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friday 06/10/2017

We have unofficial discord channel:


That was very nice of him. Nice to know there is still hope in this city....who needs Batman...smiley

thursday 05/10/2017

Imagine we are the 'polit' the inabitans of Clint City are talking about and without their knowledge we use them to cause drama between the clans in the city resulting them to fight eachother, which we also secretly control smiley

Honestly...The prizes are meh in comparison to Dt and Efc.smiley

I never play Fantasy Rivals. Is it the same as Urban Rivals?

wednesday 04/10/2017

Phalloide don't got the time to work with us for now, maybe in December, she hope to have time to make a new card for UR smiley

tuesday 03/10/2017

I didnt get anything smiley

They are still working on it. I suspect there will be a news announcement when its released.

sunday 01/10/2017

The 5x clintz has been on since the reset.

friday 29/09/2017

Sentinel is also solid, instead of lehane on the given list, go for tobbie, instead of hawk, try rust its cheaper. instead of luis try thomy, instead of dayton try carmen.. then if you got enough clintz buy earl and zrobbie

thursday 28/09/2017

What a fate for such an awesome card.....smiley

tuesday 26/09/2017

Btw, DT clintz prizes has plummeted too. Previously you could buy a couple of nice rares like Cyb Yose or a cheap collector with it, now not.

monday 25/09/2017

The plan comes after rushing the steam release fam

Cards are worth what the market says they're worth, not what you dream up in your little commie mind...

saturday 23/09/2017

Not from what I've seen, sorry.

thursday 21/09/2017

wednesday 20/09/2017

tuesday 19/09/2017

If he does not want to sort it out, why doesn't he ask other people? There are many talented members of the UR playbase, spanning different languages, who could maintain the website.

Will we get to sell cards on the community market? smiley

Recently i played Angry birds evolution...
There you could chose some birds to evolve in what form.
Urban rivals lacks some customization, so i would like to see a card/ character evolve and then you have to chose: Male or female, Punk or Rock, etc...
What do you think? Or just change colors?

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