monday 17/08/2009

Hmm if your looking budget dont play nightmare....theres a few clans which you can scrape a mono deck out of....


mono montana decks are really cheap at the minute...try and figure something out there...try half decks they an be a lot better and easier...i know its strayed from what you'd like but i wouldnt be in the position im in now if i had kept all of the rescue clan...i sold up and got better decks....try this out

Do you really think that "no-one plays any clan other any Skeelz"?



It shows the information that you need.

Mermaid smiley

I suggest you to play a nightmare deck(since you have kenny)
and put some leader like ambre/hugo or my favorite morphum..
you'll suggest your own cards as long as it would be 25(if you like T1 or 26 or 27 stars for T2)

happy gaming!

Do i need make any changes?

Shogun he goes extreamly well with fpc.

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New Blood pack: Anton, Thomas, Redra

I guess it was a decent buy. Since I did get 2.5 clintz out of it?

I am considereing saving for the Full Deck and that should only take me 2 weeks of Elo without any real money. I average over 1,300 so that's a gauranteed 10 Credits, not including all the DT's. So, I would say 2-3 Elo weeks.

This is my deck
and i need you to rate it and give me some pointer and one more thing. do you thing i should trade my saddy for platona

sunday 16/08/2009

We've finished getting all of the card information into our database at the Urban Rivals Info fan site ( You can sort cards by cost, ability, rarity, or name, as well as compare clans at a glance. More great tools are coming soon!

I would use Loma Noju or Alexei before I use Liu. 5 power and courage ability on a 4* All Stars card ? no thanks -.- Even Eyrton at 4* is preferable imho.

This is more or less off-topic, but do you guys think that a card like Linda can be played now ?

SoA seems to be getting less, which in return means that courage abilities get a little stronger. And Linda becomes a solid 8/8 card which can be used (in a half deck unlike her La Junta counterpart) for either bluffing (and maybe enabling revenge) or for dealing 8-10 damage. It just seems to me that without too much SoA around, Linda becomes a card to actually think about.

I like your deck Mugsy but unfortunately i dont have the crs.And pls people rate my deck up because i really like it.

Well take wanda to 1 star and yayoi to 3 star, imo if people cant afford pussycats then they just arent playable so u might as well go the whole mile and get all the devolved cards so u can make your gheist half that much better

Http:// rate and comment plzsmiley

I can affor all cards... so thats no problem...but i wont waste money for crs.. we just have to wait for it to be elo-playable smiley

Business Alliances Defying the Reduction

bear it in mind that i'm still trying to learn how to play freaks smiley

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