sunday 29/01/2017

Can someone provide information about missions rewards? I know first mission: 1 bronze token and 2nd mission: 500 clintz. Further missions anyone?

saturday 28/01/2017

@jerromy was probably bit confused about my intention

The calculator would be in separate web site now way intregrated on the site or the game.

Idea came up to me when I got bit tired with hustling with the computer calculator.

First I decided to make small program for myself to ease calculations for me. Then I got the idea that whole functionality of the program can be as separate website similar UR database.

Plus more options in a clan would not hurt it improve it alot.


Well I didn't see this topic and now I've made myself look stupid by posting a similar topic on my own.
Stop swap: You have a standard ability, but when against SOA it becomes a better ability.
Ability +3 attack, Stop Swap: +13 attack.

What is Arcade mode?

I have no idea what it is. Whre can I find info on it?

friday 27/01/2017



(See my post in: "Make a Clan V8.5)
I left the variables open for balance.
With all of the +/-3 Attack jobs that happen so often it wouldn't be out of place.

3/1 hands happen too often and their effect is too great. not just with bonusses, syngerstically too.

T2 is obv exempt; should go withtout saying; you can splash 7/8 good 5* cards without much thought and just bet right.

I mean "Throw Away" as in the matchup is hellish and would probably save you time in DT.
(you're not supposed to be spoiled on other's time.)

thursday 26/01/2017

Yea but thats sad they have to be made to the point of not being used lol collector's i guess.

Currently these profile boxes are available:
Bangers, Fang Pi Clang, Freaks, Frozn, GHEIST, Huracan, Jungo, Junkz, Nightmare, Piranas, Pussycats, Rescue, Riots, Roots, Vortex

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Potential Kinichaw CR

wednesday 25/01/2017

As for the t2 leader melody is much better than morphun since he will give you 3 pills over 4 rounds while melody will make each of your cards a fork and you can eaven gain pills back from your damage redusers and Tekumman is kind of a great card if you are going for all 40 bloody stars.

A game mode were only lvl 1- 20 can enter an play an other players over lvl 20 cant play in it any more would help new players play only new players. an get use to it once your lvl 20 you should have a deck that's competitive enough.

tuesday 24/01/2017

monday 23/01/2017

*nod nod*

Freeee Globumm! Who wants a freeee Globumm?!?!

For events, idk I mean yes forfeiting could be allowed, not really necesarry there

PS: plus, a common (oon noel) and an uncommon (fast johnny) have been put in the NB packs ; )

Also Steve
sorry for doubleposting

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