wednesday 04/09/2013

ALSO, I just updated the prize list with the consolation prizes! Given as prizes to those not coming in first place, I am giving away an assorted collection of cards (to be revealed) ALONG WITH the ENTIRE Vortex clan!

monday 02/09/2013

friday 30/08/2013

Hello what is this? Anu to kabayan?

thursday 29/08/2013

deleted - This is fun event. You must lose withe random to winsmiley
1. Heegrn Cr
2. Kawamashi Cr
Start at the 2nd September or with 128 members

deleted - This is tourney on fixed deck
1. Edd Cr
2. Chiara Cr
3. Rhed Cr
Start at the 2nd September

Looking for company smiley pls apply :

wednesday 28/08/2013


Fondamentalement, comme cette page sur facebook et un message me votre nom d'utilisateur UR (sur Facebook) et vous serez accepté. Pour chaque 1 aime d'un joueur UR - Je vais ajouter 100 Clintz valeur des cartes. Chaque semaine, je ferai le tirage au sort en fonction du nombre de goûts.



Basically, like this page on facebook and message me your UR username (on facebook) and you'll be accepted. smiley For every 1 likes from an UR player - I'll add 100 clintz worth of cards. Every week; I'll do the draw based on the number of likes.


tuesday 27/08/2013

UPDATE: scores will be taken on SUNDAYS at 11PM (gmt +2).

My guild could so win this...oh wait, we only have three members right now. smiley

Ugh it submitted in the wrong community smiley
MODS PLEASE DELETE, thanks smiley

sunday 25/08/2013

Don't be afraid, find a partner and join up smiley


Bet on your favourite Huracan to WIN and make lots of Clintz. The more points you get in ELO this week, the more you have to bet with. See the rules section for more details


Hello,guys this is an event which is based on mini games and prizes
i am doing this for my birthday i have turned 18
this is a elimination lotto for my birthday which is tomorrow there might be some mini games tonight to win prizes
well finally turning 18

lotto will be done in 4 days time

have fun all

saturday 24/08/2013

wednesday 21/08/2013

From every corner,as you glance about you in these dark retreats, some figure crawls half-awakened... Where dogs would howl to lie, women, and men, and boys slink off to sleep, forcing the dislodged rats to move away in quest of better lodgings. bring your children to safety, take all your money from the bank and run for your life. World War 3 has begun and it is right for your corner. different gangs invaded Clint City and they are here only to destroy and to kill everybody on their way.

- Gangs Of Clint City -

tuesday 20/08/2013

Ill join, always room for free items smiley smiley

Ill join, always room for free prizes smiley smiley

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