wednesday 16/09/2009

Switch to skeelz and buy Tomas

I'd go with Edd as well, ususally bangers don't have much of a problem with dealing damage. And SOB on a Montana is always nice.

Maybe it's just me, but from what I've found the damage any given guy can deal is a bit less important than being sure that said guy can actually win the battle.

I wanna use either Montana, Uppers or All Stars but
I cant figure out who or what makes a good ELO deck

Some one was saying bangers are good wat are some good bangers combations????????????

Good but maybe rolph to methane and pj to mona 7/10

tuesday 15/09/2009

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Anyone? There must be some improvement?

1210 ELO so far.

I like Dreen better then Gil but thats me. looks good

So i guess that means Loocio.

monday 14/09/2009

Some people use pre-full card to gain BP
actually it is acceptable until level 50 when you get volth

like besucher said, some people leveling cards because the max one is more expensive that 0 exp one
my friend do that and gain profit because of it

back to topic higher level does not always means they are good players.
and some low level players do not always mean they are bad players

yeah, don't worry about level in this game smiley


Just one problem: only a small % of ppl actually read the forums. How they gonna know not to vote? Good luck with that.

Yeah, I bought Rainbow pack today and guess what I got? Tatane, Rebecca, Macumba. smiley

This has nothing to do with the "noobies" (and I'd like that rumor to stop spreading).
The "higher attack get the higher chances" vs "the higher attack always wins" is just 2 differents stuff.

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Yeah there were quite a alot of Pirana last week.

Well I hope this helped someone somewhere xD ill be starting the new one either tomorrow or tonight.

Close please mods.

Miss twice cr 3000-4000 clintz , vickie cr 20-25k, nahi cr 1k, chad bread cr 800-900, page cr 2k, selsya cr 3k, thaumaturge cr 5k,
beltran cr 8k, splata cr 10k . this is all i can remember but you can browse the early pages of french thread : , you'll see guru cr 30 k , lyse teria cr 3k...

sunday 13/09/2009

I'm new to the game, so I'm playing in the Safe Neighborhood, which should have random on if I'm correct.

Replace kenny with Glorg

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