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tuesday 19/09/2017

Recently i played Angry birds evolution...
There you could chose some birds to evolve in what form.
Urban rivals lacks some customization, so i would like to see a card/ character evolve and then you have to chose: Male or female, Punk or Rock, etc...
What do you think? Or just change colors?

Check your PS

monday 18/09/2017

I've tried those survey ads before usually when you get to the end you have to click through an endless number of third party ads.

I'm pretty sure it's all a scam. Your better off just buying credits if possible.

sunday 17/09/2017

I forget raptors is a clan

saturday 16/09/2017

Awesome! smiley

wednesday 13/09/2017

Right so because I timed out because the one game we had froze, that means you have full reign to try and sabotage my forum thread. smiley (Seriously, I am not in the mood right now to be dealing with stuff like this)

monday 11/09/2017

But Honestly Vortex are more around Startegy whereas Hive are more into Brute Strength.....
I don't know. I tend to enjoy them both.
Talk about being a Power Couple..They could give Sloane and Rex a run for their money.smiley

@ the guy above me, so you want to Devolve? i mean when you become something more experienced you cant really take it away.

@the creator of this thread....best to sell it when its hot and ready.........in demand.......0 or full but...but.....0xp works i guess.

P.S Vortex is the Best

saturday 09/09/2017

Nice. the addition of custom flair is good for those who wish to change username into ign (like me). good work! just a suggestion, if you can find some guides or helpful links, it should be great if you can pin it on subreddit so ppl can easily navigate through them. goodluck

wednesday 06/09/2017

***cough*** cough ***cough***

tuesday 05/09/2017

The ending was quite the little surprise and I was busting up laughing at the end.

saturday 26/08/2017

Need to find a guild then lol
I don't sadly have the Clintz to get into missions that aren't character locked smiley

wednesday 23/08/2017

I thought they called it old because it was from random mode before no random where just 1 pill still gave you a % to win unless you got doubled (this was years before lucky and drakorah introduced Killshot).

the old strategy resulted in crazy wins (or maybe since I was new (read: almost 10 years) and wasn't playing elo, I only knew the random rooms where under 30 were deligated)

saturday 19/08/2017

You know how there's a thematic weekend in Survivor with no collectors and max 2 rares? That condition bled over to standard difficulty Arcade because they both use the Type 1 deck format (even though there are two of them on list).

What HipHop is talking about applies to all hardcore modes, and the limit is three rares.

@C0oki3 OP said winning FIGHT prize or gain in tourney are low, not the prize of the tourney.
Directly quoting, he actually said otherwise you are saying
"Right now you can earn a lot of money from placing in the daily tourneys only because there aren't a lot of players."

Cheers! smiley

friday 18/08/2017

Hey ThreeSword, I'd completely agree with you on the first for sure - hella annoying whether I'm playing on PC or mobile...

The second one I'm not sure about, are you using 'My Collection' or 'My Collection Pro' (and on mobile or PC)? Seems fine to me...

And yeah, I'd love to see those animations make a return, hoping it's in the pipeline for when the new engine and app are bedded in

wednesday 16/08/2017

1. berzerk - i love their bonus. compared to the other similar 3 clans, (fang pi clang, la junta, jungo) that also creates +2 gap when winning, berzerk seems weird for having a limit. but like yurieu hoa said, they are simple, solid straight to the point and cheap? plus im biased with sylvia. 3* 8/6 potential 8 dmg with bonus? yes pls.

2. skeelz - SOA? no problem, SOB? pls.. their abilities can only be stopped by soa and sob and those are easily evaded or overpowered. and andy ld sure is annoying as hell.

3. SOB clan - 1st choice to counter those atk manipulation clans. piranas, one of my oldest deck so far. tho i struggle to play the pill manipulation game.. i still love them. nightmare - home of annoying and OP abilities, i dont own a full deck, but i play them half whenever -opp life missions are up.

4. rescue - as much as i want to hate this clan because of blindly strategy of 1/1/7/7 pill usage, this clan is the 1st clan you will choose to play. mainly because your 1st set of cards are rescue.

5. pussycats - i mean who doesnt love a pu----, damage reduction. enjoy seeing your opponent's dmg become 1 or just getting healed by beaten malicia. oddly enough these girls don't like protection smiley

soon to be fave clan: raptors - these clan is quite new to me, and with the clan of hive and huracan (also new to me which i find more annoying than montana/rescue) this clan only has 1 goal. to beat the hell out of those clan.

sunday 13/08/2017

monday 07/08/2017

This is what I call gender equality at its finest

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