tuesday 18/08/2009

I have lots of deck for elo but i dont know what is the best can you help me ??

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this is my best presets for elo please tell me what is the best 1 so i use it smiley and thanks for help .

I would suggest bring hugo? (because you don't need to buy him)

if you want with hugo try this one:

it is up to you if you wnat to bring larry or vinny

or, if you want without hugo

anita / bobby (clearly I would pick anita, save your money for her, it is worth)

They have a button to turn it off. On your profile page where you change your settings, uncheck the box that says "I want instant notification of" something something. Just uncheck that box N it'll stop

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=699051 2.3k

The question has been answered five times, yet new replies come with the same information as an already sent replay. Only post if you have something to add, the fact that Marina and Striker exist is already mentioned 100 times. Thanks.

Maybe because Spiaghi is now much cheaper. Most rookies will get him first.

I beileve a big portion of DT players are either:
-rookies with little cash.
-experienced but only playing for Credits and do not care about fast killing.

Not Veccio, I'd go with Ottavia for that spot.

Ok currently I have 6k (might be 7k after I sell the cards) clintz at disposal, I can earn around 1k per day so I can afford moderate cards (not something like Jackie of course). I need some ideas for a future ELO deck (although I'm not doing so bad in ELO now, I still need more ELO smiley)

First thing first, here's my idea for half deck Gheist: Leviatonn, Bristone, arkn, Methane/Rolph (that is 12-13 stars)

I need some input for the other half deck, here's several I have in mind:
All stars: Randy, Robb, Jessie, Marina (one of my friend play this, he's doing extremely well)
Mono-gheist + leader: Hugo, Ludmilla, Platinum, Toro
Uppers: Rubie, Nellie, Wendel, Stanford (I have all of them, using this in ELO)

Any input would be appreciated.

My style is low-pillz manipulation, I tend to do really good in low pillz battle and I dislike cards that use brute force (Dorian for example)

Pfulls are cards that are one battle away from leveling up smiley they are more expensive than usual smiley

Another thing (adding on to mugsy) is to be new and creative, dont just have little competitions have big ones that keep people interested. also add new features to the guild such as my guild has a newsletter, this is something no other guild has so it makes people curious.

I played against one noob
what that players do at 1st round: tafa 12 pillz
and then picking their 2nd card until the last red bar almost disappear
in the third round, they time out
give me a break

That sentinel team of your is just at beginner level. If you want to play sentinel at higher level, consider this:
Hawk, John, Lehane, Dayton, Melvin, Skiner, Rick, Coby

Of course it might not be the best deck out there, but it packs a punch.
However I still suggest you stick to your Rescue, because those cards cost a lot

Well for ELO everyone is very competetive, they decide their decks by which cards r unbanned, like caelus is usually banned but not this week, so youll see hordes of himsmiley id say for this week use a deck that could counter caelus, all stars get his power down pretty good

Dj korr cr

monday 17/08/2009

Samantha, you'll have too many soa's if you use Wendel.


Great for a budget

For some reason I simply fail with All-stars though! Its utterly perplexing smiley smiley

Ok ty but can you rate my decks

As a robot I enjoy the luck aspect, because my computerized brain can calculate and see if the luck will favor me or not. But seriously you don't have to play random, so if you don't enjoy it then don't play it. Random allows weaker player who can't afford cards such as zatman or jackie partake in DT with a chance a well. It also makes it so not the same players are winning every tournament if they chose too. Its the great equalizer

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