tuesday 22/09/2009

Close please

Close please

All Stars is a great counter to the attack reduces that people are crying about over in the Uppers thread. The game is all about checks and balances. If something is beating you, there is something there that can stop it.

Agreed, only skeelz gets to keep their ability (except against walls, obviously), and obviously a non-dependent ability is always better. my point was that for deck builds, if you have to choose between a confidence and revenge ability, revenge is usually better. Thanks for the feedback!

plz rate and comment on how to make it better

Keep at it. When I started I had GHEIST and Montana cards. I thought they were pretty useless when compared to Sentinel, Rescue, and Jungo, which always overpowered me. I started to play one battle in the DT, then go to weaker rooms to collect more Clintz. Now I have an OK GHEIST deck that wins about 50% of the time, and I'm just saving up to get some Ulu Watu cards to add to it. It does take time though.

Some times all stars but i have found serten ways to beat them just got to get lucky.smiley

This would have been an interesting concept 6 months ago, but super low star T1 decks and 10 card T2 DT decks aren't viable w/ the new matching system. You may do well for the first 10-15 minutes, but you'll start being matches with stronger players who will blow you away w/ 23, 24 and 25 tar builds.

I know what you're saying.

I like the idea of using to work with the worst hand of your deck and try to get used to winning with it smiley

There sadly is no replacement for Kolos. He was the best 1HKO that was allowed in ELO and what did he get for being the nicest pet I ever had? He got banned 13/15 weeks and ended up banned by staff. He was such an amazing card. Powerful enough to turn nightmare to a dominant clan on his own. Overpowered? Yes but Nightmare really needed him. They will never be the same without him.

Ok good he be back cause i need him realy bad for elo

You should link those properly...... that way when you delete them it will just show deleted instead of forcing us to click the link and get redirected to the public presets page. It would be much nicer for the readers.

Well Junkz/Skeelz is my counter deck smiley

If I notice I'm not going anywhere with it, I'll change to that but without Toro, I've seen less GHEIST for some reason. But when I see more, I'll defintely switch. That's why I have 2 good decks smiley

Detetion v2 and this new preset our the best decks I've made yet besides my old Roots/Junkz deck when Ratanah wasn't banned.

monday 21/09/2009

You got to play low star if a 2 star beats a 5 star you make mager points so keep them low star for more points

Check out my deck and give me "TIPS" smiley smiley smiley


Close please ,Ill make new one Asap


please rate my bloodh type deck.. thanks.

Change maciej to wolfgang-much more versatile and makes opp guess

Nice Angel this will help lots of people now smiley

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