saturday 15/08/2009

Mono allstars with leader eyrik or hugo is the best

Jody is not too bad. She can take the both roles of Burt and Nellie, but can not do it well in either one.

Though a solid DR would be more welcomed, I think she is ok if you prefer a flexible and unpredictable rather than highly reliable play style.

Well i wonted a leader card that i can use for all types t1 an 2 an elo with just one leader card

Did u get the action pack?? what sentinel cards do u already have??? give me something to work with

If you have any ideas message me im esb0509

friday 14/08/2009

0 Bangers
0 Skeelz
10 Bangers/Uppers

@UM-1984 well I can make up my mind but I just wanna see your opinion smiley

I don't know why anyone had rated you down, you told them you're trying to get Petra. it looks like a really good deck!

Edd's ability is courage which means u hafta go first....maybe you played it after he played his?

Like people have said courage is here to hinder cards like sting ambre ect
adding a "defend" will not only be more powerful that courage it will make games predictable if say a courage and defend were in the same hand

I know if you read the note it i adress that fact.

I'd love it if you commented/rated my preset, Damage up the Yin Yang. If that doesn't work then here's a link:

Up! so far the deck works great does any one have any suggestions for this week?

thursday 13/08/2009

Nakata is WAY better than Elya Cr IMO.

Junkz does look very good, but not with Peeler and Onik, more something like:

Montana, as always, is a decent option:

Montana's also really flexible, so you can play around with the cards a lot, like putting Prince Jr. over Sharon to bump up B Ball to Juicy Lord

The purpose of random rooms is to keep it fair.

Now imagine if we didn't have random rooms. Only people with decks that dominate will take the prize. And everyone else won't stand a chance.


Askai, Noemi, Chan and Peeler.

smiley ok heres my deck:::: gredsh sliman spycee and sting and wheeler for the piranas and danae liam and sandro for the skeelz.

i use a sting danae and sandro for the first round and make shure the pwr is around 28-35 thats like 3 pillz+
and the second sliman i use all but 2 pillz(just in case) on him and a 2TK(turn knock out) it works like 88% i get pretty far up the DT(daily turnys) with this and can u guys help me to upgrade my deck...

thx for the help

Enzo, hit with him leave 2 turns and hit with edd/sharon
or hit with him leave 1 turn and hit with furied mona/oscar

he also has he mighty 8 power making him the ONLY proper bluffable card (oscar has soa to worry about)

Possibly overpowered. while they have weaker 5 stars, eyrik or ambre works in great for them, and i got 1300+ elo in my first week of real elo action (for me) using a mono all stars with eyrik.

Hmmm fair comment...had you read my last comment though you would understand why i havent used the cards suggested....i would love to get glorg but think kenny is pretty useless (sorry kenny fans) he has too low power....kolos is currently banned so he isnt a choice and azgroth isnt an option for me...therefore i was looking for a 5 star budget card and nistarok appeared....he's not the best but his ability and damage really helps as a bluff....have made a third deck....please comment and rate prefer green....heres my type 2 DT deck...122nd place on its debut!! wooty:


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