monday 14/09/2009

An expert killer, trained in the use of the most deadly weapons, Miss Twice joined GHEIST to get her revenge on her former employer who had too many secrets from her. Eager to keep the beautiful assassin by his side, Sigmund hides nothing from her. (Miss Twice is a character from the graphic novel "Verseau", Soleil publishing (C) MC production, Mitric, Peno-Mazzarino, Peticlerc).

Yeah there were quite a alot of Pirana last week.

Well I hope this helped someone somewhere xD ill be starting the new one either tomorrow or tonight.

Close please mods.

Miss twice cr 3000-4000 clintz , vickie cr 20-25k, nahi cr 1k, chad bread cr 800-900, page cr 2k, selsya cr 3k, thaumaturge cr 5k,
beltran cr 8k, splata cr 10k . this is all i can remember but you can browse the early pages of french thread : , you'll see guru cr 30 k , lyse teria cr 3k...

sunday 13/09/2009

I'm new to the game, so I'm playing in the Safe Neighborhood, which should have random on if I'm correct.

Replace kenny with Glorg

Well i know that's some cards i won't miss ( i don't own them ) so it's an even playing field now
sorry yes i have to be that guy smiley

Cuz alot of people use Lobo. Lobo is the same thing as Rubie but Rubie has SoA...

Just commented u should check it

Lol ingle wilde... So Batman rhymes with BAD MAN. HAH!

Sylth no contest. I wonder what would happen if sylth was a Freaks card... Probobly would be banned for ever!

Yep that would be a good deck smiley

But george has the power!

Wait what are u asking for? Are you asking for us to help you or are you telling us to get help from you?

Exactly people buy lots of packs to get the new well going to become Cr Terry and Alec so they get some other cards. Like Lobo and they don't want it so they start to sell those cards. And the more you get the lower the price they sell so that people would buy there card. That is how Lobo's price has been decreasing.

I have to agree with what onlyChaos has to say but you could change Dacote with Burger.

I am pretty sure that you would make it to the 1300+ with that deck. smiley

saturday 12/09/2009

I prefer to use Fabio but thats only because I like cards that create a power advantage for themselves.

Also it depends what game mode you're playing in, because Don is arguably more useful in DTs where quick KOs are the aim of the game.

So basically it depends on: the rest of your deck (lacking damage), your playstyle, and your game-type smiley

How about using the new card Nyema? she can make a gap of 12 with fury and with all the reducers is lethal.

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