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friday 09/10/2009

Im not surprised, Olek, you are level 50.

I suggest mono Rescue if you're going to use them because there so much better mono.

If you want to run a half deck then you mine as well use Junkz or Sentinel for the full +attack effect all the time.

Sylth isn't a bad idea, just know that he is banned often. Personally i would go for some attack manipulation, probably sakrohm.

for 6k you can get uranus + either murray or wakai.

Then get a bit more for Petra and BANG! you got a really nice sakrohm half deck to complement with pussycats.

Mickey T is as good if not better than Samantha tbh, very handy in those situations where you just want your opponent to use a pill smiley

Due to the addition of the new format for the battles, you always need to ensure that you have your mode (Any | Normal | No random) properly selected according to your mode preferences. Any means the server will pick an opponent for you and the mode chosen by the opponent will be the mode you will play on (Whether no random or random). Normal means random is on and no random is no random, from the word itself.

This could be the reason why.

If you are sure that this is not the problem, please take a screenshot copy next time it happens then contact the customers' support services about it.

For any questions about possible glitches in the games, please contact an available moderator. We are here to help and answer your questions as much as we can.


Thanks everyone for rating smileysmiley
keep it coming

I honestly don't get those high level players tbh. Everything beyond level 50 (where you get Vholt) just doesn't matter at all. So why are people going for level 150+ ?

Sry, level 152+ after I just checked again. -.-

A clan of people that want to create a utopia and are living in a giant airship on top of clint city to observe the people of clint

bonus: pressure 1

pressure is a new ability that forces your opp to play 1 more pill than they pilled the ability does not work if the opp only has 1 pill left

for example you pilled 3 so you automatically used 4 instead
so if you pilled 2 then you will pill 3

it is not overpowered, because it doesn't force needless pilling, it may actually help your opponent to win the first two rounds
and it will only be effective in a mono-clan in round 3-4 1pill is less that either +8 or +12 and the piranas who rely on pills aren't affected by the bonus
just as the freaks bonus is only good at the beginning this is only good at the end

You have a good deck there Ryder. You should stick with it, sweetie.

What deck would be the best for Type 2 battles, and why? smiley

thursday 08/10/2009

Miss Chloe
Tessa Cr

The epitome of 'beastly'.

Please close Mods.

It seems the recent lottery has thrown this whole topic off.

Thanks anyways to people who let me understand how the market works smiley

Thanks alot greatly apperciated. smiley

OK, Manfred and Miss Lulabee are the most expensive. Honestly, Greem works just as well if not better, but miss lulabee is the cheapest 5* Ulu there is. So, when you can:
1 - replace Miss Lulabee with Lulabee or Hikiyousan
2 - replace liam with sasha (even in a split deck she is darn good)
3 - replace george/lin bee with Nanook/Gaia
4 - replace sandro with cley then replace cley with chiara

Alright thanks guys

wednesday 07/10/2009

Plz comment on my decks i like to get your oppionsmiley

Try this deck for a change


I realise that without zatman, jungo and uppers don't go well 2gether

Replace her with Zeke.

Ok, try this

Buy new blood. it has the highest chance of getting expensive cards. note: it doesnt have the most expensive cards, it has the highest chance of getting expensive cards

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