friday 11/09/2009

There's already a parody of Chun Li. Kati.

thursday 10/09/2009

34 cards in a deck isn't good. GHEIST doesn't have a good un-evolved card, so get those stars up. Guy above gave a very good line to follow.

I just bought myself some freaks and threw a deck together and its really fun to play with it so rate it and comment pleasesmiley.

Here is the link:


ooh and before rating bad if you think its bad tell me than what is bad about it so i can change itsmiley

and please give tipssmiley

I am currently using a mono pussy and its doing me some good!


Charlie Feelyn
Yayoi Noemi
Ella Clara
Wanda Cassio Cr


Charlie Feelyn
Yayoi Noemi
Ella Louise
Wanda Cassio Cr

And You Also Change some cards like...
Cassio Cr to Effie in both offensive and defensive mode
and Noemi to Betty in Defensive mode smiley

And I Have Different Mixtures Cause I Bought All Pussycats because i

I know the feeling. I have faced many players who managed to luckily predict my every move in the battle. I know it gets frustrating. You seem to think they are able to see what you are actually using. No need to be paranoid over this. It is usually because you play how most people will play a deck or sometimes it maybe because your opponent is really just plain lucky.

Experience is the key term in battles. The more experience the player has, the better they predict their opponent's move. It is just basically a trial and error move. You grow and learn from experience.

There is also the presence of Random.. This doesn't need much explanation. Random is random. What is there to tell about it? It makes you win the most awkwardest battle and it makes you lose the easy ones. You can't win, win and never lose.

Cheat sites? You must all remember that Urban-Rivals is a very secure site. Most cheat sites are scams. They are empty promises of riches, cheats and other stuff. There's an increasing amount of people falling for these tricks so please be wary and not be to gullible with these. Remember, though we are here to help, you STILL need to look after your own account.

Now, for any further discussions and comments about the element of chance when it comes to predicting battle moves and cheats, please go straight to the Customers' Support Services or send a message to the nearest available moderator. We are here to help and listen to what you have to say.


We value your opinions about these technical support suggestions.
Please consider sending your ideas to the Customers' Support Services.


Obviously, you do not understand the awesome power that is K Cube.

Have you seen the K Cube 1HKO?

The one i would like to see them manage is protection: attack. Uppers and Montanas would be in big trouble!

wednesday 09/09/2009

I always use Miss Twice Cr. It's a personal preference for me. I have a large affinity for poison, which I why I love the Freaks.

Still, with all of the new poison lower star cards for GHEIST, they limit Miss Twice Cr's usefulness. It's probably better to get poison from Ludmilla or Dolly and then use Rolph or Lin Xia for some variety.

Selsya Cr was a card that fell behind the newer cards. She was a good card for mind games. A lot of players spit on her, and in the end regretted it (at least when *I* used her). Now, even with mind games, she'll struggle to win. In this age for UR, better cards can triumph over cards, even if strategy is used. Best to use Platinum.

you can use this junkz deck show in the link.
skip the updates as well but i'll tell you what the deck is about and that

As Ameph stated.. Fei and Chan are MUST HAVES for an FPC deck..

I really think FPC are getting ready for a major comeback with Fei on their side.. They just need one more above average 3 star and they are set to go!

Stay away from Kinjos and Lost hogs... I mean they are good cards in their own right.. BUT they just dont seem solid enough for ELO..

Nakata is an AWESOME 3* and with or without his ability he is still EXTREMLEY solid..

I am not a master of FPC.. So I cant give you deep details on this topic but I can state that if I had cards like those in my current decks I would be a HAPPY man! ^.^

You got a very powerful setup for low level player (no offense). Good deck but when you get the clintz you need to buy Bristone for dmg reducing and Rolph is pretty essential so I would replace Vladimir. After all that, I would get Leviatonn eventually but he's very expensive and get rid of Dr. Saw.

Good deck though smiley smiley smiley

tuesday 08/09/2009

3 Buck
0 Shayna

Sry forgot to say it was elo

3 Bangers
1 Ulu Watu


I need help with my nub deck, plz.

I assume t2/standard play because of all the stars there. Toro is a must. Hugo isn't necessary as opponents will watch for that way to get an ability through but being newer, if you need the extra buffer of six attack so be it. Bristone's damage reduction should help you a lot to ease a damage that you just want to let through. Leviatonn is only 6 power but his SOB along with the SOA saves many a hassles.

Good luck.

Do have anybody please tips for my deck??
ooh yeah overral damage with bonus + Ability is arround the 40+smiley

Id only sell the doubles and triples!smiley

but ye the admins would probably be too busy, but it WOULD be very helpful feature!!

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