sunday 20/09/2009

Ah truee. Mkay, I will try it out.smiley

Miss osaka i understand your point but you don,t have to keep making fun of jerromy for begging for crs thats kinda cruel in my opinion. Try to be more understanding plz??

saturday 19/09/2009

Well think i posion one that dose -2 min 4 an dose 2 damgie he loses to 10 hp then i hit him agin with -2 min 1 he loses
2 from posion then 2 from damgie if i win an loses 4 to 6 then i block one or take hit still gose down to 4 then im healing same time from leader. then my last card can win the gaem for me or if i lose another round posion to 2 hp left still might win depending on how much health he takes out of me.

Thats my second biggest pet peeve is DTs.

I prefer Lolly, because she can dr, win a fight when needed and has decent damage.While Onik has 8 power, his damage is too unstable and Otakool has just 6 power.But thats just my opinion.

Get a Steve and Hax or Sledg


Elo 1311 smiley

So its 800k smiley low price for every none cr card will thanks everyone

I think you all forget the most overly (ab)used 9-10* deck out there with pussycats

yayoi (3-4*)
charlie (4*)
then any 2 of they're useable 1 stars

Also sakrohm -

freaks are decent -

even skeelz -
danae or cley

Well for the game thats a bad marketing idea imo
having clan loyalty means people will stick with their cards and not buy others imo which means no money for UR
well okay they will get money but not as much without it.

anyway i like to mix and match but my favourite clan is sakrohm.

Well, they improved almost everything else, including the message board

When first signing up for UR, there's a small description about the style of the clans:
Cool - Keep control and protect your life points
Action - Fight mean and strong, don't show your opponent any mercy
Danger - Unnerve your opponent with your dirty tricks
I guess some of the clans fight their respective descriptions

friday 18/09/2009

It's called cornering. Basically taking control of an entire market and making profit from the monopoly.

I tried cornering the Crystal market once, but it went down just as these did. I have to ask who did Skiner and William how he was able to pull it off.


Hmm I love FPC, but I would suggest using them half deck for the following cons in Mono FPC:

i. Lack of a good SOA (sorry Kati doesn't cut it)
ii. Lack of a good damage reducer (Xia Leming doesn't cut it either)
iii. Lack of atk manipulation

I would suggest pairing with atk manipulation clan half-deck. But suggested 12* is Chan, Nakata, the two Crs. Fei/1* unagi are all decent alternatives.

I saw an all girls deck preset. it used females that werent in the Pussy cat clan like olga (ew) and Perle (yes)

Ca[taon wild, and Syked, you jst gave me an idea...

Use Edd, and that one is a great deck. smiley

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