sunday 16/08/2009

Business Alliances Defying the Reduction

bear it in mind that i'm still trying to learn how to play freaks smiley

That means we can close this thread already right? smiley

Take out olga.. and buy a marina .. smiley after that go for striker , since you want to have a mono-all stars..


Oh and tell me what i need to improve.

NOTE: No Marlysa Cr lol

Agreed, Mix the bonus up

Http:// New and improved Fang Pi Clang deck

anything that can help plese tell me and if you can help that would be gr8

8 cards is plenty?
You should see DT decks with 9 to 10 cards.

Are you sure you are playing in ELO ( no random ) ? Cause there is also a random ELO room smiley

It's a really good deck for your level but when you get the money get Bodenpower as well as Shann

8 Juicy Lord
8 Kluwn
4 Saddy

saturday 15/08/2009


I was thinking about using ulu as i've never used them before, i dont know how competitive they are but yea, im going to give up on the thko strategy its starting to become noticable how predictable it is
but about ulu what are the cards most people use with them

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I like Jungo the most, and Piranas the least.

Oh well...

Unless "protection: ability" bonus is negated by SOB! This can only happen against a full-stopper

infinite loop? i don't think so - no more than full-stop.

Current cards:


(La Junta):


I currently have barely any Clintz. Any ideas on what card(s) to invest in to get a solid deck so I can win some more clintz? I'm currently losing most of the time.

CLOSE PLEASE. I see that most people seem to be happy with the current situation - with the total domination of their uppers/montana decks.

The not-so useful bonus is often the key to success

You will get Bridget at level 20 and Morphun at 45

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