monday 07/09/2009

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sunday 06/09/2009

Pfew thanks a lotsmiley

rate and comment , thnx
ELO deck contain only RARE CARDs

I was thinking of type 1 when I wrote that! ^.^

Actually if you have a good damage reducer/throwaway utility card, you can reserve Smokey in the second half of the game to gain enough pillz to apply fury upon himself and gain additional pillz to apply fury to another card.

People, think a bit about what will happen when you actually draw them. Draw them both at the same time, and you are most likely to lose. Even if they are both Walls and DR's, they are pretty much useless as your opponent knows that you aren't going to pill them, as you don't want to win using them.

Kolos is for players wit no skill

Scratch that, gen is the best card period.

saturday 05/09/2009

Ive found having 2 4 Stars brings for a more consistant outcome than a 5* and 3* smiley

im thinking of substituting Wanda for Ella. she seems the more logical choice for a filler card, because of her damage reduction

I am about to make a new deck soon, anyone know which clan would be best to make a types 2 deck?

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Thing is when the app has been submitted it will take 2-3 weeks to approve :/

I just threw this together real quick. It seems a little lacking, so I would appreciate any help/coments.


For Dts try Caelus, Chiara, Redra, Cley, Jackie, Zatman, Oxen, Rubie I have seen lots of top 3 finishes in Dts with this deck.

friday 04/09/2009

I prefer rescue..
but if I must choose other than rescue
junkz, sentinel and uppers


Your doing really well there!!

That gheist half-deck is a solid starter for newer players!

The Montana side of things is a bit lacking.. By alot.

BUT you have to look at the montanas like this, even though you have weak cards they still have a -12 attack bonus! ^.^

Tossing in a sharon would be smart.. Its been a while since I scanned the Montana cards but if you can find some 7 power cards it would be wise to snag them up.. The stronger the power of your card PLUS having that bonus will help you out alot..

If you need any quicker advice just send me a private message and we can see about working on your deck!

And again, I give you props for having a really great starter gheist half-deck!

Bangers for sure.. Allstars have a few great highstars but if you were to try and make a good mono-deck out of them then just give up.. Their best card is striker.. And his power is only 6!

Now if its for the type 1 style then you would be good to chose allstars. Cards like Jesse, Robb, Randy, Striker, and Marina just really make one solid little halfdeck! (Or mono if you work really hard at it!)

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thats a very nice dt type2 deck but he wants an elo deck.
so maybe beentenka to oxen

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