life / -4 is really good to

wich cards you choose really depends on the matagame you want to play smiley

Anyone knows what is the maximum level in UR? Bs-Corne-Evo level 152.. lol, i wonder i can reach 200 smiley

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Can you help me with my deck, i don't know what i need to improve on. Also can comments take into account that i only want max lvls

sunday 11/10/2009

Very good cheap deck indeed smiley

You've got a decent deck there. Montana/Uppers overrun DTs but it's nice to have alternatives every now and then. I use the Tiny Cuts series for DTs myself so I get a lot of brain exercise, I dunno about me playing fast though, I don't have a fast enough internet connection for that. smiley

Just play a lot and you'll get a play style that you're comfortable with and get some clintz in the process. smiley

very good pionts my friend
if you want to test decks etc it will effect your new percentage all the time.
also i'm in the same boat as you with ls because i did a lot of ls back in the day (because i was a credit hore). so i must of lost a lot of battles and such in there. but then again my memory of 06 is a foggy one indeed so god knows how many i have lost.

but i wish it gave your drawing stats because a lot of the time i aim for the draw in elo unless i can win of course and that doesn't register as a win so i have no idea how many draws i have had.

maybe as well show how many elo matches you have won.

idk i could go on forever on the stats but it would just be nice to have as an add on feature to your battle history.

I´m using this one now http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=376627

What do you suggest would be a good combo for begginers in ELO?

They're still invailable smiley

are they going to fix it?

To make it easier I got:

Frankie H

Miken Moose

The best t2 survivor is im pretty sure impossible for mostve us to copy

Morphun , Peeler Gibson Dj korr Taham Grakz Uranus Guru cr
the reast depend on the week and your playing style

tbh there is no "best" its whatever suits the player.

Rate green plzsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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