friday 03/02/2017

They even changed the game description. UR is no longer a trading card game in its own description. I highly doubt it will ever come back

thursday 02/02/2017

Make it into top 25 in DT = 2 silver tokenz

Old app still has the wheel...


Can you show us how this decks looks? Maybe i can finally beat this.

I really like that, specially the 2/3 one!

Being able to adapt would be amazing... I really miss that ability playing UR.

What is the reward for 2500 dmg with nightmare and 5000 dmg with hive?

I'm gonna say he sticks to 1M for a while and maybe a year from now his price will rise to 2-3M

I think 5oo clintz was good enough since it was prity much how players learned how to handle different clans. an you get your money back after 3 wins lol

wednesday 01/02/2017

The duel mode will dissappear shortly then. About your collection, theres probably a bug. Try using coleccion pro

tuesday 31/01/2017

First of all I apologize that this is in the wrong forum but if there is a form for general Q + A then I couldn’t find it.

Okay I used to play this game a lot but i took the last year or 2 off and a lot has changed, for one i can’t seem to find see any of my cards in my collection it always says 0 results found for some reason and I can’t seem to view my deck lists.

Secondly whatever happened to duel mode? it’s still in the list of playable modes but i am unable to play it and it says "the next card will be available it NaN" did they completely scrap the vs AI modes?

I also can’t seem to sell any cards as its "to prevent cheating" like what?

Any answers are greatly appreciated, no delete plz mods.

The rewards for hive missions are missing on the site

It seems hardcore is more then hardcore it feels like you can only play this or you don't get to play.

Well... I don't, since I don't use Collection Pro.

monday 30/01/2017

The app is quite buggy and the collection part lags a lot. Fix this pls

No Attack Manipulation? Does that include Raptors?

R.I.P GHEIST and Roots smiley

That is a possible outcome, as many people ranted in the Armagedon deal 50 gold tokenz for 6 packs that it's not a good deal because you can end up spending 130 Euros for 1 Ymirah Cr.. and staff answered to all sorts of other questions, but never to the why is Ymirah Cr in the gold box.. so they might have something in plan for her.

For all of those who don't know this post is just a polite way of expressing my opinion again as I did last week in the hottest debate in the forums recently that hit 204 posts in 24 hours in which I might have gotten out of line a bit and I must say deservingly got blacklisted for a week for insulting one of our fellow rivals who would not share the opinion of the 99,9% majority of the posts.. I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry Token smiley

sunday 29/01/2017

Globumm, Lino Borsa and Ogoun Kyu smiley

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