wednesday 26/08/2009

Pls rate my deck and let me know your suggestions.

I made a full leveled Pussycat/jungo combo. It works fairly well and you can replace cassio cr with Ella pretty easily.
Lifed to Death

Do you have to keep importing your collection every time your collection changes?

tuesday 25/08/2009

Use UM's deck, but over time try to replace the following:

Vinny to Steve
Larry to Lea
Pam to Elvira
Lobo to Slyde

Then if you wanted to use any of the 5*s: Ghoub to
or: replace Ghoub with Kerry and Joana with Anita.

It's preference of course, but Steve Lea and Elvira are definitely staples smiley

Type 1 deck


Cassandra isnt that great , the clan bonus 2 damage every round till oppenents health is 3 is good olga is a good card because it has 8 opwer and -2Power ability, wolf fang has a -4 damage which helps alot. Ella is like a bait card lol.. reducing at max 4 damage.Jehn if she wins the battle she has a -3 life ability
I like this deck, it might not be the best deck but it is cheap and i think it is effective

Play in at least one daily tournament a day. It would be better if you participated in two a day.

Half Deck them...

Maybe something like Wanda, Noemi/Betty, Yayoi, Clara/Charlie

It doesn't need to be graphical...

Text output of the match works just as well... smiley

Well to be specific: deleted with explanation in bio. 12 good cards that i do not see much.

Tbh mate if I were you I would either use both, or one with Hugo because Piranas are one of the most difficult clans for noobs to play with and get used to smiley

If you use Hugo + Montana/Uppers then you're getting at least a 16+ attack boost on every card so it helps you win if you perhaps make a slight pilling misjudgement smiley

Ottavia to Sharon for sure

Lamar cr and now, his with terry cr. yeah!smiley

Bridget gets catty
Ok for a T2 deck this has alot that is needed but i want your honest opinion on the deck

Is Don not an option? In the event I would say, maybe switch Fabio with Don/Donnie/Edd (maybe). Or take out Mona, keep Fabio, and add in any of the others and possibly Enzo or Rosa. Poison can be fun. This is all opinion and choose whatever you wish. I wouldn't immediately use Sharon, but she is a balanced card. If you want to use Ottavia, I'd recommend picking between her and Spiaghi, as their isn't really a reason for two damage reducers in this type of deck. As far as damage, go with who has it.smiley

manage the pills manage the game

Caelus. either your opponent plays around him, or he/she loses. even if you use him as a bluff, he helps a lot

Another 859 terry

Yeah, but I have a problem with one saying it's "Pure Luck" it isn't the fact is one can still manipulate the situation to give oneself a sureshot for victory, it's hard and sure you may need to lose the first round intentionally for arguments sake but it can be done again and again.
*I in no way subscibe to this philosophy however*

My God, mark is so under appreciated.
I'd say mark, but when you can, buy anita

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