sunday 23/06/2013

Nice deck. I would personally change Sah Brinak to Annuqa but thats because i like COB

Got my second ELO top with this same deck.

saturday 22/06/2013

I listen to bob when im mad, works everytime

friday 21/06/2013

There are a lot of banned characters in your decks. I presume that next week they may not be playable as well. I would suggest staying away from having 3 two star characters.

In the case of Ongh being banned, Nahema, Zornado, or two 4*s.

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I'm not sure if french kissing a kid is legal...

thursday 20/06/2013

wednesday 19/06/2013

The bonuses benefit you the entire time, the threat of pill return or DR allows you to manipulate the game.

Plus the majority of the deck is 7-8 power.

Both deck seem good. You could pick one and then see how many cards you come across which are weak to SOA. If theres not that many use the pussycats if theres a lot use roots.

monday 17/06/2013

New Deck. #4

Nice deck. I would personally change Edwin to sargh because i like a little bit of attack manipulation.

And thanks amberred im gonna try the vortex

sunday 16/06/2013

A little concontion I cooked up in my mind, and after seeing how Wolfgang and Oflgn scared many a player, decided to swap in Quasichoco.
However I feel Shazam and Quasichoco could possibly get changed out.
Please rate, comment and tell me your thoughts! :"D

saturday 15/06/2013

deleted Please rate and comment smiley

Dorian smiley

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