wednesday 02/09/2009

Here is some links that will help you out. Plus I will send you more detailed info in your PM (private message)

Game Rules
In this link you will find many other links that will aid you in your battles and
most of the questions you may have.

Layout of your cards
This will show you what all the numbers mean as well as what is your bonus or ability

Abilities and bonuses
A overview of the abilities and bonuses

Overview of the clans
A basic who is who of the clans

Tutorial of how to play

Thanks to you all for your input, and as for doing the 2 most right things, LOL, i just studied up on the cards. As for the deck idea, i think it will take me a little while to afford that, but yeah looks good. I want Vladimir. Im saving!

Mono montana 1300
montanta+hugo 1300
Jungo+Sakrohm 1300
Pirana+Jungo 1300
mono uppers 1300
uppers+hugo+uranus 1350


*thinks on this one*

I like is Axxel..

I HATE using unevolved cards.. But stating I do reach my goal of 1200 I could swap out my cards and toss in a charlie..

I think you have something with that... Something good..

Thanks! ^.^

What is the best deck i can make with those two types for elo?smiley

"Strategy and Tactics"

How much does that sound as a place to post jokes in a scale?

Ulu watu

thats the best possible survivor deck (without crs) i can think of

You should sell your Cr's now. If you want you can repurchase them later, but their prices are going to drop very soon. In fact, it's already starting to happen. Get going and sell them.

Considering you're calling yourself a noob, I suggest you spend your clintz on expending your collection. Try out all the clans and see which ones you like best.


check this,
no semi evos and pretty good cards
they can handle roots too XD

rate and comment

tuesday 01/09/2009

Voila,a votre avis il faut sting ou katan avec ce deck (T2) :




If you ask me Marina + Wendel >> Nellie + Ashley/Flo/Mario will be better. It's true that Marina is a better card, but psychological effect and bluff chances with one more 6 damager makes this deck better. With Nellie, u will have total of 6 6-damage cards, theres no chance that you dont have a two hit ko possibility in a game. But i dont still advise you to get that deck, instead just get 8 cards of any attack manupilation clan, play game more, read more and then decide do u really want a 2 hit ko deck? cause theyre not that effective in current meta in my opinion, sadly...


thats how you get 15 wins in survivor

Opec, if you're talking about Askai and Ongh, Askai came out recently and faced the New Blood storm much more recently. He only came out of New Blood just a little while ago, of course he will be cheaper. Ongh though is high because everyone is investing in him, because he's the leader of his clan (CR-worthy perhaps) and because since everyone is investing in him, his price goes up and then more people invest in him.

Then there's also tings like Sylth being many times more expensive the next bests, Niva, Greow and Scotty. I think it's obvious here, you wouldn't exactly "not feel the difference" if you have any one of those over Sylth. (Unless you have a Freaks second half)

Quote "During a fight, if you have 2 different characters from the same clan on your team, a Clan Bonus will be enabled. It can change the balance of the power of the battle."

It really is there, bold and pretty explicit. I agree, thought, that it should be stated in the "Character Abilities and Bonuses" page as well, where it is weirdly missing and i looked for it first.

Thanks all and Mods please close

Probably ure right fuczak ill change wendel because samantha isnt courage and i already have the gheist bonus

Try this gheist/sentinel deck i've been playing around
with in elo, its working pretty well for me.


Z3r0 D34d



monday 31/08/2009

Just no, rescue is a mono clan only

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