wednesday 09/09/2009

you can use this junkz deck show in the link.
skip the updates as well but i'll tell you what the deck is about and that

As Ameph stated.. Fei and Chan are MUST HAVES for an FPC deck..

I really think FPC are getting ready for a major comeback with Fei on their side.. They just need one more above average 3 star and they are set to go!

Stay away from Kinjos and Lost hogs... I mean they are good cards in their own right.. BUT they just dont seem solid enough for ELO..

Nakata is an AWESOME 3* and with or without his ability he is still EXTREMLEY solid..

I am not a master of FPC.. So I cant give you deep details on this topic but I can state that if I had cards like those in my current decks I would be a HAPPY man! ^.^

You got a very powerful setup for low level player (no offense). Good deck but when you get the clintz you need to buy Bristone for dmg reducing and Rolph is pretty essential so I would replace Vladimir. After all that, I would get Leviatonn eventually but he's very expensive and get rid of Dr. Saw.

Good deck though smiley smiley smiley

tuesday 08/09/2009

3 Buck
0 Shayna

Sry forgot to say it was elo

3 Bangers
1 Ulu Watu


I need help with my nub deck, plz.

I assume t2/standard play because of all the stars there. Toro is a must. Hugo isn't necessary as opponents will watch for that way to get an ability through but being newer, if you need the extra buffer of six attack so be it. Bristone's damage reduction should help you a lot to ease a damage that you just want to let through. Leviatonn is only 6 power but his SOB along with the SOA saves many a hassles.

Good luck.

Do have anybody please tips for my deck??
ooh yeah overral damage with bonus + Ability is arround the 40+smiley

Id only sell the doubles and triples!smiley

but ye the admins would probably be too busy, but it WOULD be very helpful feature!!


Any opinion is welcome smiley

@ UM Buccha: Nope. In tournaments you only get + 2 bonus points for 1 remaininig pillz (if you ko your opponent). More remaining pillz are useless, you do not get more points.

Let compare 4 cards for each section

5 stars for junks 8/5 + 2 pills, 7/7 - 4 opponent damage min 3
5 stars for sentenial 8/6 soa, 4/8 + 5 power
The sentenials while seeming overpowered only have one solid card, while junkz have 2, they have a card who can be offensive or defensive (or both at one time!) and an extreamly good offensive card, sentenials have 1 really good solid card but junkz have 2 so they win

4 stars (do we really need to compare) junks destroy in that department!

junks 3 stars: 8/3 courage + 2 damage 7/3 - 2 opponent damage min 1
sentenials: 7/2 + 3 damage 6/4 - 3 opponent damage min 2
that is very tricky, i would say both clans are killed by soa, dayton is slightly better then onik and lolly is slightly better then melvin so tie

2 stars junks 7/2 - 2 opponent pills minimum 4 5/3 - 3 opponent power minimum 4
sentenials 8/2 sob 7/2 no ability
well thats tricky as well, it depends on preference really i mean i personally think gil is better then lehane but thats probably just me, on the other hand the junks have 2 really good cards for 2 star while sentenials only have 1 and a decent, so they would win, not to mention that junks have 3 really good 2 stars, sentenials have really good, decent and bad

so there u have it in my opinion the junks are much better!

Trying to mix it up a little bit so i replaced the montanas with skeelz: DT 26* -Skeelz/Uppers-
Tell me what you think of it!smiley

I love Ulu Watu but they lack a presence in elo, so here is my current deck is deleted . It has quite a few 2 hit kos and some great bluff cards but it seems to be lacking something. I thought about putting in a 5* pirana but I'm worried about making the deck too top heavy. What is everyone's thoughts?

monday 07/09/2009

@only chaos:
I don't like suzie (I like ghoub but he has too low power)
for ELO (since marco is banned this week)
I don't feel like putting aurora or hax
this deck is not for me, but for my friend, he don't have sledg, yet.

Mix them up with skeelz coz they have a protecion bonus which stops against the ghiests bonus: stop ability

I say jungo coz there awesome

Looks like a pretty good deck, but it got a lot of stars...
Maybe take out Eris for Wakai and Graksmxxt for that +2Life guy, if thats in your price range?
Or Don out for Spiaghi? Spiaghi is a must on the Montana side anyways, put him in for Prince Jr, if you wanna keep the higher star cards of that side..


Montana's Pet Penguin (Damage+)
Montana's Pet Penguin (DR+)

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