friday 28/08/2009

Frankie hi --> Zatman

And you are not hitting 1000 by asking for it

Sequens In The Stars. can you comment, this deck has done well and i just need the publicity

The best junkz half with most clans is very solid: Gibson, Rowdy, Gil, Veenyle (Dreen if you don't need the DR)

That right there is almost unstoppable and that with Roots and now Skeelz has gotten me over 1,300 in Elo mutiple times. Junkz is my favorite clan and technically my first "serious" clan that I've kept. I won't let go them babies, haha.

They work well with pretty much anything.

Skeelz are okay but not really that powerful. their bonus is only conditional and during a non roots week there are still plenty of cards that are just as strong unopposed. all of their cards have really obvious weaknesses. Not to mention the confidence and revenge cards can make a huge mess when you get multiple revenge or confidence cards in the same hand.

Chapperz - my Rl nickname cus my last name is Chapman smiley

thursday 27/08/2009

Yeah now you're getting my point. I know you probably wouldn't pill for the 2 damage, but wall cards are just as efficient as the 'nuke' cards in a deck. I mean you don't tend to often pill on Lehane, but if you can tell what your opp. is going to play when you send her out then you might put 3-4 pillz on her.

I don't know if I'm making this clear or not, so let me give an example:

It's round 2/3, your turn first and you play Lehane, leaving your... Sharon for the next round to do the damage. Your opp. has Hawk and Dayton/Aurelia or something. If he expects you to play Lehane with 1 pill max, then he might think "ooh aye, I'll just send Hawk out with 3 pillz and get a nice 6 damage with enough pillz left over". So you pill 3-4 on Lehane leaving enough for you still to win the next round or at least prevent fury. Like sometimes your damage isn't the most important thing, its about stopping your opponent's main damage output. Hope thats clearer? smiley

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Well, for now I use my bio to show my for-fun-made cards (I mostly take the pictures of different UR characters, put them together, and make the card smiley )

@lord cav:
hello there smiley
that is a good deck, but you might want to change windy mor to xia leming if you want a damage reducer
or / and changing ryuichi to kati for SOA

@Falvern I am sure UR wouldn't like it very much if everyone who hated the new voting system just up and left playing elo. Telling player to just quit is not very good for URs business and neither is this ban system. All the wrong cards are bammed. after seeing how incredibly unreliable it is for banning important cards. As I mentioned, the swarms of newer players who vote don't fully understand how to really balance the game so they vote very irresponsibly. Having a at least a lvl limit would be very beneficial just like having a voting age in a real election. Also Triprace if tyhey just banned the broken ones permanently and the clans became balanced then we wouldn't need an elo election. Either the staff bans cards weekly based off of real stats and figures or they just permanently bans the broken ones.

Killed by SOA, but otherwise alright

You use too many pillz
remember, power * pillz = attack
and sell klaus, he is pretty useless

You have 24 stars, so put katan to bloodh. it helps a lot

I would rather do Methane over XU52....his 6 power doesnt do it for me, even with the ability
don is one acception because of his ability and bonus combo
an mona reduces power so she dnt count...XD

Any comments appreciated. I've had a lot of success with it so far, and wanted to hear other people's ideas on it.

Type 2 is simply the most fun and competative in my opinion but i doo agree with your idea smiley

wednesday 26/08/2009

I think they will once they get some low star life gain and damage reduction. i've got a Freaks/Roots that i think could do really well if i took the time to use for a week and play more than i usually am able.

@ onlyChaos: as i state in my comment that the decks i suggested would with good play make it possible to reach those points, true he might not be up for it at level 20, im not one to judge since i haven't seen him play.

Point being that the pricy deck i suggested can get him, if he knows what his doing that is, to 1300.

btw at around level 25 i got to 1300 in ELO with a banger/sakrohm deck worse than the one i suggested(graff, saddy, kluwn,bennie / Petra, Eris, Uranus and Murray) , took some time but wasn't impossible.

btw itsmeagain if you feel like you are skilled enough you could try some T2 survivor to earn some clintz....hard work but good training for ELO since most will have a better deck than you. Just use the 8 cards you have with the highest stars basicly(remember you had alot of 5 and 4 stars afterall). When you get your first decent ELO deck ELO survivor is the fastest way to earn clintz(beside being amongst the 100+ best in ELO and DT.......but you might wanna wait with aiming for that smiley).

Now I have another question;

As Chaos said in my preset, does anyone recommend Onik to Otakool for the SoA or keep the 8 power/5 dmg, with courage of course.

745 is the lowest I've ever seen someone have, I don't even know how you get that low without trying.....

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